Tuesday, February 26, 2008

I think i`ll tell you about the hostel in Guadalajara

Lucha Libre, Mexican Wrestling

There`s not many hostels in Mexico, the one in Guadalajara was special, full of lots on nice people, the place went from being like a monestry to drunkeness and deborachy, non of that when i was there, just cups of coffee, and tea, in the end

Firstly i want to tell you, that Tequila 100% wont give you a hangover, or at least thats what the man said, the stuff with sugar mixed in will give you a hangover, most Tequila is 100%, which is not really 100%, it just has water added.

You dont have to go to a hangover hospital

Saw Mike Stern play, the elecrticty went out on stage, then one of his amps went out, and they just kept playing, if you closed your eyes, you wouldn`t have been able to tell

After Stern, i came back to the hostel and rang Carlos, found the house party that was really a bar, after that bar we went to a club that was a residential house converted to a club, in a residential neighbourhood, and parked in someones driveway, hey this is Mexico.

Carlos was very keen to find love, love did not find him or recognise him, he came back to crash at the hostel on a double bunk.

I got into bed, he tells me he`s too high to sleep, he was 6 feet in the air.

Some backpackers alarm kept going off `Too ta too, de tooo`, then he`d hit snoose, then again, again. Then i said `Good morning to him`, then it all stopped, when i woke up the place was deserted.

Darragh is having his cornflakes when i come out singing `Where`s your head at`, i was fine, my head was where it always located, between my legs.....

The hostel had a French guy, that looked German, that slept in the common room, he had a bed, but didnt like sleeping there.

If you rub Tequila on your hands and it doesn`t smell like alchol, it`s good. It should smell like when the Pine comes out of the boiled process.

I was teling a Japanese girl a story and she was saying `Oooooghhhh`, very Japanese.

I think i`ll go there next year

The nutcracker was playing when i was writing all this, so here you go

What does it all mean, dont know, but i know what `Tequila` means!

Sunday afternoon in Puerto Vallarta

In Tequila, there is a volcano, some days it had good days, other days it had bad days, on hte bad days it throws up a black rock in the air and if you were paying attention in class boys and girls.

`What goes up, must come down`, the local indeginous language is called something like `Naughtl`.

Tequila means `Black rock that cuts your feet`

Saw Mike play

Tried lots of Tequila, in Tequila, why not, no performances like the English Chris, how could something like that be matched?

Got back from Tequila, i partied on with the 2 Australians, one was a school teacher, good craic they were too.

I told them if the cute Japanese uttered any Anutralian bogan phrases i.e. `Agh..yeahhh, get facked yea fackin` fackwit`, there would be war!! and maybe a bashing?

Reminded me of New Hampshire

Day after my trip to Tequila, i was feeling fine, i woke up, Darragh wasn`t feelng too hot. I was like `Whats up sick boy?` then i started singing `Where`s your head at?`

I felt a bit guilty later, and explained to him that i`m very much a `Morning person`
, he understood, or at least pretended to understand.
I had no sympathy for his sick ass, someone asked me how sick he was, i said `He`s thinking about his sister` Sick

My foot was sore, so a day of rest watchng Liverpool play some Italian Girls, it think they were called Inter Milan?

Then what hapened?

Sand Sculptures in Puerto Vallarta

Missed Mike Stern in New York, got him in Mexico!!!

Saw Mike Stern playing the other night, it sounded like this

Went to a Rave, with Darragh AKA DJ Druid, Lucy lu (Asian chick from Scotland) and Mary Poppins ( `God i hate the cold weather, i wish i was back in Scotland` ....er...it`s colder there lov.

Darragh thought he was playing a club,it was a rave in the middle of no where, took a while to get in, much calling people was done, eventually we were in, some guy tried to sell me a phone for 60 pesos.

Some people tried sneaking in, they were shot at with paint pellet guns and put in a holding cell, the kind you`d sitck a few sheep in, one of the guys in this holding cell was a promotor for another party, which would have been great if he was dressed like a wolf i`m thinking

Random Elevator video

Took the bus home, fell asleep for 20 minutes, felt great

Back to the hostel, woke up with a couch surfer chick looking down on me, i actually thought i was dreaming.

I walked around, DJ Druid was wiped out
His `Contact` that got us in gave us scarfs, coat (one of), i got a long sleeve shirt

The Rave scene in Guadalajara is supposed to be the biggest in Mexico.

