Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Tuesday with Kieran

Camels at the long-week cattle fair in Pushkar, India.

Got locked out this morning for the first time.
Couldn’t believe it, after all the states I’ve been in over the past few weeks, this time I had actually been sober, and going out to work, or going out to give the impression of work and closed the door behind me, and walk down the road, everything was cool, then I thought, something’s not right. Hands in the pockets, oh no, no wallet, no money, did remember to ring my phone though.

Called Sharlet, no answer, sent her a text, called Frank the landlord, that apparently does not give bond money back, time will tell, if I was going to be around, I wouldn’t worry about it too much, waited on the street for about 50 minutes, called Sharlet again, then eventually she came out, not a morning person there and saw Frank as I came out the door, very riveting morning.

Went to see a movie last nigh, ended up seeing ‘Little miss sunshine’, good movie about a family that drive 1000 miles across America so that their daughter can enter a beauty contest, and she ends up doing a bit of a striptease. Very funny

Went to bar open on the way home and met a 50 year old woman Keri, and ended up talking to her until 2am, chatting and having a laugh. Reminds me of the days of hanging out with Jo in the Empress.

Transferred the rest of the money to her account, I hope it gives her some happiness.

Listening to Madonna, on a set by ‘Tones - Musica Summer Series October 2006 Promo’, not bad. Should probably go and see a band this week, where’s the rock and roll. Might go Salsa dancing on Thursday, meet up with Jo tomorrow and have a beer and a laugh and Friday, well Friday always takes care of Friday. Housemate Rob is moving out on Friday. He as not told Frank (I-don’t-give-bond-money-back), bit of a running trend there I think ? Hmmm.....

Friday, October 27, 2006

Nothing better to do ? Write in a blog

From Russia with gloves ... the collection by Russian label Fresh Art was a stand-out at this year's Russian Fashion Week in Moscow. Photo: Reuters

Ok so he says.

Went out to St Kida last night to see, drop the lime, called into the saint first for a BBQ, called into the Saint for the BBQ, thanks to Ross for pointing that one out to me. I think I’ll be going back, beats Archie’s I suppose.

After that I strolled down to the Espy for a second dose of Drop the lime, not bad. The first gig was better though.

Went over to Chapel st with Ross to Q Bar, I love queuing up as you might know, some how Ross was able to call someone who called someone and I was on the guest list, amazing.

Was escorted to the door maybe 2 hours later, too much aint good enough, too much just aint enough, breathing’s bout the only thing I do too much that aint enough.

Had enough, going home for a power nap.

Bye bye

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The steeple to a church is surrounded by fall foliage along Route 16 east of Waynesboro, USA.

Went and saw a gig last night, in case your were wondering, and some of probably weren’t even wondering that at all. I hope someone gets a laugh or even some benefit from my fingers racing across this laptop, it is giving me something to do.

Have to get onto the BBC Spanish later, but I am supposed to be working, and that would be taking the piss as there happens to be people doing ACTUAL work right behind me, well it depends what you call real work, some might say, ‘Working in an office, that’s not real work’. I have no idea myself, it’s been that long since I did any, if I had to do even a few hours a day of any work, I’d probably think it was slave labor.

Downloading music and recording music is the only hard slog I’ve been doing, how bad.

Anyways, went to see ‘Drop the Lime’ and ‘Kid 606’, ‘Drop the Lime’ was really cool, I think I’ll go again tonight, best DJ in a long time, and free too to boot.

Going to go to The Oaks day, or the races on the 8th of Nov, lots of chicks I’m told, o and it is ladies day, bit a clue there.

Heading to the horse bazaar in Northcote tomorrow, lots of things on, and too little time.

Got the cash from Excel coal, will do the final transfer to Jo’s account to morrow, she gets 90% of the profits and I still come out on top, I really hope she puts it to good use, and no blow it all in Revolver, but I suppose your only young once, so you might as well go hard or go home.

Listening to DJ ESP, if it weren’t for Jo and inthemix, I might not have discovered this music, I’d be hanging out at the Tote, Eeek !!

So there you go, off for a spot of lunch at the Queen Vic markets, come back do some Spanish, Feck off home, got to St Kilda later.

Bye bye

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

I like sunsets, ok ?

One of those world-famous Arizona sunsets
is perfectly reflected in the mirror-like water
of a resort golf course lake in the desert of
the Superstition Mountain foothills, Arizona

One of my favourite scenes from the Big Lebowski
"I was gonna fuck you in the ass Saturday! I fuck you in the ass on Wednesday instead!"

So what am I going to say to you, maybe thank god I’m doing Spanish, and it’s keeping the mouse in my head busy, because if he wisent busy he would be killing be, well and truly.

Read a good quote there ‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’, how true.

Booked the lonely planet book for Argentina, doing Spanish now, why not combine the two, makes sense to me, why Fu@#in not he says.

They are 85 % descended from European, hey I’m European ? Or a Homer Simpson, Hey I’m a guy like me ! I sure am, I sure am.

Whets happened since I lasted posted, better go and check first before I write any more crap.

