Sunday, October 14, 2007

Point of information

You know all the poeple talking about 'Global warming' and 'Green house effect' stuff ? Yes, well i would like to add somethng.

It's October in Irealand, should be heading for Winter right ?
Well anyway the apple tree at the bottom of the garden has blossoms on it, you see the tree doesnt know anything about Global warming and thinks it's Spring, well that would be ok, because we had a bit of a Summer in February, then pissing rain (something like 50 daze rain in 60 days)

This is ok if your a human you can either:
a, Walk around with an umbrella (If you have a sexy one, this is better)
b, Walk around with your birthday suit (Mine does not fit anymore) I need one in Extra Medium

Anyway the point is 'The little robbins', what about them you say ?

Well because there was so much rain, when the 'Chicks' hatched all the insects were washed away and they starved because there was nothing to eat, everything is in a heap (I have access to Golfing umbrellas, i will be ok, i will weather the storm)

If they have another year or 2 like this year, they could be wiped out, would they go somewhere else ? Where ? Spain is a nice place, cheap wine ?

Moving on..............
My left arm is finished, wanna tale a look ?

Ok so, but you might need to wait until i get the photos taken again.

You see boys and girls, i took photos last week, but the 'healing process' wasn't completed, i not saying that it's completed now, but we're lookin' better, better than last week, and there's still room for improvement.

You might now note if you have seen this site before (before yesterday) you can subscribe to this blog, nifty eh ? Looked at the Blog stat's this morning, the blog had been pretty busy, bery bust, as busy as a bee going all over the place, well anyway's the photos will be up soon.

Wingsuite mountain swoop Insane

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Really cool from Tool

The Fibonacci sequence in Tool's L.ateralus

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