Monday, May 26, 2008

If I were a painter I would paint my reverie

Check out the deformed hands

(Reverie: A state of dreamy meditation or fanciful musing: lost in reverie.)

Diana put me on to this guy, I know my mother would be delighted to see me with more tattoos.

What about your career? You’ll get no job. Indeed, just as well I don’t want a job, just as well.

Met some Canadians on the beach 2 days ago, we gave them our tent so they could get away from the nasty backpackers.

We also met a Mexican guy that walks around very much like a lot of those Hindu priests do in India, by smoking hash they can talk to their gods, he does that too, he’s a long way from India.

Things are getting pretty romantic

He has been changing his skin color, to some kind of greenish color, and sleeps up river, there’s not much rain now, but that will change.

Yesterday the chick from Vancouver was calling him a reject of society, until I pointed out that we can all talk to each other without insulting each other, imagine al the people?

Then Vancouver passed out sitting on the chair after 2 beers, 2 glasses of wine and a few shots of Yeager.

They all leave eventually; the Mexican Hindu guy is floating down the hill, taking in all the beauty of the world, after consuming his tin of sardines, breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Both Vancouver’s are helping themselves down (her pretty bad), Hindu guy is back up and gone again.

Today I hear all these voices, so I look out and the 3 Amigos are back, Hindu guy and 2 Vancouver’s, same seats.

It was pretty obvious from yesterday little miss V. didn’t like the Hindu guy, and sat in between them was Diana, with 2 conversations going on between 4 people.

It would have been enough for me to say `All of ye, feck off out of here…..not you Hindu, you keep rattling away there, I’m feeling more and more normal listening to you`

I like this life

Yesterday Hindu told us he was trying to hitch out of Vegas for 10 days and gave up and walked into the desert to kill himself, he instead walked across the desert; he said it was the only way to leave Vegas.

Not sure how factual any of that would have been, but it was a good story

Reflections on the new me.

The great wave by the Japaneese artist `Hokusai`

Where has all the energy gone? I was lying on the couch after having one of many `Nanny Naps`, `No, energy, what is happening to me`, and then I realized I haven’t been eating much meat recently.

When I first went traveling I only had the cheapest thing on the menu, which was always NOT the meat option.

Man and his dog having a nap on the beach

So not much Iron was in my system, this was when I first got to Melbourne and I hadn’t had meat in months.

So spare ribs it will be later, full order thanks.

Dianas elephant

With all the lying around, the RPM`s have gone down a bit, but I now understand the Yelapa `Attitude to life` and how things take forever to get done.
This week all I have done is wave up, eat, sleep, read, surf the net and generally do nothing. Welcome to Yelapa.
And then there is the hammock which fits perfectly every time.

People here say `I will do it`, that can mean `I will do it in the next 6 months….or so`
My favourite director

Words from Alexander Dumas, `Where speculation is concerned, man proposes, money disposes`

Happy days, here comes the sun....

Words from Diana `These fuckin flies, if I was a kid in Africa, I’d kill myself`

Did you know all of Africa used to be called ´Libya`?

Sunday, May 25, 2008

When all yea got is aids, you gotta make lemonades

Week 3 into living the same house as

1 Canadian (of the female kind)
1 Dog (without his balls) that hates cats
2 house cats (semi ferral)
Numerous other cats

...and all is well, so far, nobody has gotten dead...yeat, nobody has even lossed an eyeball

Found a book in the house by a guy called Robert Mc Lane, it`s called `Stop war America`
He even had the drill sargent from ´Full metal jacket` as a drill instructor, before he went to war he was pretty traumatised, he put his religion down as `Hippy` before being sent to Vietnam and spent a month smoking joints before being picked up and sent back, makes sense to me.

Since i last left you i learnt about`Straw man`, tactics, interesting to know, makes more sense every time you see Fox knews or Bill O`Reilly in action.

Been listening to Radio 1 on Dial up, Crankin` it up and banging it out.

Go to to see how long they think you will live, as you can see, i`m 24.4 years old and going to live till i`m 83.4, who would have thought that one?

Healthy me

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WReading, Writing and WeReading, all the R`s

´Bambi´ AKA ´Sultan´ on guard

I was reading a book called `Ireland` by Frank Delaney, want to read an excerpt?

Well to start off, i might say i learnt a few things (well i was reading a book with no pictures!)

Ireland is 434kms long and 225kms wide, so you`d never be more than 112 kms from the coast line, which might seem like a long way, but not in other countries (thats where i am, one of the other countries, Mexico to be exact)

On with the learning of things and all things Irish

795 - Danes invade

795 - 1170 Medieval period, more reading

460 - Confessio of St Patrick

1014 - Battle of Clontarf

1170 - Arrival of Strongbow (Richard Fitzwilliam de Clare) Earl of Pembroke

Note the kitty kat in the top left corner checking out the scene

While the (ferral) cat´s (were driven) away......the dog will stay!!!!

A concerned citizen

An word came into my mind a few daze ago (in the midst of a passionate frantic midnight embrace with Diana)

That word was Apoplexy

Historical meaning of the word
Historically, the word "apoplexy" was also used to describe any sudden death that began with a sudden loss of consciousness, especially one where the victim died within a matter of seconds after losing consciousness.

Those reading historical documents should take into consideration the possibility that the word "apoplexy" may be used to describe the symptom of sudden loss of consciousness immediately preceding death and not an actual verified disease process. Sudden cardiac deaths, ruptured cerebral aneurysms, certain ruptured aortic aneurysms, and even heart attacks may have been misdiagnosed as apoplexy in the distant past.