Right I’m back, it appears as if I didn’t tell you about the weekend

Well, went out on Friday, was going to have a quiet one, went to Bar open, just for one last beer. Met 2 girls that were about to leave. Denise and her sister I think, they said they were twins, but what else would 2 girls out for a laugh say?

Denise was going to come to the Caufield cup, but she got home and announced to me that she wanted to have 10 hours sleep, get up at 12 noon, and it’ll take me about an hour to do my hair, sure love we might get there when everyone else is leaving.

I went, got some photos of some people I met, came home, decided to call into Chapel street on the way home, for a beer of course.

Went to Blue bar, and had a laugh. Couldn’t get into any of the bouncer type pubs, no suits I’m afraid, and certainly no suits by themselves, which I could say I was

Continued to St Kilda, met Ross just as he was coming out of the Saint across from the Snake pit for some fresh air and off I was to Twister why not.

Put the suit jacket rolled up under my arm and off in I went, camera in the pocket, but at this stage I didn’t give 2 Fuc%s. Just some fun for me please and maybe a little beer.

I remember meeting people as I was coming out at 7 am in the morning, came out and 2 guys were fighting, let them off I thought. Who cares, it’s the morning. If you meet people that are not I a good mood in the morning, don’t bother with them, so said an old French guy leaving Sri Lanka, and think he wisent too far off of the mark.

Had a bit of a rest across from the Vineyard and went home, Cheery Bomb was closed, what a Fuc$*n waste of time, went to Vineyard in St Kilda, good spot for a Sunday session, since I cant do the Revolver thing anymore, it will have to be my thing.

Went from there to Honky Tonks and was really hungry, BBQ was late starting, I think I had a power nap and was escorted to the door, I wisent too fussed, me need some sleep. So went to Maccers ad a feed and it was off home for me.

Went to see Megadeth last for nostalgia reasons, Simon P was saying it would be worth it and it was, spent $18 ringing him so that he could hear too. Called into Mc Mahons and conversed on the finer differences between Megadeth and Metalica, but the Megadeth fans weren’t having any of it, no way.

Called into the Bar Open on the way home and had a beer out the back, met some guys, one of them was a doctor, hard to believe, he seemed to lack the aura of ‘I’m a doctor’, that doctors seem to convey.

Going to see kid 606 later

Time will tell, maybe Cloheesy might come along and venture past postcode 3000.

Till the next time.


Friday, October 20, 2006

Breakfast Borat?

... a waiter serves the national dish of Kazakhstan, beshbarmak - boiled sheep's head - at the Essyk traditional restaurant in Almaty.

Now that Borat has been invited to Kazakhstan, who’s laughing now. He probably wouldn’t go anyway, he’s be probably stoned as soon as he got off of the airplane, camel, horse, tractor or however one makes it to that glorious country.

Well well, could be the races on the weekend, not looking like good weather, but should be good anyway, you cant have sunshine all year round and I should know this better than anyone.

Started learning Spanish, it will keep my mind off of other things, like how she seems to be back to the way she used to be, the way I liked it. Sometimes if you want something you have to travel in the opposite direction.

Have to go home first after work and of all feckin things change my pants, or else people might see my arse, not that that would be a bad thing, saw a guy once walk down King street in Sydney with the back cut out of his leather pants, I though e was brave, maybe if I went out someone might thing I was brave, or just bash me, again and again and again and again and again and again and again and again and. There you go the truth comes out eventually, and as Jimi Hendrix once said ‘Eventually’, never before was a truer word spoken.

Haven’t done any work this week, been doing an online course in Spanish and I managed to record the phrases on to my iriver so that I can revise where ever I am, nice one, now all I have to do I remember what it all means, hmm that the whole point of this blog to figure out what it all means, fecked if I know, you’ll have to ask someone else that one pal, you really will.

Really happy I worked things out relatively with Jo and didn’t aver to deal with lawyers, that would have been all too much, too too much.

I think there’s an Irish horse running tomorrow at Caufield, saw a horse I the listing today and it was something like ‘Gentle lover’, it was funny anyway.

Have to go to Exhibition st on Monday morning to see a guy doing the work I’m supposed to be doing, could be another Honky Tonks Sunday night, and why not ?
It’s all good fun.........until someone losses an eye that is!!!

Maybe it’s tie to head off home. Good idea !!

Saw Fred Negro in the pub last night, I was telling how Mam though he was a ‘Nice fellow’, and he is too as he rightly pointed out, very true. I might even appear on his strip, with luck. That would be one to write home about, or SMS. Saw Eoin’s phone book on the net, one name caught my eye, Huny Lips, very good indeed!!

Till the next time

Thursday, October 19, 2006

If honesty was my only excuse

Giant panda cub Tai Shan during the opening of the Giant Panda Habitat and Asia Trail at the National Zoo in Washington.

Listening to the Mick Molloy on tough love on the ITunes pod casts

They are rambling on about pick up lines, among other things, ‘Is that a ladder in your stocking or is it a stair way to heaven’. Classy stuff.

Missed a few postings, but who cares.

Was going to pick Chris up on Tuesday and was passing the Language centre and thought to meself, ‘I wonder if they have any Spanish classes on’. So in I goes and low and behold, I signed up, now it’s Thursday and I’ve been listening to some Spanish on Pod casts and looking at some stuff on the BBC Spanish learning website.

