Monday, October 09, 2006

The future is thing of the past

Blue light bathes the fountains and obelisk in Paris's Place de la Concorde. The city stayed up all night on Saturday for its fifth annual festival "Nuit Blanche" or "Sleepless Night"

It surly is, well, it’s that time of the week, to ask the question, ‘Well, what happened on the weekend’ and what a weekend it was too!!

Headed to Two floors up on Friday night, there was no one there, so I got the pass out and headed to Brown alley, it was pretty busy, not much room to move, then went to Two floors up and then walked home, headed to the recovery on Smith, cant for the life of me remember what the name of the place is, it doesn’t really matter, as long as the words keep coming out, the right words that is. John Askew is playing on his Beirut mix, nice one John.

The logical side of my brain was telling me as I walked there, it wont be open, the optimistic side of my head was telling me, ‘Yes it will’ and it was going on and on like a broken record until I got there, and yes it was open, so in I went, hardly anyone there, good music, I was told it opens at 7am every second Saturday, might set a reminder to that one.

Back to Saturday morning, hung out with the crew on Smith st, had a beer at Reed st or whatever the place is called, I was a it off me head as can be expected from the likes of me, went home, then off to Richmond for a beer, a warm up beer before Gods kitchen.

Then I was passing the Marquis of Lawn and the sign said, ‘Beer here’, I thought, that sounds like a good idea, so in I went and out I came with a beer in hand and proceeded to talk to some locals and a Canadian chick that was advising me to get some sleep and lot’s of other advice, not that listen to much of it.

Gods Kitchen it was, and I was off. Talked to some guys before going in, it was pretty funny to watch the sniffer dogs by the front gate, everybody hanging back, watching, watching, dog is lead 20 meters away, a flood of people go for the gates. The cops were probably having a great laugh, some people got busted too apparently, probably every body could have been busted for something.
Hung out with some people there had a laugh, bought a wrist band for $10, the girl selling it was on the hard sell, I was told it would attract the opposite sex.

On to Sunday events went to Cheery bomb again, really good music, at one stage, I wanted to leave and go and meet some people, I did what any logical thinking would do and flipped a coin, the coin in it’s infinite wisdom said to stay put, stayed for a while, until they were closing up and off up the road for beer, was talking to the gay guy with the white little dog, nice dog for a bit, the fun started to dry up when I had to pay for the beers.

Went home, went out for a beer in Bar open, 2 girls came in and said they wanted to have a smoke, so it was off to my place, the roof top garden could have been built for that specific purpose, one of the girls was pretty keen on displaying her Mickey mouse underwear and red bra, I don’t believe I discrimination, the funny thing is, one of the girls announced to the bar beforehand that I was taking the 2 of them home, which was kind of true, kind of.

Next, they did what any thankful guests would do and bought me a hot chocolate.
After all of that some would have thought, ‘God, I’m tired, I think I’ll go to sleep’, some would have yes, not me.

I wanted to go to 2 floors up, but it wasn’t open by, let me think, was it 10.15pm or 11.15 pm ? It was one of them, so off I went to honky tonks, no DJ in the toilet this week, go invited to a play about speed dating, flash back’s about stories about Aidan and Elaine.
So, told the boss on Friday I was dropping a friend off at the airport on Monday, just in case I wanted to go out on Sunday night, and do you know what? I did.

Very handy when your strolling home around 5pm, and waking up at 10.15 am, luckily I have imaginary friends and airport stories or else could have been, well, I think the term would be ‘Unprofessional’, me, I don’t really care, thank you very much, very much indeed.

One of the girls I Cherry bomb had an idea for a T-Shirt, ‘Say no thank you to drugs, use your manners’ Reminded of that guy in Amsterdam that got offended when I tried to ignore when he was trying to peddle heroine and cocaine, drug pushers have feeling’s too, I now know.

No sleep until around after 5am this morning and I feel fine.

Was telling some people on the weekend, if i have another big weekend i will be writing an obituary for my beer belly, christened ‘Bruce McCallmy’ years ago in the Courthouse bar in Newtown, Sydney. We had such good times, but i really feel like it is time to move on, i might give it a whirl for a bit and see how i get on. The belly is on it’s last legs, i think it could be time to take it off of life support.
That was the weekend, all in all. Good.

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Kieran said...

Was listening to a song called 'Fire in Cairo' at the recovery session, and it was on in honky tonks last night, was dancing to it with some girls i met, good craic