Friday, February 15, 2008

I see crisps, I cant buy crisps, i can buy Vodka though

USA Chris did a sketch, apparently it´s an Adam Sandler sketch. it envolved a very over weight guy horsing down his ´Fat kid food´ and the the fat kid saying

´Leave me alone, i´m starving´, i tried to find it, it´s not there, no where!!!

Called into a shop the other night to buy crisps (my fat kid food), the crisp section was covered with black plastic.

Now, never in my life have i been able to buy all kinds of Alcholic and non Alcholic drinks, but sorry ´We cant sell you and crisps´, that were there!!

Maybe they were loaded with cocaine, or maybe it was a secret word and everyone started using it and they got pissed off and said ´Fuckit if we cover the crisps, maybe eople will stop using the secret word ´Crisp´, i´m in the dark and it´s not even night time?

Ran out of batteries the first time i tried to get this guy, got him the next day!!

Going to Guanajuato tomorrow, it means ´Place of frogs´

Did more couchsurfing, or naybe a better term would be ´Met for a drink´, we had to wait a while for places to open, i really needed a drink in the end, then had lunch.

We had Chilaquilles, yummie!!

Saw where the ´Eden´, silver mine is, going tonight.

I´m sitting in an office and a woman pours coffee onto a dead pop plant (little wonder) and a guy come out of his office with a bottle of herbal green stuff, that looks like something else, i digress.

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