Good stuff, it will keep me busy for the next few week’s. Weather as been pretty good for the last few weeks and the Caulfield cup is on this weekend, off racing it is for me.

Ross is going as well, good stuff, it will be an all dayer, converted the ‘Thin Lizzy’ 1971 album to .mp3 yesterday, rocking stuff. Cant get enough of that wonderful stuff. It was my favorite album when I first heard it, and it still is.

Have to go to Collins st and see what testing Bob Beers is doing, apparently he is doing the testing I’m supposed to be doing. I will be 6 months in Telstra and the only work I will have done here is download music, what a laugh. 6 odd weeks to go to the great escape. Should be good.

Speaking of work, time to record music and Feck off to Collins st.

Bye bye


Monday, October 16, 2006

When you take a picture of something you see.

This one can remind some castle from “Star Wars” but in fact it’s a place in which Soviet marriage events were held in Tbilisi, Gergia. In Russia and in USSR marriage doesn’t occur in the church, it happens in a special house called “Palace of The Marage”. It is so still nowadays, though after getting married in such place couple can visit a church.

Story Kieran ? Well the story is, and has been a fair amount of going out. Went to Honky tonks on Friday, had a goat beer at the Gin Palace with a guy on a different project, Ian.

Went to Honkytonks and danced there until the early hours ad swung around on the pole, thought someone went of with my jacket, but no.
Got a message from Matt to go to The Lounge, so off I went, didn’t need to be asked twice my friend.

Went on a bit of a pub crawl of Fitzroy on Saturday and had a good laugh, met lots of good people. Met some pretty cool people on the way into the city and went to the QBH, broke all my rules and waited over 1 hour to get in, Jimmy Van M was playing, he wasn’t that great, the set of his on the Iriver was much better, hung out with the 18-25 youth of Australia, felt a bit old there.

Met a girl that was waiting for the trams to get going and only had $6, so I ended up shouting her a few drinks, she ended up telling me she was in year 12. I was waiting for cheery bomb to open, so I ended hanging out with some people on Smith st, then I met more people on Smith st, did the cherry bomb thing, then went to the lounge, then over to Honky Tonks, left there at 4am or there abuts and woke up at 10.15, luckily the pressure isn’t on at work

Spring carnival is on, so I think it will be the races and not too much partying this weekend, hmmm well I’ll give it a go anyway ?

Friday, October 13, 2006

Been watching a fair bit of Stephen Colbert in the last few months, just about anything a can find. He kick ass while still being funny, he’s a funny guy.

Made a silly promise to myself that I wouldn’t have a too big a night tonight, got a message from a girl I met last week to go to Honky tonks, I don’t have to be asked twice. Ok so, free beer at 6, might pop along, bit of a BBQ going on too. Nice people too, well the ones I met anyway.

Went to see mountains in the sky last night in the Northcote social club, the laser show before hand must have been very artistic and all that because I thought it was the biggest heap of crap, the biggest. Had a good laugh at the bar though, met heaps of people and had a good time. Called into see Gerard on the way back and had a beer with him. Taxi hoe and popped into Bimbos for a beer, then home to the bed.

Woke up and was ready to go to work before 8am, that was a good thing, decided to lie down on the bed and rest, ok, I think I’m with you so far. What happened ? Well I fell asleep, didn’t I ? Got into work for around 10.15, who cares, not me I’m afraid.

Talked to Simon P., he’s on a crusade to evict squatters from a national park in South Sydney, he’s found his cause in life, a slum lord without the slum, out peasants, out I say. He was telling me they had a Tooheys New flag flying, they might have been better off having a Greenpeace flag flying.

Went down to see the Seashepherd boat, amazing bunch of people, they ram illegal whaling boats
The girl on the tour was saying that 80% of what drift nets catch they throw back on but, the fish have their mouths ripped off, so they cant much their food too good.

A half of all fish that is caught goes to cheap protein feed for cows, did you know that ?
4000 liters of water are needed for 1 kg of meat, did you know that ? No I didn’t, I really didn’t.

Peace out

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Busy as a bee, well almost

Cool pic, eh ?

It' roasting hot outside, and it’s nearly 5 o clock. There’s a group called ‘Mountains in the Sky’ playing in the Northcote Social club later, might pop along. Might check out the Bunker Lounge too, and there’s a bar near where the second Don don’s is, might check that out. All in all, a lot of checking things out. Check, testing, 1 – 2.

Right, so what made the news. Not much really, oh, one thing, looks like the world could be going into a nuclear war, pretty funny with all the talk about Saddam having Weapons of Mass Destruction, and it was North Korea all along, they know exactly what he has too because they sold the weapons to them, Donald Rumsfeld was on the Board of directors of a company that sold them too. Now Donald doesn’t like his pal in North Korea, but I guess life can be like that sometimes, enemies can become friends and friends can become enemies.
I remember that from the 3 day meditation course in Darmasala, India. Nice place to go to, sometimes anywhere is a nice place to go to. So anyway listening to Mountains in the sky, not bad for a Thursday night. I think I’ll go.