Diana wrote it as `ABORPLEXIA' - `Word you thought of while bloging your load into Canada Jr`

Interesting stuff, do you feel like your learning stuff? Yes, me too!!

More interesting stuff, Diana was telling me about Takeshi's Castle

Here it is

Now here`s the `Health and fitness section` (dont worry all respectable sites that publish `All the news thats knews`does this, so here goes)

Some guy, with a white coat (i`m told) or even Some guy (i`m told) with a white coat tried to figure out why Mexicans were so healthy, he figures out (dont ask me how)

4 foods that make Mexicans healthy
* Lime
* Garlic
* Papaya

I had chicken cooked with Papaya last year, it was the best chicken i ever had.

One of the gringod here Kevin was telling me that any hard meat marinated in papaya becomes soft, so there you go

Monday, May 12, 2008

The meaning of things.......and another thing

Home sweet home

As Tom Robbins might say, `First there was the thing and one thing led to another`

What does it all mean i ask, am i any closer to where i am going, depends where i was and where i am going, and some times i`m not sure of any of these 2 points, which insignificant as they might be, are pretty important (physiology students sit upright and pay attention)

I like cats, thats normal isn’t it?

One thing i found on the net was one of many books google have been scanning, hopefully this all means something to you, forget meaning, just keep going.

Well this week marks the blog domain change, something more logical, meaningful and more difficult for the the ´snitches´ who have been eating too many mars bars, i only have love for them (the mars bars)

Now for the local news that`s fit to publish on the net (and since i`m doing the writing, editing, sweeping up in the back room to making all the tea`s and coffees)

Does this sound like your cup of tea? No? Maybe you`d like something a bit mature, or maybe you`d like to watch some TV, no problem, go here, bye, bye now!

Now for the round up of Yelapa, while i`ve been busy, shooing the residental cats with a broom (and love), Diana has been Soooing my favourite beach dog `Bambi` with a bigger broom and love.

It seems that Bambi, like me just doesnt understand the point of having wild ferral cats around and in your house and took off after them and did a pretty good job of clearing them off, Diana was not happy with Bambi, the poor dog, in the movie Bambi`s mother was killed after a hunter killed it with a gun, such a sad story, i wonder was this the story of his life too?

Bambi really likes milk and i`ve discovered, if you give him milk in the morning, he`ll stick with you for the whole day, so i gave him milk this morning and off we went to the beach, what a lovely day.

Dogs and chickens getting on, the rooster here has 1 leg, that

We came back as 3 (Diana meself and Bambi), the term `3 is a crowd` came to mind and for the first time in my life i actually understood what that term meant.

After chasing the poor dog around the house and down the garden like a mad woman with the broom, Bambi stopped and stuck his 4 paws in the air (there is only love in his heart), it was all pretty funny to watch, with a cat inside looking down at me as if to say `Is he still out there`

I like to talk with the animals, walk with the animals...

He kept his distance until the crazy lady went in for a bit and when i was inside i could see him lying under the window, except he had knocked heaps of pots over lying where one of the cats normally sleeps.

He actually woke up one of the cats yesterday sleeping in the same place, before all hell broke loose.

The YESI Spanish school was no more `Cat infested` as it had been described by a past student, no job is too big or small for Bambi.

Bambi and Diana, happier days on the beach (no cats)

Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunny day, everything`s A, ok?

Went to the waterfall in Pasoda, here`s the proof

Walked to the waterfall, since we lost our sandel`s, or someone took them, my money is on the latter, i was going to have to get new ones anyway. The funny thing is one of the beach dogs had a great time chewing on one of my sandels, Diana did some great work sewing it together, now both our sandles are gone, have to wait until i get back to the mainland to get sandels, in Walmart $2 will do the job.

Nothing like reading about Ireland while coping with 30c, with a coco loco and a little flower

Hung out in Pasoda for a week, the woman living in the nearest house Jeanie, used to work for `The greatful dead`, she had lots of stories about the 60`s and 70`s, which would lead you to think, was she there?

House sitting for Jean the Spanish teacher for 1 month, too easy, hammock, computer, music
Started reading `The count of Monte Christo`, does life get any better than this?

I joined the Pen15 club

Diana likes to Rhyme

Diana the poet and i never knew it all along

Been a long time, been a long time

From Found magazine

Many things have happened since i last wrote something, and now here`s something else
Looking at tickets back to the old country yesterday, Diana says `What about New York`, what indeed, since i will have to go through somewhere like New York, why not stop off there?

Why not, since i already know the place, and the place knows me, why not indeed, this time i wont try and strike up a conversation with people because Diana will be there too, makes sense the more i think about it, not going to think too much, thinking can be bad.

Broadway here i come......again, cant wait!!

Good old book burning, featuring Bill o Reily

Found that book when i first got to Yelapa, it had excerpt`s from his interviews, i assumed the role of Bill O Reiley, memoriable quotes include `Come on, this is America`, what a tool, he had to burn.

From Found magazine

Diana and Bambi

Bambi is everyones dog, i met the woman Claudia that was given him, he calls to see her every few days, the morning that picture was taken i saw Babmi with Claudia in the shop, his tail was wagging in the shop, he was very nearly knocking stuff off of the shelves.

Claudia had just given him Pasta and bones and she was sure he would stay for a few days, i left the shop, he followed me, i gave hime some milk, he stayed with us all the day, he even wanted to come into the tent in the afternoon, someone should tell him he`s a dog

From Found magazine