Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Night 2 in Boston

Got invited to an art gallery opening, not just any
opening, but a super heroes opening

Now that i rememeber it, i should have brought my Superman wallet from the Gallapagos, i cost me a dollar and has given me so much enjoyment since then (Not including reductions, people have to believe i'm a student, no
cosultant would do in. [pause] Oh yeah, i'm a consultant, funny that.

At the opening they had 2 DJ's not bad and a cop, he
was real and beer.
It appears in boston Beer+Music = Cops, he was a nice
guy, so it wasnt a bad equasion, but no dancing, only
on the inside

Met a chick from LA at the after party, her name is Lindsay Fawcet, or AKA Wonder woman, can stop bullets with her gold bracelet's and lasoo bad guys or as i remember blow up gas clouds with sticks of Dinamite, pretty cool huh ?

Next day, called into South Boston, needed to make a wash room break, not that you'd wash anything in there or just about any toilet in the world, so ini i went.

It was a French restaurnt/Cafe (Cue music)
Had a good chat with the pastery chef (Chic)

There was aguy there fixing the beer tap and he says to me

Him: Your a Mick right ?
Me: Huh ?
Him: I'm a Mack
Pastery Chief: I dont want you guys to start fighting
Him: Oh we Scots and the Irish, we get on ok, it's the English we donty like
Me: Huh ?

That's it folks, thats Boston for you.
You have people with very American accents saying to other Americans and i quite
'From one Irish man to another', you'd be getting some funny looks if you said that on Patrick st

The Chief annyway told me about Lowel, Jack Keroack's home town, will have to make it there as he has been the inspitation for my travelling style, just go, or just do it, or just feck off, or i'm out of here !!

Grand Master Flash was in town, tried to see him, but as i am not a student, maybe my superman wallet might have worked ?

Went to see the seccond game with the Red Sox playing the Colerado Rockies, the red sox powered home, wasnt as good as the first night and i went off to see Carl Cox play, picked up the metro guide on the floor, which goes to show, sometimes
it pays to read more than just the 'pictures'

Tickets went up to 10K for behind home plate and 3k for flights, winning world series priceless (Shameless plagourisim, i hope i get paid for it)

Point of info: The red sox play about 5-6 games a week, 180 a year from May-Oct to get there, doesn't sound like an easy life.

Went to Salem to check out the Which trials, there is a Great-Great Grandson of a Judge that presided over the trials doing the same there, this time it's only for fun, the joke is over, although some 19 people were hanged, no burning's.

I wonder if they got the joke, it appears that the trials ended when people started pointing the finger at the noblemen's women folk, and only then did it stop, they must have been happily married ? Eh ?

Went to the nicest street 'Voted' in America. The girl that pointed me in the direction made the nicest Pumpkin Chai, all very nice, you see. All a bit like the movie 'The cars that ate Paris',
Where are the serial killers and the people that are always on Jerry Springer, i'm thinking about 'Midget fighting' here folks, nope, not there.

Saw an old house, oldest mansion in America, or one of. Salem was home to one of America's first millonaires and it was a major trading port before Boston or New York. The Taxes from Spices and luxury paid for the majority of the Taxes in the states early years.

Well the mansion mentioned above it the house of 7 gables

It is where the 'Scarlet letter' was written. by Nathaniel Bowditch of course.

Interesting fellow our 'Romantic' hero Nathan.

He hurt his leg as a kid, with no visable injuries, confined himself to his house for 2 years, sometimes going out at night, he said himself if he doubted that 20 people knew of his existance, sociable dont you think ?

Whats that ? Wrapped in Cotton wool ? Not sure if cotton wool was even invented at the time ?
Yep, it was.

Memories of Salem, the trees were awsome, great day to be alive (although Haloween is about the walking deat)
Alive of dead, Salem is a great place, i had a great time.

Then i called to Dunken Donuts, Hey THIS IS AMERICA !!! (Yummie)

I wonder if there are many Americans called Duncan and what inspired the name ?

