Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Night 2 in Boston

Got invited to an art gallery opening, not just any
opening, but a super heroes opening

Now that i rememeber it, i should have brought my Superman wallet from the Gallapagos, i cost me a dollar and has given me so much enjoyment since then (Not including reductions, people have to believe i'm a student, no
cosultant would do in. [pause] Oh yeah, i'm a consultant, funny that.

At the opening they had 2 DJ's not bad and a cop, he
was real and beer.
It appears in boston Beer+Music = Cops, he was a nice
guy, so it wasnt a bad equasion, but no dancing, only
on the inside

Met a chick from LA at the after party, her name is Lindsay Fawcet, or AKA Wonder woman, can stop bullets with her gold bracelet's and lasoo bad guys or as i remember blow up gas clouds with sticks of Dinamite, pretty cool huh ?

Next day, called into South Boston, needed to make a wash room break, not that you'd wash anything in there or just about any toilet in the world, so ini i went.

It was a French restaurnt/Cafe (Cue music)
Had a good chat with the pastery chef (Chic)

There was aguy there fixing the beer tap and he says to me

Him: Your a Mick right ?
Me: Huh ?
Him: I'm a Mack
Pastery Chief: I dont want you guys to start fighting
Him: Oh we Scots and the Irish, we get on ok, it's the English we donty like
Me: Huh ?

That's it folks, thats Boston for you.
You have people with very American accents saying to other Americans and i quite
'From one Irish man to another', you'd be getting some funny looks if you said that on Patrick st

The Chief annyway told me about Lowel, Jack Keroack's home town, will have to make it there as he has been the inspitation for my travelling style, just go, or just do it, or just feck off, or i'm out of here !!

Grand Master Flash was in town, tried to see him, but as i am not a student, maybe my superman wallet might have worked ?

Went to see the seccond game with the Red Sox playing the Colerado Rockies, the red sox powered home, wasnt as good as the first night and i went off to see Carl Cox play, picked up the metro guide on the floor, which goes to show, sometimes
it pays to read more than just the 'pictures'

Tickets went up to 10K for behind home plate and 3k for flights, winning world series priceless (Shameless plagourisim, i hope i get paid for it)

Point of info: The red sox play about 5-6 games a week, 180 a year from May-Oct to get there, doesn't sound like an easy life.

Went to Salem to check out the Which trials, there is a Great-Great Grandson of a Judge that presided over the trials doing the same there, this time it's only for fun, the joke is over, although some 19 people were hanged, no burning's.

I wonder if they got the joke, it appears that the trials ended when people started pointing the finger at the noblemen's women folk, and only then did it stop, they must have been happily married ? Eh ?

Went to the nicest street 'Voted' in America. The girl that pointed me in the direction made the nicest Pumpkin Chai, all very nice, you see. All a bit like the movie 'The cars that ate Paris',
Where are the serial killers and the people that are always on Jerry Springer, i'm thinking about 'Midget fighting' here folks, nope, not there.

Saw an old house, oldest mansion in America, or one of. Salem was home to one of America's first millonaires and it was a major trading port before Boston or New York. The Taxes from Spices and luxury paid for the majority of the Taxes in the states early years.

Well the mansion mentioned above it the house of 7 gables

It is where the 'Scarlet letter' was written. by Nathaniel Bowditch of course.

Interesting fellow our 'Romantic' hero Nathan.

He hurt his leg as a kid, with no visable injuries, confined himself to his house for 2 years, sometimes going out at night, he said himself if he doubted that 20 people knew of his existance, sociable dont you think ?

Whats that ? Wrapped in Cotton wool ? Not sure if cotton wool was even invented at the time ?
Yep, it was.

Memories of Salem, the trees were awsome, great day to be alive (although Haloween is about the walking deat)
Alive of dead, Salem is a great place, i had a great time.

Then i called to Dunken Donuts, Hey THIS IS AMERICA !!! (Yummie)

I wonder if there are many Americans called Duncan and what inspired the name ?

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Aliiieeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

have you been to providence, road island yet? It's FULL of D&Ds. I hear the essentially own the city, haha!