We went to the rave with a Canadian guy, once we got there, he asked the Seattle guy, Marko his name was how he could get back (more than 1 hour in a taxi)

Markos response was `What are you doing here?`,good question, he got him a lift back, he was very lucky indeed, he had his buddys plane ticket for a 6am flight

Tequila tour

As my buddy from Belfast would say, `I`m leaving, how can we continue this conversation?`

Where has all the beer gone?

Puppies in Porta Vallarta

Since i`ve `Semi` given up beer, i`m not my usual self, not the `Up and ATOM, or AT THEM`, not at all,

The belly size is easier to control, i`m not expanding and contracting like a squeeze boz. In nature they call that sort of thing `Freeze thaw action` and it can be very destructive.

Last night i had a headache all night. I told the couch surfer`s JAmie and his buddie, since i`ve given up beer i`m juast like a chick with my headaches and compaints. It got a laugh, i was being serious!!

Irish Mexican lesson, Leprechaun

Darragh, or DJ Druid was telling me about an Aussie guy he met that kept saying `No worries` to make up for the fact his life was a constant worry, i had to laugh

He was also telling me about `The mystery method`

Jose the civil engeener couch surfer from Guadajara, picked me up, Darragh came too and we went to the largest lake in Mexico, a place called `Chapala`, very nice indeed, we stopped at a restaurant and had lunch by the lake, very cool, there was a singer walking around, singing all the favourites.

Japaneese girl from the hostel in Guagajahara

Couchsurfer Kirsten from Porta Vallarta, Sunday at the local restaurant

Taking too many pictures, no time for the words

Largest lake in Mexico with Darragh and Jose from Couch surfing

Darragh, or DJ Druid had other videos too

I was hanging out with a couch surfer in Zacatacus and she was telling me, in Mexico when someone says `I lost 4 kilos`, someone will always say, `I found them`

Found this a while back, Zen habbits

Tequila tasting in Tequila

Met another couch surfer in Guanajahara, Jamie.

He was telling me when himself and his buddies were 14 or 15 they would go to the polica and say `We are going to be drinking and driving around the place tonigh, so here`s 200 pesos in advance`

If they were stopped, they would give the cops name they paid off and off they would go and try and not bump into any moving trees or hit little old ladies jumping out on the road!!

Audrey from Paris

Audrey Hepburn at 59 years young, not bad

Easy name to remember, due to Audrey Hepburn

When you park a car in any city in Mexico, even if it is free parking, someone needs to be paid, if you dont pay something in Guadajara for example, your car could be damaged or a light could be taken off and you might have to go to a market and buy the same one back.

It seems like they have invented a whole new Auto revenue stream, i`m sure most car manufacturers havent thought of that one.....yet

Friday, February 15, 2008

I was the spectator, the baby was the driver

Im sitting on a park bench when i see a guy driving with his missus, he´s holding the baby and in fairness the baby is trying to turn the corner (using hands and feet), he was very amused.

In Mexico this is funny, in somewher like Germany he´d be on his way to jail, driving privilages suspended, taken away. Too funny.

Conan has had enough

It just occured to me, i saw South American motor racing a few weeks ago, they had a terrible habbit of crashing into things, no problem going fast, except the only option they had in stopping was crashing into each other and walls and missing fans.

One car went perfectly into a garage at top speed.

Maybe the guy with the baby was trying to give his kid a head start in life, after all they were all having fun.

If the baby cries, dont givew him his bottle, let him/her drive, that will give them something to think about.

I see crisps, I cant buy crisps, i can buy Vodka though

USA Chris did a sketch, apparently it´s an Adam Sandler sketch. it envolved a very over weight guy horsing down his ´Fat kid food´ and the the fat kid saying

´Leave me alone, i´m starving´, i tried to find it, it´s not there, no where!!!

Called into a shop the other night to buy crisps (my fat kid food), the crisp section was covered with black plastic.

Now, never in my life have i been able to buy all kinds of Alcholic and non Alcholic drinks, but sorry ´We cant sell you and crisps´, that were there!!

Maybe they were loaded with cocaine, or maybe it was a secret word and everyone started using it and they got pissed off and said ´Fuckit if we cover the crisps, maybe eople will stop using the secret word ´Crisp´, i´m in the dark and it´s not even night time?

Ran out of batteries the first time i tried to get this guy, got him the next day!!

Going to Guanajuato tomorrow, it means ´Place of frogs´

Did more couchsurfing, or naybe a better term would be ´Met for a drink´, we had to wait a while for places to open, i really needed a drink in the end, then had lunch.