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Now theres a few things i forgot to mention

The General Slocum was a steamship launched in 1891. She caught fire and burned to the water line in New York's East River on June 15, 1904. More than 1,000 people died in the accident, making it New York City's worst loss-of-life disaster until the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Why you might ask am i doing all this in 1 day, because it's raining, i've had a good lunch, with good things in it.

I digress, since I've been in the land of the free and home of the brave for less than 2 weeks, my skin it would appear has had a turn for the worst, this is from what i can only deduce is from Pizza slices and Begals (I have only had 2 Donuts, so donuts are not to blame, at this point, maybe later)

I am on to in though, and from now there will be more green in everything, even the beer and water, did i say it's raining ?

How did i get to Boston ?

Flashback to Ali's favourite bar, someone tells me there's a Fung Wah Chinatown to Chinatown, they said $23, turns out it was $15
Good price for me. The someone was probably the guy i told i was from the projects, he wasn't too happy when he found out the truth, although he knew the truth, the things you do for a laugh, of maybe just the things i do.

So off i went to check out the vibe for the first game of the world series, went with Noelle from Vancouver (Hello Noelle), lots of home runs were hit and being a newly inducted Red Sox fan, hit one meself, it was very contagious.

Back to NY again:
Some more little hight lights

Meeting up with Kieran, 'i'm goin' to Carolina in my mind.....', i still plan on calling in there, most people say why, i say why not ? Indeed

Getting home from meeting up with Kieran with Ali and crew, about 5 people in the car and 1 person was able to figure out eventually how to get home.
NY is one big crossword, i dont like crosswords.

Some guy asked me why i was so quiet on the trip (Journey) home, my response was
'I'm trying to be sensible' or something like that, indeed i was, indeed i was. The Fat boy slim mix on the stereo was great though, kept me sane

If your reading this in the Future, check this one one Kieran, i can almost hear myself say 'Oh yeah'
I remember thinking that the roads in Columbia are much better than NY, far better indeed.

The next night, halloween shopping with Ali. So off we go, we get lost, Ali rings for mayday, SOS, or where the feck am i, no one knew, for all i knew down was up and up was down

Never before have i witnessed anybody in any city having to ring someone with a computer to get them to login to find out where they are, NY is a monster. After about 35 min on the phone, we got to where we wanted to go, to buy fake skin
and the like.
Ali knows someone that went to a Halloween party as 'Car crash victim' and had a car crash and Ambulance and cops on the scene couldn't believe she was ok, must have overdone it with the fake blood, and she got off drink driving. I couldn't make it up.

Next day as Bruce Springsteen would say we 'went down to the river........' No diving, although

Historical point, Ali told me about all the women in one of the Bourrgh's had a picnic and after getting on one of the boats
it sank, off the park.

Some woman died recently that was founding some floating debris as a baby at the time.

Further research has revealed that Ali is telling the truth, read on about the General Slocum

I got stood up by a bear

Random photo from play.blogger.com, it's like my Halloween special picture

This one is a bit all over the place, so i will be asking people to jump forward and backwards in time, so in doing so i would like to make a flight safety announcement, this is for your benefit.
Hold on

I'm up north from Boston in New Hampshire, very nice this Fall, I've had falls before, nothing this good (Copied this from an email i wrote to a girl in Canada, who's in Canada)

Waited for the Bear at the bottom of the Hostel garden who likes to show up at 7.30 and eat his berries, had a few beers with a student rock climber who's under a court order to stay in his state and take random piss tests and i would like to point out he is:
a, Out of his state
b, Buys piss for his piss tests

Moving to point b, You can buy piss folks, only in America, In Oz, you drink piss and watch the footy. Not only can you buy it, it comes in a container that looks like a penis, and in different colors and sizes.

If he fails one of these tests he goes to jail for 2 years, so he buys the piss.
If he get's arrested it will be 7 years

Anyway i was informed of all these details last night waiting for the bear, that didn't show up, and there's nothing like being stood up, i devoured a beer, 2 in fact.

The lady next door chased him away with a frying pan, she was luck he didn't rip her arm off, but i suppose he learnt his lesson, the bear.

