Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Missed Mike Stern in New York, got him in Mexico!!!

Saw Mike Stern playing the other night, it sounded like this

Went to a Rave, with Darragh AKA DJ Druid, Lucy lu (Asian chick from Scotland) and Mary Poppins ( `God i hate the cold weather, i wish i was back in Scotland` ....er...it`s colder there lov.

Darragh thought he was playing a club,it was a rave in the middle of no where, took a while to get in, much calling people was done, eventually we were in, some guy tried to sell me a phone for 60 pesos.

Some people tried sneaking in, they were shot at with paint pellet guns and put in a holding cell, the kind you`d sitck a few sheep in, one of the guys in this holding cell was a promotor for another party, which would have been great if he was dressed like a wolf i`m thinking

Random Elevator video

Took the bus home, fell asleep for 20 minutes, felt great

Back to the hostel, woke up with a couch surfer chick looking down on me, i actually thought i was dreaming.

I walked around, DJ Druid was wiped out
His `Contact` that got us in gave us scarfs, coat (one of), i got a long sleeve shirt

The Rave scene in Guadalajara is supposed to be the biggest in Mexico.

We went to the rave with a Canadian guy, once we got there, he asked the Seattle guy, Marko his name was how he could get back (more than 1 hour in a taxi)

Markos response was `What are you doing here?`,good question, he got him a lift back, he was very lucky indeed, he had his buddys plane ticket for a 6am flight

Tequila tour

As my buddy from Belfast would say, `I`m leaving, how can we continue this conversation?`

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