We had Chilaquilles, yummie!!

Saw where the ´Eden´, silver mine is, going tonight.

I´m sitting in an office and a woman pours coffee onto a dead pop plant (little wonder) and a guy come out of his office with a bottle of herbal green stuff, that looks like something else, i digress.

I was thinking...............

View from Teleferica

First day of Zacatecas, i was walking around a corner thinking, ´This reminds me of Rome´, when i see ´Luigi´s Pizza´, point proven, i guess.

Went up the Teleferica, the houses reminded me of India (Jodapur or the like) from a birds eye view.

No queueing either, just pay your 25 pesos to the man and off you go, bargain.

I saw that the Teleferica was built by a Swiss company, no shortcuts with those boys, i wonder did they even have tea breaks and nock off early to have a few tacos?

Absolutly not, they are Swiss.
Now a hotel, was once a government owned housing

Pancho Ville was popular here too, he was popular everywhere, except America, he had a terrible habbit of killing Americans, a very bad habbit, and it´s not nice either.

I was sitting under the shade of the Pancho Ville statue, he was protecting me from those nasty UV rays when a guy runs up the steps in front of me waving his hands like Rocky (not sure which Rocky, i hope he didn´t have multiple personalites

I always thought the Rocky scene was DC, until i went to DC and was told it was Philidelphia, now i can add Zacatecas to the list!

Readers note:
The guy that ran up the steps in Zacatecas, ran up 10 steps. If the camera adds 20 pounds, how many would be added? What would the equasion look like?

I was watching some Mexican slap stick humor the other night (yes i live a complete and full life now that beer is out the window, but for how long?)

Railway station in Creal, restaurant for Hangovers

Anyway in the Mexican comedy, a (not so happy) couple are in the cinema. Thankfuly it was slapstick or i would have never got it (he should have just went with his mates), out of no where she starts hitting him with a sauce pan.

She must have been the Mexican version of Mary Poppins (without the Deportment and Elocution (does sticking a fork into an electrical socket count?)

No black humor there, just plenty of 30 Degree days

Mary Poppins

To Zacatecus and beyond

Zacatecus at night

Got the bus to Zacatecus, Torreon doesn´t seem to have much in the way of tourisim maybe tourists are a bit weary since Pancho Villa went through there and slaughtered 200 Chinese.

Maybe in 2008 English could be the new Chinese, anyway, no hotels, no room at a good price, i went back to the bus station and we went to Zacatecus.
Onwards into the furture, so far it´s been good.

Zacatecus from the air

Crossed another timezone. The clock in Torreon said so, 3rd time in 6 weeks. Slow build up. Not too much too soon

The sunset was really cool, we were going to Durango, where all the westerns were made.

Cowboy rides into town

Heading West into the sunset. Really nice.

It´s pretty funny after all the land American stole off of Mexico, they need to come down to Mexico to make their American movies, maybe if they took better care of the land they stole, they wouldn´t need to?

Watched a movie in Italian, even though it was in Italian, it was kind of similar to Spanish.
It was also one of the best movies i´ve seen in a while.

A couchsurfer in met last week was learning Italian, because she knew one Italian guy working in a restaurant and she liked the way it sounded, she also was learning Slovenian, because she was chatting online with some guy from Slovenia, and of course French.

Zacatecus from the air

I´m having enough trouble with Spanish, in Mexico, with real Mexicans, most of them cant speak english, and i like it....

Hey, i´m understanding Spanish

No chickens were hurt bringing you this information

A guitarist i met a few weeks ago was telling me about a 14 year old playing the following Van Halen Euruption

So, i´m eating my chicken and in comes one of the Kiwi guys, with one of the other kiwi guys (1+1=2, i´ve learnt so much from the French snooty hostelier)

The NZ guy says ´It would be more interesting to get a real chicken...´ (what was i eating)´..and cook it. Then you´d know if it was cooked properly.

Me? Call me lazy, but i´d rather the ´Chicken man´ to do all that and wrap it in plastic and put a 40 pesos tago on it, lovley...hmmm.

Want to Lose weight?

I saw an ad on Mexican TV for ´Hollywood patch´. I dont buy it, obiouly Mexicans do.

The Grammies were just on, they were on in Hollywood weeks ago. I wonder if the patches would be just as out
of date?