Read Danny Katz rant on the paper, he’s about the only ‘Journalist’ if you could call him that that’s worth reading, I’m always wondering after reading him. What was he on about ? But a good read all the same.

Times a wasting, I’m off.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Zie is hot hot hot

Photo of a candle at zero gravity, cool eh ?

Recording ‘Blueprint 2006 Promo’, sounds good to me.
Why not, am I too old to be living the way I do, certainly not. How else would I live, underwater, under the sea...... just like the snorks, well that was a fantasy of Homer Simpson also.

Went and saw a play last night, is was ‘Love at fast sight’, actually it was 2 plays I saw.
After watching ‘Love at fast sight’ I had a beer at the bar with the bar people, then the actors. Then we went upstairs to see a play about how ‘in love’ this couple were, and maybe they still are. Got a free kit kat, got to love that.

One of the actors from Queensland came in late with food and said ‘If anyone has the munchies, let me know where the pot is at’, Great quote.

Sun is out, pretty warm today. Made the appointment to make the tax return later. Might have a beer somewhere while I wait for the appointment at 7.45pm, better get that one out of the way.
Have to go and get the parking permit tomorrow morning at the Collingwood town hall, I sent it in a Telstra postage paid envelope, maybe the postage wasn’t paid after all. Fuc*&n Bas#$%ds is all I can say.

So I’ll be a bit late into work, who cares, you’ll still get the blog entry tomorrow, you vulchers, you just want more and ore of me every time, hold on, whats the intended audience of this again. Oh yeah, it’s me. That’s ok so, as you were.

Now that I’ve gotten a good review in front of my consultant lead I can go back to skiving off, the ‘Oh, I must look out the widow behind you for no apparent reason, and oh what are you looking at, god, I would never look at that sort of thing, because I’m such a serious consultant, well that’s what I wan the whole world to think, even if you don’t think like me, you can try and be like me every way’

Rant rant rant, do you do anything else, hmmm nope.

Some Thursday sessions are starting up in the city, I was thinking of going to some salsa dancing, but you cant have your cake and eat it, you could do a bit of a Spike Millian and stick your whole face into the cake, class.

So by this tie tomorrow I should have parking sorted out, and oh did I tell you someone backed into my car and drove off without leaving any details.
I would have done the same thing, if it was a new car, I’d be going mad, but who cares ?

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Look, look, its me and i can fly

A Gulf Fritillary butterfly stops for some nectar from a Yellow Gold Lantana bloom in South Tyler, USA. Photo: AP

I think i’ll come back as a butterfly, if I come back at all. I’m not guarenting anything.
If there is a better planet out there, where it rains expensive cocktails and people with beer bellies are worshiped like living gods, I just might go there. Which leads on to the next question, if i’m a butterfly that might not be my scene, dont think butterfly’s have beer bellies, a bit hard to fly i’d imaging. Hmm, i’ll get back to you on that one.

Read a quote today by one of the founders of Google, ‘The average blogger has 1 reader, the bloger’, hmm, if your reading this and your name happen’s to be Kieran, thats ok. If your name is not Kieran, feck off !! Or go out and change your name to Kieran, as you can tell i’m aiming prety low and meetng all targets, nice one.

Heading to see a play tonight, and the funny thing is I have been meaning to see a play in North Melbourne as part of the Fringe festval, met the crew, seemed to be enjoying life and why not.

Started reading ‘The dice man’ by Luke Rhinehart. It was recommended highly by Simon P as a book I would really like, I think he’s on the money. I started flipping a coin last week as a way of rebelling against myself. I read once every day we have millions of choices and and at the end of the day, whether or not it was good or bad is entirely our fault.
I crossed the road this morning walking into the city to be on the sunny side of the road. A few minutes I crossed back to the same side further down the road and it wasn’t until I crossed back that I realized what I had done and I was on the shady side of the street.

Most of the choices we make are the sub concise ones, it could be good fun to try it out for a while ?
Recording the M.Y.N.C. Project - 30 Min Hotmix, not bad, not bad. Getting tonnes of music, it would be a shame not to pass some of it on, if your still reading this and your name is switched to Kieran in the last few minutes, good one! Just tell your parents your old name wasn’t good enough, let me know and I can give you heaps of electronic music. There, that was a nice offer, perks of having a name change.

Monday, October 09, 2006

The future is thing of the past

Blue light bathes the fountains and obelisk in Paris's Place de la Concorde. The city stayed up all night on Saturday for its fifth annual festival "Nuit Blanche" or "Sleepless Night"

It surly is, well, it’s that time of the week, to ask the question, ‘Well, what happened on the weekend’ and what a weekend it was too!!

Headed to Two floors up on Friday night, there was no one there, so I got the pass out and headed to Brown alley, it was pretty busy, not much room to move, then went to Two floors up and then walked home, headed to the recovery on Smith, cant for the life of me remember what the name of the place is, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the words keep coming out, the right words that is. John Askew is playing on his Beirut mix, nice one John.

The logical side of my brain was telling me as I walked there, it wont be open, the optimistic side of my head was telling me, ‘Yes it will’ and it was going on and on like a broken record until I got there, and yes it was open, so in I went, hardly anyone there, good music, I was told it opens at 7am every second Saturday, might set a reminder to that one.

