Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Popular tourist attraction, Mount Moses in the Sinai Peninsula. According to the Old Testament, this is where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God.

It’s that time again, do a bit of writing and everyone thinks I’m hard at it, working, or at least thinks I’m not watching Borat and laughing my head off. Well I like laughing my head off, so why not ? Why not indeed ?

What news to report today ? Went to Fitzroy Shorts last night, short movie night in Fitzroy, got a free pass for 2 to see the Macbeth movie and lat it, well no big deal, I was thinking maybe it’s the universe’s way of telling me not to go, I heard it got bad reviews, plus one from the universe. Not a good review. Read a great restaurant review and the whole review was about the couple kissing next to him, and the last line was ‘..and the food wasn’t and either’, class’. Saw another one once and the reviewer said ‘I didn’t have time to listen to the album, but..’ and he went to review the album cover, another good review.

Got on to student flights again, to book the flight home, I was told it could be our last Christmas together, obviously there’s plans for people to start dropping off like flies somewhere, obviously.

Managed to get my login suff fixed, now I can check my email by going into a conference room, very innovative indeed.

Might go to the Erin radio theatre tonight, I’m sure the place across the road does $8 steak, maybe next week. Was getting the evil eye yesterday for watching Borat, word’s were flowing in middle management, none of them have trickled down to my level as yet, but since I haven’t signed an extension past Christmas they couldn’t be bothered saying anything, god knows why I’m even here, oh yeah to do alarms testing, that is my purpose, sounds a bit hi tech, but it never is, maybe that’s a good thing.

The photo above is of Mount Siani, I was there, very memorable trip indeed, all the busses we had to get, I remember going with 2 Americans, pretty cool guys too, and we ended up bringing a South African guy back to the hostel in Cairo with us.

Couldn’t get over how the people would throw rubbish everywhere, even on their own doorstep and their cruelty to animals, if Hitler was reborn it would have been as a donkey in Egypt and been at that you’d feel sorry for him.

Many years down the road from that era, I blew all my holiday money in 1 week with 1 week left and had to get the mother to send me more money, I bought paintings and lost them in Heathrow after drinking a half a bottle of Vodka on the way home, I was kicking myself for ages over that one.

Got a bus to the Pyramids to save money and met a guy on the bus that brought me on a horse ride around the pyramids, I didn’t know we weren’t allowed to be there, but I still remember seeing the pyramids through the haze in the morning and galloping past the police on the sand dune, if they caught me I would have to had pay big to get out of that one as tourist aren’t allowed to be within 2kms between morning and sunset.

Funnily enough, the closest building to the Pyramids was Mc Donald’s, local food was good though. I remember taking photos of horses dancing in the night markets, it was really an overload of the senses. Maybe a bit like India, but the Egyptians really knew how to talk to Europeans, especially women, the masters of seduction and then some more.

The diving in the red sea in Egypt was great, that was one of the reasons I went there and it was a real eye opener, it took me ages to figure out how the regulator worked, I didn’t know you were supposed to bite on it, my dive instructor was even looking at my teeth, to see if I had any, he was a bit of a grump, he had his issues.

I stayed I a 4 star hotel too in Heurgada, it as $18 US a night, why not I thought, I ended up hanging out and even sharing a room with an English guy called Sam.

I remember him telling me how he came to Egypt, himself and his friend were hanging out and got talking about diving and they both said, ‘I’d love to try it’, so then they said ‘Let’s go tomorrow’ and that was that, best way to go too, just go and your off, no more bull@#$t.

The South African guy was hanging out with a Japanese guy in Siani, they left their bags in a restaurant and chained them to a table or something. The Japanese guy went off and when the South African guy came back to the restaurant the owner was saying Owner: ‘Where China’
South African: ‘I don’t know where China is’

He could have gotten out a map don’t you think and showed them and showed them Chairman Mao’s place and Tibet too, depending on who you ask, you could get a different geography lesson with that one.

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