Read a great write up of a DJ on my favourite DJ site
Similarly Sam thought he was the “big guy on Campus”, but he got sick of fighting blokes, so he decided to get all arty farty and try to juggle beats instead. The “the loose guy at the party” as he is known, divides his time between graphic design, riding ponies and his musical endeavors. He is often heard stating “it’s all about the remix man…all about the remix”.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

30 degrees here in Mexico, Ireland cold, cold, cold, oh and wet too

Racoon stealing cat´s food

Cops go around Chiwahwah on bikes looking similar to cops in San Francisco, very professional and good for the enviornment too.

Vet in Zacatecas

Met more couch surfers and their housemate´s in Chiwahwa. One was a DJ the other was a teacher.
I showed them how to record music, not doing a ´Feed the world´, Michael Jackson style. Intellectual stimulation only, not a bad kind.

The 2 Chris left, I though there was a 60 % chance they would still be there, but they defied all odds and made like a tree and left (thats how it goes isin´t it)

Slivia from Couchsurfing

One of the kiwi´s spewed in the sink, in his bathroom, away from the preying eyes of snooty Frenchmen (the kiwi guy has no respect, i told him so and he didn´t seem to care, no respect)

In fairness, UK Chris attempt was way worse, it had bits of Burrito, beer, taquila and ´No Respect´, all you need is a match to light a fire.

It could have been ´Bastille day´ all over, screams....ahhh no!!! They´re at it again..aggghhhh!!!

Last day in Chiwahwa, lovely sunset, would leave tomorrow, except to morrow is Sunday the lords day and the worst day for drink driving in Mexico.

USA Chris was telling me how he was warned not to cycle on Sunday, he decided to cycle 2 kms and hitch hike. All was going well until before he started cycling he hears a screech of tyres around the corner.

A bus load of Mexicans came into view, it was the lords day. Sunday, Ice (the drug kind and the weather type) not for me.

When priests say ´go in peace to love and serve the lord´
Priests should add ´dont get shitfaced and try driving your entire family home and kill them and some unsuspecting ´Gringo´, that are trying to spend time (and money) in this country....Amen´

I used to be an Altar boy, i know what i´m talking about.

Couchsurfing it up

The Burro was carying some local brew, no time to wait, i´m a tourist

Met up with Omar and Miriam from Couchsurfing.com and went out, they arrived at the same time, it was like it was all cordinated, which it kind of was and kind of wasn´t, i´m moving towards the wasn´t bit, we went to the oldest canteen in town.

The highlights would include 2 old guys wanting to fight, one more than the other, the testosrone was pumping in those old men

I had an interesting salad type dish as USA Chris would say ´Cock and balls´, had a bit, yummie, pity i was stuffed, 1 whole chicken from the super market, it was super!!

Zacatecas at night

Miriam went home, i went with Omar and his girlfriend to a club on the outskirts.
The club put on Karaoke for a good bit, and the whole place was singing, pretty impressive, no one was holding back. 10 out of 10 Mexico.

The next day the local Scouts were doing their drills in the local park i.e. what wasn´t concrete in the whole city. Sunny morning, no hangovers there

Silvia from Couch surfing
This used to be a government afordable housing, they turned it into a very nice hotel, the hotel is the whole neighbourhood

Saw a few Chiwahwa´s in Chiwahwa, it´s a good thing too, if that type of dog was a passing fad. Would they change their name to something else?

If a head of a Donkey with the body of a Labradore became the next big thing, they could change their name to ´Yerba Buena´. It would be a good name too, totally free, as long as no one finds gold and the name gets changed to ´San Francicso´.

In one of the squares in Zacatecas

It´s Sunday afternoon, 30 degrees in Mexico, very chilled out, happy, happy, happy, me too.
Ireland is getting hit by big storms, thats what the weather man said, and he should know.

Welcome to the Fuck Show, introducing Chris times 2

The old guy (sexual) Martin from the hostel Plaza in Chiwahwa, has a sideline business

Mosca + China = Dodgy soup (to me)

He´s got 9 kids, i asked him if he used any of the ´Mosca China´ product above, he told me his kids were all natral, he must fuck like a rabbit.

He also sells sunblock, he says its natuala, for 95 pesos for a little jar, you´d want more than protection for the sun.

All 3 of us after UK Chris puked in the French mans sink, USA Chris has 5 punctures and is hungover and bent over. USA is saying ´My fuckin´ head hurts´

USA Chris was saying how he was with a 41 year old when he was 19, went to her hotel, during the passionate encounter he called her a slut.
Her: Did you just call me a slut
USA: Er... yeah
Her: Cool, i haven´t been called that since i was a cheerleader

What can i say, did you need to know that?