Back to Saturday morning, hung out with the crew on Smith st, had a beer at Reed st or whatever the place is called, I was a it off me head as can be expected from the likes of me, went home, then off to Richmond for a beer, a warm up beer before Gods kitchen.

Then I was passing the Marquis of Lawn and the sign said, ‘Beer here’, I thought, that sounds like a good idea, so in I went and out I came with a beer in hand and proceeded to talk to some locals and a Canadian chick that was advising me to get some sleep and lot’s of other advice, not that listen to much of it.

Gods Kitchen it was, and I was off. Talked to some guys before going in, it was pretty funny to watch the sniffer dogs by the front gate, everybody hanging back, watching, watching, dog is lead 20 meters away, a flood of people go for the gates. The cops were probably having a great laugh, some people got busted too apparently, probably every body could have been busted for something.
Hung out with some people there had a laugh, bought a wrist band for $10, the girl selling it was on the hard sell, I was told it would attract the opposite sex.

On to Sunday events went to Cheery bomb again, really good music, at one stage, I wanted to leave and go and meet some people, I did what any logical thinking would do and flipped a coin, the coin in it’s infinite wisdom said to stay put, stayed for a while, until they were closing up and off up the road for beer, was talking to the gay guy with the white little dog, nice dog for a bit, the fun started to dry up when I had to pay for the beers.

Went home, went out for a beer in Bar open, 2 girls came in and said they wanted to have a smoke, so it was off to my place, the roof top garden could have been built for that specific purpose, one of the girls was pretty keen on displaying her Mickey mouse underwear and red bra, I don’t believe I discrimination, the funny thing is, one of the girls announced to the bar beforehand that I was taking the 2 of them home, which was kind of true, kind of.

Next, they did what any thankful guests would do and bought me a hot chocolate.
After all of that some would have thought, ‘God, I’m tired, I think I’ll go to sleep’, some would have yes, not me.

I wanted to go to 2 floors up, but it wasn’t open by, let me think, was it 10.15pm or 11.15 pm ? It was one of them, so off I went to honky tonks, no DJ in the toilet this week, go invited to a play about speed dating, flash back’s about stories about Aidan and Elaine.
So, told the boss on Friday I was dropping a friend off at the airport on Monday, just in case I wanted to go out on Sunday night, and do you know what? I did.

Very handy when your strolling home around 5pm, and waking up at 10.15 am, luckily I have imaginary friends and airport stories or else could have been, well, I think the term would be ‘Unprofessional’, me, I don’t really care, thank you very much, very much indeed.

One of the girls I Cherry bomb had an idea for a T-Shirt, ‘Say no thank you to drugs, use your manners’ Reminded of that guy in Amsterdam that got offended when I tried to ignore when he was trying to peddle heroine and cocaine, drug pushers have feeling’s too, I now know.

No sleep until around after 5am this morning and I feel fine.

Was telling some people on the weekend, if i have another big weekend i will be writing an obituary for my beer belly, christened ‘Bruce McCallmy’ years ago in the Courthouse bar in Newtown, Sydney. We had such good times, but i really feel like it is time to move on, i might give it a whirl for a bit and see how i get on. The belly is on it’s last legs, i think it could be time to take it off of life support.
That was the weekend, all in all. Good.

Friday, October 06, 2006

This is not a waste of time

Ed and Mary Ann Murdock enjoy the autumn colours while paddlng their canoe near their home in Turner, Maine.
Nice one Ed and Mary

Yes, it’s that time again. My buddy Simon Philips thinks writing in a blog is a waste of time, I on the other hand do not. I really don’t. It could be, but my brain does not agree, so, I win and I’m off again, the fingers are flying across the keyboard again.

I’m listening to John Askew in Beirut and all is ok.
Nice day outside, going to be a great weekend, the only problem with thinking it’s going to be a good weekend is, when you think your going to have a good time, you ever do, or you don’t to the extent if you said ‘I’m going to just have a few beers’, or ‘I’m just going to read my book’ and you end up coming home next day.
They’re the best night’s out.

God’s kitchen, that will be interesting, pub crawl with a few tonight, 1 of them apparently doesn’t drink, he could be converted by the end of the weekend !!

Called up to the backpackers at lunch, wasn’t sure if I should have a beer, so I flipped a coin, it was heads for a beer, tails for a sprite, it was a beer. The coin always knows best. Simon P recommended a book called ‘The dice man’ where the dice made all his decisions for him, a way of rebelling against the system and himself. The coin works for me ad it does make things interesting.

More water, drink more water, it was like I was on water restrictions last week. Master craft are playing in Brown Alley, Arumba is on, Two Floors up is on, would be interesting if the bouncer bullshit is on again this week, probably not so bad on a Friday.

Haven’t been to eurotrash yet, I think I know where it is, I now a good place where I think it is, if that is making any sense to you, nope he says, come to think of it, me neither, confusion, confusion, cushion, constipation and all the c words are setting in.

Alliteration, I think it’s called.