Back to New York

Checked out Greenwich village and Chelsea. A tattooist gave me some ideas for my tattoo extension they are:
1, Fugin and Ragin (Gods of wind and water)
2, Cap off the top of the tattoo

I will keep these things in mind

The only part of NY i like was Greenwich village and Chelsea, is the gay area. Ga guys are having all the fun, if my life was something straight out of Sex and the city it would be like this.

Ok the imagine this. It's a scene from Sex and the city and Carrie is on her bed typing away, on the laptop

Carrie from Sex and the city

Camera is focused on the computer screen and she type's one of life's little mysteries and ponders the great unknown this 'Could this be all part of intelligent design ?'

Yeah, she has problems (me too), big dilemma, cue ending music and go have a toilet break and a cup of tea and maybe a chocolate biscuit, I'm not living at the mammy's house anymore, i have to walk to the shop and i'm too lazy to go so, Do it, Do it, Do it !!!

Family guy is on by the time your munching your 4th biscuit and you forget Carrie's problems and your own, because that your reality.

A little cup of tea fixes everything.

Ok, let me tell you something that really happened.

Dear Diary, went out with Ali and Jackie, and got a taxi into the city they told the guy where to to go (later they told him where to go too and it wasn't the same place), they said 40th street as part of the address and because he spent most of his time eating mamma's pasta and talking about the good old days when he had respect in his neighborhood. All in Italian of course, he don't speak English no good.

This was his mistake.

Not like that anymore granddad, today's young punks would pop some lead in your ass, no respect, they give me no respect.

Anyway the taxi driver's English was not up to my friends standard, so we ended in a bit of a disagreement (We started out having such a lovely time), so it was to the subway for us.

We had a drink, then it was to the next place, walking, in the rain, no golf umbrella, Nooooooooooooo. I kept hearing just 2 more blocks, just 1 more block up, just 2 across. I wasn't having fun. Got to Ali's favorite bar and met a guy from Letrim in the toilet, very animated, got home at 5am, how did that happen ?

Next day, i went to Coney island and shot at the freak with paint balls and walked along the espenade, they (the all seeers and doers) are pulling it down.

Thats will be all for now

New york is going well, so far so good

Taken from play.blogger.com Random photos

Day 2 or 3, or we could just add 2+3, that gives up 5 boys and girls, very smart, for a errr gerbil, not so smart for a 30 and a half year old. Not impressed ? Neither am i. Jump to the next line.

Went off with Jackie (I cant get no sleep) and off we went to Statan Island on the cheap ferry and got lots of photos of the Statue of Liberty.
Interesting point, about 2% of people that made it to the new country were seen to be undesirables, disease ridden or just plain unfashionable (i made that bit up, but if enough people say it, it might get written into a book, a history book at
that, impressed yes? I didn't think you would)

Anyway some of the 2% had to go home back to where they came from and upon leaving New York (Bye bye immigrants) they decided to swim for it and who could blame them, first lesson on swimming, don't drown, good way to learn don't you think ?

Anyway walked to the local bar with budgies painted over the door, did i mention the budgies had bloodied limbs sticking out of their mouths ? Well they did, and that bit's true.
The bar man had a tattoo which says 'And so it goes' interesting.

Passed Ground 0 on the way back, big empty space, China town,

Cue music:
David Bowies 'China girl'

Passed So Ho

Met up with Ali in Harlem that night, saw the 'Pajects' or 'Projects' in white honky English. All i can say is I've seen worse, rapper street cred ? I just don't know.

Passed a Dunken Donuts looking for a taxi and there was heaps of cop cars parked outside (I was getting flash backs of the Simpson's). I had to get Ali to pose outside in front of a cop car. I nearly collapsed laughing, it was jointed with cops, one cop stood back so as to not spoil the picture, she wouldn't have spoiled the picture at all !!

Ali had a flash back of Paddy's day 7 months ago and it goes like this.

