Thursday, October 11, 2007

For a while i thought, whats the Fuckin' point

But there's a point, there always is you know, when you look hard enoungh, and i really didn't look that hard, but i did look, so with out further adu

The point, or just walking on your tippy toes, you have to admit, it is a point and a pretty lame one at that, but good photo

Cast your eyes on a barber shop in Poland

Oh look, she's calling me in for a cup of tea

Not too much off of the top

It's important to rinse

Could he be heading to the army ?

Great success, he feels like a man (with a man's haircut)

Step 2 Enjoy your life

Now that your enjoying yourself (If your not you might have to go to Step 2 again)

Interesting fellow i came across

Interested yet, i thought this was good, i might do the same if anyone else that myself read this blog (I did start this blog in case i wasn't feeling too good one day and could give myself a laugh) check his fans

Would you like to complain without getting too upset or pissing people off and get what you want. Want ? I want ! What do i want ? I dunno, what ever i can get ?
Thy shall be done

Interesting little thing about being happy

How cool, like music ? Me too check this music site with free streaming music

Still not happy ? Give this a go

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Clubbs said...

Hi Kieran,

Thanks for the link and welcome to blogging. I certainly didn't think I'd ever end up linked in a post with such provacative pictures, but hey... it's all good!

Have a great day

Bob @ Every, Every Minute