Kiwi´s were here, if this was in a French mans hostel, he would have no respect, but it´s Mexican, so no one gives a shit (this was in the sink for days)

UK Chris was going on about Esquilax
A legendary horse, with the head of a rabbit, and the body of a rabbit

Gentle as a rabbit

He must be insane, or very sane???

Donuts say ´I love you´, the best kind, i love them too

This guy is a serious busker, he strums sings and plays the mouth organ at same time, the only thing is he cant play, he doesn´t know that!

Someone was telling me how they worked in a call centre, some one called in to say
´You truck is parked in fron of my house, and there is a guy in it masturbating.
A problem shared is a problem halfed, or a problem shared. Not that it was a problem to begin with , now i´m feeling a bit better. I wonder if the person calling in was feeling better, or had nothing better to do?

The guy in the truck was probably wondering why everyone in the office was laughing at him

New statue pose

The boys take 2 on leaving, slow motion has a new defination

The ´2 Chris travelling fuck show, takes them 4 hours to pack their bags that they unpacked yesterday.

Monday, February 11, 2008

It only takes a match to light a fire

Mirian from Couchsurfing

The story continues, but first USA Chris was saying ´I´m eating my honey sweet bread and watching my stories´, thats TV to you and I.

House Special in the oldest Cantina in Chiwahwa

Pancho Villa´s fire was lit when he was 16, he was working as a share cropper when he heard about how a neighbour tried to sexually assault his sister being, she was 12.
He came back to his home, confronted his neighbour, and shot him dead.

Life would never be the same, he went on the run and ended up becoming a bandit.

Any town he went to he would kill all chinese people, he killed 200 Chinese immigrants at Torreon. It turns out his sister married a oriental man, he did not take it well. He must have iked his sister, the fire in him was lit and by now it was a raging bush fire.

Pancho Villa´s right hand man was a fellow nicknamed ´The Butcher´, his mammy probably called him ´Rodofo´, thats probably what mammy Fierro called him. To other´s ´The butcher´. He was the guy who controlled Pancho Villa´s bodyguards or ´The golden ones´, a dangerous bunch of criminals, murders, rapists, nasty people.

Rodofo Fierro didn´t want any ´Sissies´ in his group.
They had a 12 year old kid as the Bugle boy, not much play time there.

Restaurant for hangovers in Creal

The guy from the hostel comes into our room. He was in last night too complaining about the noise, there was 6 of us in there, USA was making a racket for 20 people, second was New Zealand. Hurrah!!!

I was soooo hungry

So the old guy on reception ´Martin´, tells us he´s 65, it was USA´s birthday, he was 23. Martin tells USA he´s young. He tells us he has 9 sons.

USA says, ´You must fuck like a rabbit´, ´Martin´ is gone, it was hillarious!!
He didn´t speak much english, some how he knew what USA said, somehow :)

USA was telling me how he once went into a canteen and sat next to some innocent and niave kids and pipes up.

I was knockin´ boot´s....., knockin´ boot´s...., Whooo
I woz knockin´ boot´s, knockin´ boot´s
Woz you knockin´ boot´s? I was knockin.... boot´s

Saw this in the toilet in the Bus, naughty naughty

Shortly afterwards, one of the guys one the table stands up scratched his head and walks off, some of the others get up look at each other and walk off.

His friend said it was the most extreme case of Alienation

Found this, knockin´ boot´s

USA is going to be reincarnate as a donkey in Tijuana mexico, then he´ll be ´Nockin´ hoofs´

Friday, February 08, 2008

Someone puked in a French mans sink, everyone is kicked out

I awoke this morning to an Irate French man, all i hear is ´You have 15 minutes to get out´, this pattern is repeated around the room, then something occured to me ´Something must of happened´

He informs me, someone puked in the sink, and you make 3 (he´s really clever at sums), your out. 2 + 1 = 3, clever eh?

English Chris puked in the sink, and to be fair, i imagine a French mans temper flaring at the sight of processed burrito´s, beer, wine and taquila, i really can.

He did say when we checked in that ´He didn´t mind as long as no one puked in the hostel´
We had 2 Chris´s to pick from, it was 50/50. English Chris stepped up to the challenge (at least he made it to the sink)

I did buy the last round, so i´m sorry France, i´ve picked a little tune for you

I don´t have any regret´s, the guy was so uptight, he should only have nun´s that want to let their hair down and drink tea.

