Friday, October 27, 2006

Nothing better to do ? Write in a blog

From Russia with gloves ... the collection by Russian label Fresh Art was a stand-out at this year's Russian Fashion Week in Moscow. Photo: Reuters

Ok so he says.

Went out to St Kida last night to see, drop the lime, called into the saint first for a BBQ, called into the Saint for the BBQ, thanks to Ross for pointing that one out to me. I think I’ll be going back, beats Archie’s I suppose.

After that I strolled down to the Espy for a second dose of Drop the lime, not bad. The first gig was better though.

Went over to Chapel st with Ross to Q Bar, I love queuing up as you might know, some how Ross was able to call someone who called someone and I was on the guest list, amazing.

Was escorted to the door maybe 2 hours later, too much aint good enough, too much just aint enough, breathing’s bout the only thing I do too much that aint enough.

Had enough, going home for a power nap.

Bye bye

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