There was this English kid with his 2 moms (cool huh ?) in the hostel and he was dancing while touching himself.
Mom: Go to the toilet, stop holding on
Kid: I'm ok, i don't need to go
(Goes back and forward like this)
Mom: Well if you don't need to go, why are you doing that for ?
Kid: When i touch it, it gets bigger.

A not in my note book says 'Rain, oh rain, weather man failed to mention that, thinking out aloud now. I failed to watch the weather man. I'm sure i didn't miss out on much anyway.' what do you think ?

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Day 1 in NY,

Dancers perform, Bolero, at the National Academic Bolshoi Ballet Theater of the republic of Belarus in Minsk

Where to start ? Start at the start kieran.

Got on a plane to America, the one i booked in fact. this was largely to do with the pilots at Air lingus not going on strike, thank's lads.

Met up with Ali (from Quito) at her local cafe, but before that.
On the way into the city of NY from the Airport i was chatting to a guy from Florida, after a bit, he got a bit nervous talking and decided it was best to stand up and stand next to the door (taking the pressure off his arse and depositing it on his legs) welcome to America, trust no one, i felf sorry for the poor chap, not all good citizens are like him, but i didn't know that then, i do now.

Stayed in Astoria Queens with Ali, the first night we watched Sex and the city, exciting stuff, but it was my first night and i had no idea of what i was supposed to do.

So first day in the big smoke i walked to the East Village (Lower east side), Central Park, saw the 'I'm the naked cowboy' strums a G chord 'Please deposit $10' errr, is that all you do ?

Highlight of the day, i had 2 slices of pizza, they looked like 2 slices, but in fact they were 2 Lasagna slices, great success, i was starting to like this 'New country' already food from the 'Old country' becoming a faint memory, but the best was yet to come.

Guess what, after a while and maybe a sleep it was morning time and then it was Begel with everything with Cream cheese, yummy yummy.

New topic:
The Metro, needs a paint, graffiti is against the law, but if your willing to paint anything in NY, you should get a medal, the place hasn't been painted in 30 years, now i'll move on and drop this one.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Are there any teachers out there ?

Kieran and Kieran and his cousin at our reunion in Brooklyn

Now imagine this

you are a teacher and you are looking for a job, in San Francisco and you see a job advertised (This is a good thing)
You look through all the experience and at the boottom it says 'Transexuals need only apply', true folks, only in America. This apperas to be the case in San Francisco, differnt people, differnt approach to life, totally differnt

Heading up from Boston today to a place called Conway, have to get out of town for the weekend, the place is all booked up, it is supposed to be really nice, as long as i buy batteries for my camera i will be able to prove this point and also document this point, took a few photos of the 'Fall' in Salem (Witch burning capital of America, maybe not so much Witch burners as much as 'Witch oppressors' of the same mentioned country..... America.

Had a look at the Metro guide that was on the floor of the tram yesterday and would you believe it ? Carl Cox was listed at number 1 spot of '6 Things you should do', i already had a Dunken Donut at this point and was feeling a slight twinge of achievement about my time here in boston. So anyway i went and it was Awsome, i did have to leave the Red Sox game half way through, they won anyway. So everything is looking good.


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Point of information

You know all the poeple talking about 'Global warming' and 'Green house effect' stuff ? Yes, well i would like to add somethng.

It's October in Irealand, should be heading for Winter right ?
Well anyway the apple tree at the bottom of the garden has blossoms on it, you see the tree doesnt know anything about Global warming and thinks it's Spring, well that would be ok, because we had a bit of a Summer in February, then pissing rain (something like 50 daze rain in 60 days)

This is ok if your a human you can either:
a, Walk around with an umbrella (If you have a sexy one, this is better)
b, Walk around with your birthday suit (Mine does not fit anymore) I need one in Extra Medium

Anyway the point is 'The little robbins', what about them you say ?

Well because there was so much rain, when the 'Chicks' hatched all the insects were washed away and they starved because there was nothing to eat, everything is in a heap (I have access to Golfing umbrellas, i will be ok, i will weather the storm)

If they have another year or 2 like this year, they could be wiped out, would they go somewhere else ? Where ? Spain is a nice place, cheap wine ?