Educational bit.
# Resemblance of sound, especially of the vowel sounds in words, as in: “that dolphin-torn, that gong-tormented sea” (William Butler Yeats).
# The repetition of identical or similar vowel sounds, especially in stressed syllables, with changes in the intervening consonants, as in the phrase tilting at windmills.

The repetition of the same sounds or of the same kinds of sounds at the beginning of words or in stressed syllables, as in “on scrolls of silver snowy sentences” (Hart Crane). Modern alliteration is predominantly consonantal; certain literary traditions, such as Old English verse, also alliterate using vowel sounds.

Something I found about how writing being good for you, ok now enough of that.
Simons wrong!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Login drama ramas

Popular tourist attraction, Mount Moses in the Sinai Peninsula. According to the Old Testament, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

It’s that time again, do a bit of writing and everyone thinks I’m hard at it, working, or at least thinks I’m not watching Borat and laughing my head off. Well I like laughing my head off, so why not ? Why not indeed ?

What news to report today ? Went to Fitzroy Shorts last night, short movie night in Fitzroy, got a free pass for 2 to see the Macbeth movie and lat it, well no big deal, I was thinking maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling me not to go, I heard it got bad reviews, plus one from the universe. Not a good review. Read a great restaurant review and the whole review was about the couple kissing next to him, and the last line was ‘..and the food wasn’t and either’, class’. Saw another one once and the reviewer said ‘I didn’t have time to listen to the album, but..’ and he went to review the album cover, another good review.

Got on to student flights again, to book the flight home, I was told it could be our last Christmas together, obviously there’s plans for people to start dropping off like flies somewhere, obviously.

Managed to get my login suff fixed, now I can check my email by going into a conference room, very innovative indeed.

Might go to the Erin radio theatre tonight, I’m sure the place across the road does $8 steak, maybe next week. Was getting the evil eye yesterday for watching Borat, word’s were flowing in middle management, none of them have trickled down to my level as yet, but since I haven’t signed an extension past Christmas they couldn’t be bothered saying anything, god knows why I’m even here, oh yeah to do alarms testing, that is my purpose, sounds a bit hi tech, but it never is, maybe that’s a good thing.

The photo above is of Mount Siani, I was there, very memorable trip indeed, all the busses we had to get, I remember going with 2 Americans, pretty cool guys too, and we ended up bringing a South African guy back to the hostel in Cairo with us.

Couldn’t get over how the people would throw rubbish everywhere, even on their own doorstep and their cruelty to animals, if Hitler was reborn it would have been as a donkey in Egypt and been at that you’d feel sorry for him.

Many years down the road from that era, I blew all my holiday money in 1 week with 1 week left and had to get the mother to send me more money, I bought paintings and lost them in Heathrow after drinking a half a bottle of Vodka on the way home, I was kicking myself for ages over that one.

Got a bus to the Pyramids to save money and met a guy on the bus that brought me on a horse ride around the pyramids, I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to be there, but I still remember seeing the pyramids through the haze in the morning and galloping past the police on the sand dune, if they caught me I would have to had pay big to get out of that one as tourist aren’t allowed to be within 2kms between morning and sunset.

Funnily enough, the closest building to the Pyramids was Mc Donald’s, local food was good though. I remember taking photos of horses dancing in the night markets, it was really an overload of the senses. Maybe a bit like India, but the Egyptians really knew how to talk to Europeans, especially women, the masters of seduction and then some more.

The diving in the red sea in Egypt was great, that was one of the reasons I went there and it was a real eye opener, it took me ages to figure out how the regulator worked, I didn’t know you were supposed to bite on it, my dive instructor was even looking at my teeth, to see if I had any, he was a bit of a grump, he had his issues.

I stayed I a 4 star hotel too in Heurgada, it as $18 US a night, why not I thought, I ended up hanging out and even sharing a room with an English guy called Sam.

I remember him telling me how he came to Egypt, himself and his friend were hanging out and got talking about diving and they both said, ‘I’d love to try it’, so then they said ‘Let’s go tomorrow’ and that was that, best way to go too, just go and your off, no more bull@#$t.

The South African guy was hanging out with a Japanese guy in Siani, they left their bags in a restaurant and chained them to a table or something. The Japanese guy went off and when the South African guy came back to the restaurant the owner was saying Owner: ‘Where China’
South African: ‘I don’t know where China is’

He could have gotten out a map don’t you think and showed them and showed them Chairman Mao’s place and Tibet too, depending on who you ask, you could get a different geography lesson with that one.

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Got on to the Beat magazine

Ever feel like you have a monkey on your back ?

Well well, been quite a week indeed.
Got on to the photo section or so I’m told by the avid Beat mag fan Mat, he said he was handing it around the office. I’m sure it got a few laughs, yes I was wearing my peoples republic t-shirt, in Brown Alley, having a good one, hmm I think I’ll get it on the way home.
Met up with some of the crew from South Melbourne’s one and only Chief pub last night in Pugg Mahone’s for a bit of trivia, good laugh then we went to the ‘La la lounge’, good spot too. I never knew it was there.

Going on a pub crawl with them, something about a frien who doest drink organising a pub crawl, I like pub crawl’s, I really do.

