Tuesday, February 26, 2008

What does it all mean, dont know, but i know what `Tequila` means!

Sunday afternoon in Puerto Vallarta

In Tequila, there is a volcano, some days it had good days, other days it had bad days, on hte bad days it throws up a black rock in the air and if you were paying attention in class boys and girls.

`What goes up, must come down`, the local indeginous language is called something like `Naughtl`.

Tequila means `Black rock that cuts your feet`

Saw Mike play

Tried lots of Tequila, in Tequila, why not, no performances like the English Chris, how could something like that be matched?

Got back from Tequila, i partied on with the 2 Australians, one was a school teacher, good craic they were too.

I told them if the cute Japanese uttered any Anutralian bogan phrases i.e. `Agh..yeahhh, get facked yea fackin` fackwit`, there would be war!! and maybe a bashing?

Reminded me of New Hampshire

Day after my trip to Tequila, i was feeling fine, i woke up, Darragh wasn`t feelng too hot. I was like `Whats up sick boy?` then i started singing `Where`s your head at?`

I felt a bit guilty later, and explained to him that i`m very much a `Morning person`
, he understood, or at least pretended to understand.
I had no sympathy for his sick ass, someone asked me how sick he was, i said `He`s thinking about his sister` Sick

My foot was sore, so a day of rest watchng Liverpool play some Italian Girls, it think they were called Inter Milan?

Then what hapened?

Sand Sculptures in Puerto Vallarta

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