So, my bag is packed in no time, English Chris goes to pick the little bits of seasoned Burritos out of the sink (it was enough to make a little girl scream)

English Chris takes about an hour to pack, i was expecting a crazy French man to come in flapping his arms and defy gravity for a few seconds. :)

USA Chris is out in front of the hostel, he´s got a puncture in the front and back tyre (5 in fact and about 200 thorns in his tyre´s)

USA Chris is hung over and doing his best fixing the punctures in front of the hostel, he´s saying ´My Fuckin´ head hurts´. It is 8.09am an hour and a half later, we (are 3) for the new day.

USA Chris say´s ´I fuckin´ hate putting on the back tyre. It aint fun´, this is true

Passing the local prison USA Chris asks ´Cuando cuesto una noche´ to about 15 prison guards´, the head guy says it´s free, USA Chris keeps going.

Sunset, Cabo San Lucas

All the other guards tell me the boss is crazy, i dont hang around to find out. It was all hillarious.

In the hostel we got kicked out of there is a poster for ´Pancho Villa´, ´Reward $10,000´ it says, i wonder how much ´Us 3´ would fetch, in a ´Buyers market´?

4 hours later we arrive at our new hotel, it should have only taken 2 hours at most

A girl from couchsurfing called into the hostel to see me, and she was told ´Something happened last night, and they had to leave´

And she still met me, good gob i told her all about it straight away, or else she might have thought i was a wierdo. :)

I left my dirty sock´s hanging out the front on the sign that had ´Genieva 2000 kms´, i would have loved to have seen him.

The end

(No french men were hurt during the day, mabe a few feelings)

South americans are very resourceful indeed

Our protection on the Copper Canyon, Mexico

Finished Tom Robbins, half asleep in frog pajamas, it´s crack cocaine for the brain

Osho here is a big influence on Tom, so take a look

Anybody who gives you a belief system is your enemy.

I feel like i´ve been somewhat educated by Tom Robbins, that or my head feels like it´s be through a double glazed window. Tom says half of Americans are semi literate, dont know i feel except for enlighted, and that´s enough.

A German guy was telling me about the time he went down the ´Devils Nose´ in Ecuador.

Train stops, brakes are faulty, so he´s taking photos of them fixing the brakes with what ever they have, a bit of firewood.

Off they go, he gets to ride with the driver, they have a crew of 10 to help put the train back on track (it would apperar it has a mind of it´s own, and maybe the train thinks it´s a car, bad train)

Brakes are faulty, out again, off again, then a truck hit´s the train and a wheel goes flying past.

Before the wheel stops, the conductor is off after it and pulls out the innertube and uses it to fix the brakes, happy days, and off they go, Choo
The German guy was very amused, no one would believe that in Germany!

Free to be funny, Osho

Other things, American Chris likes ´Fat kid fuel´, he´s really thin and never stops eating

Gunfight at the OK Corral is nothing on this place

Wall in La Paz, Baha Calafornia

Handy screen cleaner

A guy i met in Ensenada was telling me how kidnapping was big buisness here, true, true, but i didn´t know how true, well the wait is over, point your mouse at the following interesting little link on the differnt types of kidnapping in Mexico.

Mexican food anyone?

The American kids (that had no interest in Tom Brady throwing a winning pass in the Superbowl) went to a village up from Creal, lovely town, except for the 2 hour gun battle with a drug cartel, bullet shell´s were everywhere, everybody must die, god would be working overtime to figure out who the good guys are and who the bad guys are (it´s a fine line, you cant go on Santa´s list when people go past 12)

I wonder if any of the American kid´s were ever in LA South Central? Now they will feel like they have, no need to go there.

Life is not a Video game, here, it´s really real, really.

Is it a frog? Creel, copper canyon

Horace Walpole once said ´Life is a comedy to those who think, a tragedy to those who feel´ Tom Robbins expands to ´To the Whole person, the world is a tragic comedy´, i agree.

Indigenous women, Creal, Mexico

But i will be keeping in mind some of those kidnapping strategies, How do you say in Spanish, ´Which strategy will you be employing to seperate my hard earned cash form my person, amigo´

I´m already thinking about it, i have a semi clad chick on the back of a business card, i´m going to whip it out and tell any wanna be kidnappers it´s my girlfriend (a little white lie), but should get a few laugh´s, that might help, or not, they might keep it, and then what would i do?