30 degrees to day in Melbourne, all the are happy and hanging out in the park having lunch and catchng up friends, very Melbourne. Waiting on a login so I can do some ‘supposed’ work, if that will ever happen. I suppose you work long enough and it’s good to get a bit of ‘time off’ and get paid for it, I get a good deal consideriing other people in society have to work.

Watched more Borat today, cant get enough of that wonderful stuff, the movie should be cracking.

Recording more inthemix stuff, Bec Plankton, sounds like there’s 2 songs going at once, not so smooth me thinks, err go back to school love? Oh, you did go to school ?
Right, maybe you need to ask them for your money back. Eeek, doesn’t sound to smooth at all.

Getting through ‘The power of the dog’, not sure were it’s heading as I’m getting towards the end, but I suppose that’s the quality of a good novel.

Finally had enough of recording Bec plankton, so I thought ‘That’s it, it’s going off’ and what do you know? Win amp was going also, my bad. Sorry Bec, maybe school wasn’t such a waste after all ?

Spring carnival is starting to-morrow, Melbourne I getting pretty expensive, it’s all been my choice of course, but a weekend at the races before the Melbourne cup could be on the cards.

Gods kitchen this weekend, have to take it a bit easy, wasn’t planning on drinking last night, the liver must be taking a bit of a hammering, saw a program about how China is harvesting organs from the people they execute, nice one China, if I ever burn mine out I’ll be over, ‘What 50k for a liver ? I’ll give you 80k for 2 liver’, I’ll have soaped up body, pimp my body, and it’s about bloody time too!!

Going to Fitzroy shorts, movie festival, extreme Karaoke is on tonight too, just across the road, good laugh. Students all out during the week, they don’t need sleep like the older generation, one which I think I’m kinda falling into, or being pushed into, whatever, pushed, pulled, punished.

There’s another movie night on tomorrow, catching up on the old movie night’s, not everyone’s cup of tea, speaking of cups of tea, I’ll think I’ll have one and check out the paper and when I come back I’ll have a ramble about something I saw in the paper, if only to amuse myself when I re read this at a later stage, hello hello are you still there ?

Not much in the paper, but I did find an interesting article about serious writers as opposed to people who write shopping lists, I think I’ve elevated myself above the status of shopping lists. Writing in a word doc gives other’s the appearance that I’m doing work related ‘Stuff’. The article talked about some author that he thought was the greatest contributor to the English language, and it was translated from Japanese.

I cant claim to be on a Japanese protest anymore, I had Don Dons today. So I suppose I should give the book a whirl, if the library has it of course, and the book was written back in the 20’s, probably doesn’t even have any pictures and has big words that I have to look up in another book, sounds all too serious already. But that’s today’s word, peace out.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

My Japanese protest

Oh what a day, and I’m inside.
It might as well be raining in the miserable winter, well almost

Went to see the sea shepherd boat, interesting thing to note was all the boats that were ‘Sunk’, now I’m wondering did they sink them ? or did they do a Titanic and just you know sink ?

Checked out Leonardo’s stream writing very interesting, probably how I talk sometime, the idea is to keep writing until your not even thinking so your subconscious comes to your concise level and you don’t go back and edit anything, well maybe apart from spelling mistakes, wouldn’t want to come across as having the spelling ability of a 10 year old.

[Brakes for 15 min to look at other blogs in Melbourne at random]
And Eureka, I found some cool photo’s of sunsets from the Eureka, cool, I’ll stick them in too, very nice.

Had a look at one of the random blogs displayed on blogger, it was ‘Big Gay Leon, the Cock Smoking Buttwhore’, hmmm, I think I might want to stop looking at some of these blogs and another one was a bible basher giving words of encouragement, I could give her a few words. ‘I used to be an altar boy’ and another few, ‘I had my photo taken with the bishop’, probably wouldn’t frighten her though. Probable make her jealous. And as Clarkston says ‘Jealously is an evil mistress’

I think I’m just about ready to say ‘Feck this place again’ for the day, but don’t worry I’ll be back tomorrow, and that’s always a problem.

Should be 30 degrees tomorrow, sun shining and I will be stuck inside again. No I wont, I’ll go for a walk, maybe Don Dons the new one that opened, my subconscious boycott of Japanese is now over, it will be feeding time at the zoo, but tomorrow, but then again why not today. Vegetables being in the fridge, and it being paid for, and if I leave it any longer, I might have to throw them out would point to the option of just cooking food and sticking it in and if I cook too much, I’ll eat that tomorrow, so I can continue my crusade against the terrible Japanese whaling. It sounds like a mission, quest and so on and so forth

The future awaits.

Back to normal.......i think

Lightning strikes the ground near Canadian geese floating on the Milwaukee River

Well, it’s like this, I’m waiting for my security tag to be synchronized with my new login, god knows why, but that’s the process, don’t really mind not doing much as it gives me time to do other stuff that does interest me, i.e. today I was reading about the Greek mathematician Archimedes, he figured out Algebra 20 centuries before Isaac Newton, bit of a Leonardo Da Vinci character. He was one of the first to realize that the Alps was under water, not that he could go around telling everybody about it. The times are a changing, or have changed, not that Leonardo could run but naked down the street shouting Eureka. Might give that one a go myself one time. Maybe out in the outback, and it if no one hears me, will i make any sound at all ?

