Friday, February 15, 2008

I was the spectator, the baby was the driver

Im sitting on a park bench when i see a guy driving with his missus, he´s holding the baby and in fairness the baby is trying to turn the corner (using hands and feet), he was very amused.

In Mexico this is funny, in somewher like Germany he´d be on his way to jail, driving privilages suspended, taken away. Too funny.

Conan has had enough

It just occured to me, i saw South American motor racing a few weeks ago, they had a terrible habbit of crashing into things, no problem going fast, except the only option they had in stopping was crashing into each other and walls and missing fans.

One car went perfectly into a garage at top speed.

Maybe the guy with the baby was trying to give his kid a head start in life, after all they were all having fun.

If the baby cries, dont givew him his bottle, let him/her drive, that will give them something to think about.


McKinley Neal said...

hello, i am sorry that i did not get your message from couchsurfer in time to meet you, but i hope you had a good visit to guadalajara!

UK Chris said...

I like that you set the home page on computer uno as your blogspot! I´m in Zacatecas for the fourth day now, we{ll be here another week waiting for bike parts! Nice place!!