Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The west is the best......they say

Baby Sneachta

If you say just about anything and add 'they say' after it, it sounds like your quoting a credible source, but your not, your just making shit up, don't do it, i know your lying.

To start off the 'How the west was won' tour, as you know we went to Skib and had a lovely night's accommodation at the house of no mustard Daley's house (how can you have ham without mustard?)

Went to Ballingeary and since it rained so much on the outside of the house, it is what you would generally would expect, the rain bit, on the outside. but not THAT MUCH.

St Finbarrs church, he left here and founded a church in what is now Cork City

We are after all talking about summer time, summertime and the living is easy, it still was easy, but who hijacked the summer, please say it was Osama, they need to call Summer Winter and come up for a new name for winter.

Any more rain and the country would have sunk, how does it stay afloat? At least i got a summer in Mexico, the only day of rain was on Paddys day, i stayed in, couldn't have been bothered going out, i watched TV i remember, pretty much like here really

Meself and Diana went to see Art (the local cheese maker), his sheep dog's previous name was 'Homer', because he was so lazy, not much good as a sheep dog, not when your name is Homer, i'd doube you'd be good at anything. Art's wife changed his nmae to 'Knuf', which means 'Cuddle', which is all he wants to do.

When i told them what house i was staying in, she said 'Oh, the abandoned house', yep, that one.
Diana was so inspired by the cheese and the eating, she was going to go back and seek an apprentice with him, but stopped with being inspired.


I hurt my back and side and it didn't matter if it was sunny or raining, because i couldn't go very far, it rained anyway.

As Jimi Hendrix would say 'On a rainy day, sit back and relax', i've done all that, now, no more rain please

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The time for sunshine is about to begin..... i hope

Lake road Ballingeary, like it?

For some reason i was reading about Buffalo Bill and maybe there is no reason, do i need one?

In New York outside the tattoo parlour the guy selling bongs was saying 'BOGOF', Buy one get one free, selling tactic to potheads i guess.

I wrote this one down a while back, by Eminem
What's going on in the world today?
People fighting, feuding, looting, it's ok
Let it go, let it flow,
Let the good times roll,
Tell 'em Dre
(Dr. Dre:)
It ain't nuttin' but music

I read recently 'The familiar, precisely because it is familiar is unknown', i would agree.
I was reading some TS Elliot quotes, which left a mark on my brain (a good thing)

Success is relative. It is what we can make of the mess we have made of things.
T. S. Eliot

And to sum Ireland up would be
We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time.
T. S. Eliot

Quite true, quite true.

I was reading John O'Donohue he was saying about as a meditation practice.
'Meditation, to view yourself as a complete stranger someone who has stepped ashore in your life', quite true, interesting concept.

Captain Cook and Christopher come to mind when they discovered new worlds (It didn't matter to them that there was natives already there, they just classified them as animals, problem solved, hmmmm, one to think about. Up the flag goes, as Kurt Vonnegut would have said 'The sea pirates arrived', isn't the mind interesting?

Mass rock

These rocks were worshipped by the Celtic spiritualists , before Christianity hijacked them.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain

Week 10 back in Ireland, not much has happened, lots of rain, it never stops. Saw Andrew Weatherall at the South West festival in Skib, i never imagined i'd hear anything like this, but there you go!

andrew weatherall

It occurred to me last week with all the flooding, it was biblical, we've had 7 good years or there abouts, it now time for the 7 years of bad times, to follow the recession we have massive floods, which reminded me in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt, when they built their burial chambers for the dead kings, before secret chamber there was a big storm drain, it appears the Egyptians knew very few hundred years there are flash floods in the desert, so on top of building secret chambers to prevent grave robbers, they had storm drains

The drains were tested in 1947 with a massive downpour that lasted 15 minutes
When it was over, several animals had been killed, scores of homes had been destroyed, and hundreds more were damaged.

In a letter to his mother in October 1918, Howard Carter wrote: “For three successive Octobers we have had heavy downpours, and this time a peculiar phenomenon occurred.
While we were as dry as a bone, the larger valleys suddenly became seething rivers….The Valley of the Tombs of the Kings, joined by the Great Western valley, in a few moments became little short of mountain rivers…the torrent cutting out wide furows [sic] in the valley bed and rolling before it stones some two feet in diameter—natives returning home with their animals were unable to ford it, and thus were cut off from their homes.”

So the drains worked too