About the only constructive thing I’ve one today I record 2 DJ sets from inthemix, not a bad days work, what am I supposed to be doing again ?

Met my new housemate last night, first task was cleaning the fridge, a bit embarrassing really since I actually had food in the fridge, but I did wash the dishes.

Might go down and have a look at the http://seashepherd.org/ ‘Stop Japanese Whaling’ boat today, why not ? I say, because it’s there, ok so ?

I think it’s supposed to be 23 degree today, bit of a pity I’m in here, I should be out in the sunshine, but then I wouldn’t get paid, hmmm could pose a bit of a problem.

Might head up to the market for a bit of lunch, pass a bit of time.

Read a good quote on post secret, ‘If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by’, something worth thinking about.

Picked up another library book talk invite last night in the Library, one about Scientific living. I wonder if there will be another art gallery opening, not too shabby the last one, a bit of red wine flowing, and abstract at best conversation about abstract art.

Got a review about the book that will be discussed at the talk
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living is a passionate and heartbreaking novel from an astonishing new write.

Maybe I will give it a go ? Maybe

Got a quote from the peoples republic, not sure what it has to do with this rant, or maybe it has everything to do with this but here goes.

* EMOs - short for 'Emotionals'. The type of teenager generally found around Paul Street/Emmet Place area who does not dress like a Goth (probably cos their mam won't let them) but still believes the world is against them and feels highly 'emotional'.

I think it’s time to go for a bit of a wander and see what the Japanese are doing to the whales, I haven’t been to Don Dons in at least a week, that could be my boycott against Japan. I think I’m ready to forgive them again and eat there again, it tastes to good to be angry at them too long, just a little while. Thanks

Cant wait for this one to come out
Borat does America

Monday, October 02, 2006

Law of Attraction

Thought of the day

Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction stipulates that we attract all events, people and circumstances into our lives thru our thoughts and feelings. That means that if you right now have relationships, health, personal economy etc that you are not satisfied with, it is possible for you to turn things around - by consciously changing your thoughts, feelings and attitude towards this areas in your life.

Good movie

What happened on the weekend Kieran ?
Hmm where to start, went out to the city on Friday night and ran into a crowd I met at Parklife (big dance party near Federation square). I was trying to find Two floors up ad for some reason passed some outdoor bar in Chinatown and thought, that looks alright, I think I’ll go in there for a look. I asked a guy at the bar if he knew where Two floors up was, he said ‘No, but how did you get on at Parklife’ and ended up chatting with that crowd for a while
Went to Brown Alley after that, the DJ was good, but it wasn’t house music. Met a guy from Dublin and talked with his friend for a while. Good craic.
Went back into the city and noticed that the lounge on Swanston St was open, so in I goes, went upstairs and proceeded to talk talk talk, and then dance dance dance.
I was even told I was a good dancer, hard to believe I know, maybe the tide has turned with my dancing ability.
Went home and had a rest for a few hours, had a bit of a read of the paper in bed and then it was ‘Up and at them’.
Grand Final Footy, went to the backpackers in South Melbourne to watch the footy, good craic there. I went to The Chief after the game because last year there was a great crowd there. I was standing at the bar and one of the guys from last year who is from the South Australian border recognised me and knew my name, I knew he looked familiar. I even got out my Efpos card to show his friends proof of who I was, they couldn’t believe it.
That guy left with his friend ad left half a jug, I gave another guy that was waiting to be served a beer, then it was off to meet his fiends at their table.
We rallied the troops from there and went off to meet Ross at the lucky cock in Chapel st and got the train into the city.
It was grand final weekend, what was I thinking ?
Needles to say, couldn’t get into Two Floors up, Reggae music at Brown Alley, Honky Tonks packed, dodgy clubs playing dodgy music, one place was even playing Greek music, Eeek.
Got into a place in the end, I was in the same place a few years ago when I was first here, and it was really dodgy.
Cities not much of a friendly place on a Saturday night, bad night to go out. Got home for seven ish, ad a bit of a sleep and went out strolling, went to the pub on Nicholson St and met the new owners of that pub, called into Bibos and was talking to a couple in the beer garden.
I was reading the Beat magazine that morning and saw a club on Smith st advertised, it said ‘We are open all day come down and have a dance’ and I thought ‘I will so’
Cheery bomb, I think it’s called, a bit a dark small revolver and the people were friendly enough. Met Ross, hung out had a laugh played pool and had a dance until 6.
Went home for a bit then I walked into the city to check out Honky Tonks, it didn’t open until after 10. Seems a bit late to me, but what a place.
A DJ was playing in the girls toilets and I was getting right into the dancing, free BBQ was put on. Nice sausages too. I was even complimented on my stamina for dancing all night, oh your too kind Melbourne.
Got home around 5am and woe up at 9.15 then it was off to the working, not that much of that happens. But it pays the bills, I cant complain. It was a good one in the end. I tried to find the heart of the Saturday night, found it on Sunday afternoon and night.
It still counts............... It still counts.

And now, More Water !!!!