Monday, October 02, 2006

Law of Attraction

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Law of Attraction
The Law of Attraction stipulates that we attract all events, people and circumstances into our lives thru our thoughts and feelings. That means that if you right now have relationships, health, personal economy etc that you are not satisfied with, it is possible for you to turn things around - by consciously changing your thoughts, feelings and attitude towards this areas in your life.

Good movie

What happened on the weekend Kieran ?
Hmm where to start, went out to the city on Friday night and ran into a crowd I met at Parklife (big dance party near Federation square). I was trying to find Two floors up ad for some reason passed some outdoor bar in Chinatown and thought, that looks alright, I think I’ll go in there for a look. I asked a guy at the bar if he knew where Two floors up was, he said ‘No, but how did you get on at Parklife’ and ended up chatting with that crowd for a while
Went to Brown Alley after that, the DJ was good, but it wasn’t house music. Met a guy from Dublin and talked with his friend for a while. Good craic.
Went back into the city and noticed that the lounge on Swanston St was open, so in I goes, went upstairs and proceeded to talk talk talk, and then dance dance dance.
I was even told I was a good dancer, hard to believe I know, maybe the tide has turned with my dancing ability.
Went home and had a rest for a few hours, had a bit of a read of the paper in bed and then it was ‘Up and at them’.
Grand Final Footy, went to the backpackers in South Melbourne to watch the footy, good craic there. I went to The Chief after the game because last year there was a great crowd there. I was standing at the bar and one of the guys from last year who is from the South Australian border recognised me and knew my name, I knew he looked familiar. I even got out my Efpos card to show his friends proof of who I was, they couldn’t believe it.
That guy left with his friend ad left half a jug, I gave another guy that was waiting to be served a beer, then it was off to meet his fiends at their table.
We rallied the troops from there and went off to meet Ross at the lucky cock in Chapel st and got the train into the city.
It was grand final weekend, what was I thinking ?
Needles to say, couldn’t get into Two Floors up, Reggae music at Brown Alley, Honky Tonks packed, dodgy clubs playing dodgy music, one place was even playing Greek music, Eeek.
Got into a place in the end, I was in the same place a few years ago when I was first here, and it was really dodgy.
Cities not much of a friendly place on a Saturday night, bad night to go out. Got home for seven ish, ad a bit of a sleep and went out strolling, went to the pub on Nicholson St and met the new owners of that pub, called into Bibos and was talking to a couple in the beer garden.
I was reading the Beat magazine that morning and saw a club on Smith st advertised, it said ‘We are open all day come down and have a dance’ and I thought ‘I will so’
Cheery bomb, I think it’s called, a bit a dark small revolver and the people were friendly enough. Met Ross, hung out had a laugh played pool and had a dance until 6.
Went home for a bit then I walked into the city to check out Honky Tonks, it didn’t open until after 10. Seems a bit late to me, but what a place.
A DJ was playing in the girls toilets and I was getting right into the dancing, free BBQ was put on. Nice sausages too. I was even complimented on my stamina for dancing all night, oh your too kind Melbourne.
Got home around 5am and woe up at 9.15 then it was off to the working, not that much of that happens. But it pays the bills, I cant complain. It was a good one in the end. I tried to find the heart of the Saturday night, found it on Sunday afternoon and night.
It still counts............... It still counts.

And now, More Water !!!!

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