Moving on..............
My left arm is finished, wanna tale a look ?

Ok so, but you might need to wait until i get the photos taken again.

You see boys and girls, i took photos last week, but the 'healing process' wasn't completed, i not saying that it's completed now, but we're lookin' better, better than last week, and there's still room for improvement.

You might now note if you have seen this site before (before yesterday) you can subscribe to this blog, nifty eh ? Looked at the Blog stat's this morning, the blog had been pretty busy, bery bust, as busy as a bee going all over the place, well anyway's the photos will be up soon.

Wingsuite mountain swoop Insane

name="movie"value="http://www.liveleak.com/player.swf?autostart=false&token=e73_1192213802">name="wmode" value="transparent">

Really cool from Tool

The Fibonacci sequence in Tool's L.ateralus

Thursday, October 11, 2007

For a while i thought, whats the Fuckin' point

But there's a point, there always is you know, when you look hard enoungh, and i really didn't look that hard, but i did look, so with out further adu

The point, or just walking on your tippy toes, you have to admit, it is a point and a pretty lame one at that, but good photo

Cast your eyes on a barber shop in Poland

Oh look, she's calling me in for a cup of tea

Not too much off of the top

It's important to rinse

Could he be heading to the army ?

Great success, he feels like a man (with a man's haircut)

Step 2 Enjoy your life

Now that your enjoying yourself (If your not you might have to go to Step 2 again)

Interesting fellow i came across

Interested yet, i thought this was good, i might do the same if anyone else that myself read this blog (I did start this blog in case i wasn't feeling too good one day and could give myself a laugh) check his fans

Would you like to complain without getting too upset or pissing people off and get what you want. Want ? I want ! What do i want ? I dunno, what ever i can get ?
Thy shall be done

Interesting little thing about being happy

How cool, like music ? Me too check this music site with free streaming music

Still not happy ? Give this a go

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

I got that Monday feeling, I planned it, it happened and it's not over yet !

The Encampment ... each tent contains an art installation that recounts stories of the people that were once confined to
Roosevelt Island, New York

Plan your day

Saw a video on the net today (Nobody rents them anymore) about planning your day today and it was interesting, hmmm it was interesting, and it was much more, that that (searches brain for word brain says 'No, no word, try again later)

Here it is:

Well if you plan your day tomorrow the day before when you sleep, your sub concise and you concise mind will work to make it happen (Cool huh, i know pretty dumb word)

Makes sense, because that’s what i have been doing for the last few weeks (not including getting pissed, that just happened, because i let it happen, and i had fun, cant be sure if other people were having fun, maybe fun is the wrong word, Erra, fuck all the words)

The word 'Fuck', want to know something interesting? No? Well I’ll tell you anyway. I looked up 'Fuck' on Wicki pedia and got the following, check it out.

Uttering such profanities will never be the same, they never are, when you think about it, don’t think.
Listening to a Drum and Base Essential mix, reminds me of the 'Cheeky Mondays' in Amsterdam, i can just see the Scottish guy, what a laugh (Well not really, he made me laugh, he made the chemicals in my brain laugh, but this is not saying much, not much at all really)

Mitch Hedberg Spills His Guts

The end..... for now

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Got the Tattoo finished, but that’s not the end of it….

This is how i looked hanging out in Quito Ecuador, one of my favourite stalls is behind me, Roast pork with potato cakes, yum yum !!!

Well I really do feel like George Bush with his ‘Mission Completed’ speech.

Went into the Sin E pub for a quiet pint only to meet a German guy enjoying Beamish and then I met a Welsh guy. The German guy went home for a sleep then he came back, then he went home then he came back, then he went again, where did he go you say ? Feck knows.

I went for a beer with the Welsh guy, one for the road, I walked, he got the train to Cobh, off I went home.

