Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuesday's with Kieran

A piglet swims during a performance at a park in Hefei, China as part of the country's 58th

First a word from English Will (Dont tell him that he's really white, but he can rap, it's a black thing)

Will says

My cousin lives with this yank girl who is fresh out of the box, scratchless. Really believes she will be chief editor of the top teen magazine in America in five years time, "God willing".
Talks about "Shaping the youth of the world" without a trace of irony. Anyway, I disgress.

I feel like George Bush, making one of his speeches to the 'Outside world' to all the people out there and i just stare at the camera thinking of the camera man naked to put myself at ease and end up looking like a rabbit staring down a truck coming at it at 80kms (that's 50 MPH, to Americans) before, too late, Road Kill) (That was a mistake, did you see the ( with the close ) ?
If this was software there would be a error and i would be trying to debug it without saying 'Fuckin', shit..... Blah, Blah, you can just imagine, just )

Give me a second chance, i'll do anything

Ok So, here goes, i wont fuck up this time, if i do it's because of intelligent design (something i have always been lacking, i'll stick to evolution thanking you)


Hello people of the world, monkeys, parasites and badly mixed b side records
listening to the BBC essential mix , 4 hour mix this week, there's a NY DJ on next
and he's fukin' unbelievable, makes all his own music it's all mixed, all he's mixing 3 or 4 things at once.
I am enjoying meself, Armen Van Helden is his name !!!

He is the new god, all hail !!

- Train Through Bangkok Market Check it out

I'm ramping up to going to NY then eventually South America, hopefully i wont go too mad, i prey for this day to come, no i don't, i just say that, i dont
know why.

Sometimes i think i should be like all the other dickheads in the world, and then other times i think there would be nothing worse that be like them, nothing worse, i am happy ok ?

Gringos a great fun, i used to think when i grew up i could be like Batman or Spiderman, i still do sometimes, sometimes, not now.

I have been painting, walls, the mother rightly pointed out yesterday houses are being built quicker that it takes my family to do just about anything.

(Enter Super Kieran, Stage left)
Currently been gardening, went very well, waiting for the grass to grow (Readers note: I am not playing god here, i can only do things with words, and then sometimes i have to look up the dictionary), this is ok, because i have endured many games of cricket in Oz, Grass is more interesting, especially if you smoke it.

Going home is over rated, dont think i could ever do it, getting a bit twitchey as is, not much crazy parting, dont really know how to deal with things, the housework and cleaning has made a big help, now all i need is a few 'mammas little helpers', then i'd be a good little housewife, if only i fit into a size 8, that would be dreamy.

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