Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Back to normal.......i think

Lightning strikes the ground near Canadian geese floating on the Milwaukee River

Well, it’s like this, I’m waiting for my security tag to be synchronized with my new login, god knows why, but that’s the process, don’t really mind not doing much as it gives me time to do other stuff that does interest me, i.e. today I was reading about the Greek mathematician Archimedes, he figured out Algebra 20 centuries before Isaac Newton, bit of a Leonardo Da Vinci character. He was one of the first to realize that the Alps was under water, not that he could go around telling everybody about it. The times are a changing, or have changed, not that Leonardo could run but naked down the street shouting Eureka. Might give that one a go myself one time. Maybe out in the outback, and it if no one hears me, will i make any sound at all ?

About the only constructive thing I’ve one today I record 2 DJ sets from inthemix, not a bad days work, what am I supposed to be doing again ?

Met my new housemate last night, first task was cleaning the fridge, a bit embarrassing really since I actually had food in the fridge, but I did wash the dishes.

Might go down and have a look at the http://seashepherd.org/ ‘Stop Japanese Whaling’ boat today, why not ? I say, because it’s there, ok so ?

I think it’s supposed to be 23 degree today, bit of a pity I’m in here, I should be out in the sunshine, but then I wouldn’t get paid, hmmm could pose a bit of a problem.

Might head up to the market for a bit of lunch, pass a bit of time.

Read a good quote on post secret, ‘If you wait too long for the perfect moment, the perfect moment will pass you by’, something worth thinking about.

Picked up another library book talk invite last night in the Library, one about Scientific living. I wonder if there will be another art gallery opening, not too shabby the last one, a bit of red wine flowing, and abstract at best conversation about abstract art.

Got a review about the book that will be discussed at the talk
Everyman's Rules for Scientific Living is a passionate and heartbreaking novel from an astonishing new write.

Maybe I will give it a go ? Maybe

Got a quote from the peoples republic, not sure what it has to do with this rant, or maybe it has everything to do with this but here goes.

* EMOs - short for 'Emotionals'. The type of teenager generally found around Paul Street/Emmet Place area who does not dress like a Goth (probably cos their mam won't let them) but still believes the world is against them and feels highly 'emotional'.

I think it’s time to go for a bit of a wander and see what the Japanese are doing to the whales, I haven’t been to Don Dons in at least a week, that could be my boycott against Japan. I think I’m ready to forgive them again and eat there again, it tastes to good to be angry at them too long, just a little while. Thanks

Cant wait for this one to come out
Borat does America

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