Called into the Cummins place, shouldn’t have done that, all is forgiven now I think, it was the wild west came to suburbia. Part of the reason houses in the area are worth what they are is that you’d think people like me don’t live there, but I do, well not full time, I have my moments and yesterday would have been one of those moments.
I let slip i was going to run though their orchard, er.... naked, and i still do, and probably will (But no one is supposed to know), it's true what Eminem says 'Maybe there's a little bit of Slim shady in everyone', i wonder if i can find my Slim Shady receipt, could i bring it back and get something else instead, like some knitting needles and make socks for homeless people

As Kurt Vongart would have said ‘…and then the bad chemicals in my brain came out’, they seem to live a life of their own.

To morrow I intend in doing more painting, a sort of ‘I wont be doing that again in a hurry, I’ll paint all that side of the house’ sorry, which is true (Around now, what ever time it is on some unknown, yet to be discovered galaxy, which shouldn’t even matter, because you cant go there anyway, looking no touching’, this much is true or maybe not entirely true, but maybe a bit truer than all the rest of the other stuff I’ve ever said in my life, or maybe I’m just writing all this garbage an what I really need is a full stop and move onto the next topic of conversation.

I've heard of the choreographed stuff they do in Korea for their great leader (He told me to say that, so it must be true)

Note, this is no animation, they are using their clothes, inside and outside of their clothes, unbelievable, just imagine the amount of time they spent rehearsing after work while people here are putting their feet up to watch 'Coranation Street' and have a cup of tea after the dinner (with a little chocolate biscuit, lovely)

Not for these people after work it would be noodles then off to the stadium to have someone up on high shout you (not god)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Tuesday's with Kieran

A piglet swims during a performance at a park in Hefei, China as part of the country's 58th

First a word from English Will (Dont tell him that he's really white, but he can rap, it's a black thing)

Will says

My cousin lives with this yank girl who is fresh out of the box, scratchless. Really believes she will be chief editor of the top teen magazine in America in five years time, "God willing".
Talks about "Shaping the youth of the world" without a trace of irony. Anyway, I disgress.

I feel like George Bush, making one of his speeches to the 'Outside world' to all the people out there and i just stare at the camera thinking of the camera man naked to put myself at ease and end up looking like a rabbit staring down a truck coming at it at 80kms (that's 50 MPH, to Americans) before, too late, Road Kill) (That was a mistake, did you see the ( with the close ) ?
If this was software there would be a error and i would be trying to debug it without saying 'Fuckin', shit..... Blah, Blah, you can just imagine, just )

Give me a second chance, i'll do anything

Ok So, here goes, i wont fuck up this time, if i do it's because of intelligent design (something i have always been lacking, i'll stick to evolution thanking you)


Hello people of the world, monkeys, parasites and badly mixed b side records
listening to the BBC essential mix , 4 hour mix this week, there's a NY DJ on next
and he's fukin' unbelievable, makes all his own music it's all mixed, all he's mixing 3 or 4 things at once.
I am enjoying meself, Armen Van Helden is his name !!!

He is the new god, all hail !!

- Train Through Bangkok Market Check it out

I'm ramping up to going to NY then eventually South America, hopefully i wont go too mad, i prey for this day to come, no i don't, i just say that, i dont
know why.

Sometimes i think i should be like all the other dickheads in the world, and then other times i think there would be nothing worse that be like them, nothing worse, i am happy ok ?

Gringos a great fun, i used to think when i grew up i could be like Batman or Spiderman, i still do sometimes, sometimes, not now.

I have been painting, walls, the mother rightly pointed out yesterday houses are being built quicker that it takes my family to do just about anything.

(Enter Super Kieran, Stage left)
Currently been gardening, went very well, waiting for the grass to grow (Readers note: I am not playing god here, i can only do things with words, and then sometimes i have to look up the dictionary), this is ok, because i have endured many games of cricket in Oz, Grass is more interesting, especially if you smoke it.

Going home is over rated, dont think i could ever do it, getting a bit twitchey as is, not much crazy parting, dont really know how to deal with things, the housework and cleaning has made a big help, now all i need is a few 'mammas little helpers', then i'd be a good little housewife, if only i fit into a size 8, that would be dreamy.