Monday, July 16, 2007

Amsterdam are you alive, it's only me, remember me ?

Spectators at the Chap & Hendricks Olympiad in Bedford Square, London. Organisers say the event is ‘A sporting day where unusually athleticism is not required as the competitors are judged on style, wit, intellect and cut of trouser’

Thought I’d do you a flavor (Yeah you, you with the head, yeah you with the 2 eye balls hanging out of your head!!)

Introducing Soupy Norman, it’s a Polish soap exceptionally well dunned with Cork accents, what a classic (And I’ve only seen 3 of them so far)

Here goes…………………

Stage 2, because when you write these things you should have a plan, I lost mine but I basically know what I want to say, in fact I think I’ll say it with pictures, not because I don’t know what to write, it’s that a picture says a thousand words and that might bring up the word count (This does not apply to word count in Word, must be a fault with Word, we’ll just blame Microsoft, everyone else does and that’s fine by me)

Queue Pictures Source



As Johnny Cash would say (And how he said it and everything else in between!!)
‘Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, I keep a close eye on this heart of mine’
Saw ‘Walk the line’ tonight, with Spanish subtitles, ‘Excellente’ as they would say in Spanish. I did buy it and many more to watch with my mother, and that I did and she enjoyed it too ‘Excellente’.

News flash
I am excited, ‘What now’ you say. Are you eating a Jumbo breakfast roll, no but yes, I am as excited, but not that excited, because you just can’t beat a Jumbo breakfast roll.
Going to see Wallis Bird play on Tuesday night, with Susan’s Collage buddy from UCC (I wasn’t good enough for UCC, but the fake ID i bought in Thailand worked a treat, i once interviewed a girl in Sydney for a job and she had the real ID)

Without further adue

Even now since I lost my wallet in Stockholm people still believe that I’m a student, I just show them my Superman wallet I bought for a $1 in the Galapagos when I really did think I lost my wallet, I found I later, I just outsmarted myself while pissed.
I’ve been saying to people ‘Look, I’m a student; I lost my wallet in Sweden (So far it’s 50 % true) then I say ‘If I didn’t why would I be using this’ (Pulling out the Superman wallet).

Superman to the rescue. People laugh and think ‘God, he must be telling the truth, no one could make that one up’ and I hold my status in society as being a student in the university of life (It’s an ongoing progressive course) I’m not really sure where it’s leading to, but I know I’m defiantly going there, and when I’m there I’ll know.

Right, down to business

The last time I was in Amsterdam, before the next experience creaps up on me I will try and recant what happened…. The last time.

Flew from Budapest (Happened to be Easter bank holiday weekend) so far so good.

Went to check into the Jolly Carlton hotel 4 star, one weekend, I said what the Fuck, I was living in 4 Star hotels in Budapest. After filling in the form, the kind girl in reception said

Girl: ‘How would you like to pay sir?' (They call you Sir and dont ask you leave with the same breath, cool huh ?)
Me: ‘With my credit card of course' (Flicks open wallet)
Me: Oh Fuck, can’t find credit card

Kieran is back on the street, to cut a long story shorter, I ended up staying on a yacht, met heaps of people, learned to roll (No rocking), but it rocked, barely got back to Budapest, what an eye opener.
I remember a guy selling Heroine and Coke getting offended because I tried to ignore him, how funny you wouldn’t think much would upset those guys, but yes, they have feelings too, I must remember this.

I will this time have a camera to document all the things words cant describe (But not in the red light district)and since I joined Facebook, I have received some useful Touristy hints, none have included jumping in canals or running up hills (I must be thinking of another country)

Now I’m afraid if I write anymore you’ll think ‘Oh Fuck, will it ever end’ or come to a point, er… no, you must be thinking about someone else, but I will end it all with a full stop

So stay tuned folks.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Went to the wedding of the Planet or just plain old Kerry

I didnt do any of below last Saturday, but i was at a wedding, but if i could, things might have been differnt, or maybe not, we will never know!!!

Well well well

I was going to write something (and don’t worry, I’m not going to try and extort money from you by not, although if you really needed to read these words and I could get a few quid from you at the same time, things would be different and your credit card would be down a 0 or 2, but that’s wishful thinking and that’s not going to happen, maybe not in my lifetime (Here’s a mathematical joke) there you go joke over and you keep your money) and if that was all a bit too much for you, don’t worry, I guarantee you, someone out there will still love you, maybe love you even more because you don’t.

Anyway, I want to show you people some photos first, then I will kill you, not with love or kindness or empathy, all I say is give me time, maybe I will send you to heaven…… before I send you to hell, or have a cup of tea, or maybe I’ll have a sleep and we can so it all again tomorrow, or maybe not.

Going to Canada

50 Cent played in Cork last week and without further adue

Slightly confused ? Dont know what to do ? No Problem...

Wedding of the year you say, were there any photos.
Oh since you ask, here you go, Password is 'cork'

Fraying at the edges here, and i'm not doing so well, no stories only feckin' pictures.

So some stories, hung out with Hughie on the weekend, slept in the same room as him, seperate beds, all good (I think we were all glad of that, only joking)

Well anyway went there on Friday night, charged a lash of beers to the wrong room, could have been an innocent mistake, i'm not that innocent, lost that years ago)

Met up with Hughie ahd a great time, wedding went well (Please refer to photos)

Skip to story 21 (I cant remember the others)

I wake up, i'm in 1 bed, Hughie is in the other (Believe me this is a good thing)
I ring reception at 10.45 (I know breakfast ended at 10.30)

Me: Hello there, I'm in a room with 4 walls and i would like some breakfast
Receptionist: Sorry, Breakfast ended at 10.30
Me: But you can give me some food, go on
Receptionist: Sorry, Breakfast ended at 10.30
Me: Go on, Go on, Go on, Go on,
Receptionist: Sorry, Breakfast ended at 10.30
Me: Just bring it up, in a roll if you can, we're wearing clothes and everything, you sound like a nice girl and everything
Sorry, Breakfast ended at 10.30

Cant remember the rest


Hughie calls for milk for a cup of tea (And i answer the door)

Me: Hello (Very good way of introducing yourself........ sometimes)
Servent: Hands me a big plate of milk saches (For little cups of tea, at least 15 in fact)
Me: Erra, that wont do him at all (Pointing to Hughie)
Me: He's a Culchie from the country, he milks cows and sometimes he milks bulls
Servent: Says nothing and leaves

10 minutes later
Knock knock (No joke here folks)
Hughie opens the door
Servent hands him a full pint of milk (In a pint glass)
We're pissing ourselves

I drink the pint of milk, it was nice, nothing like it after a big wedding night !!!

Not much to add for here

Oh booked tickets to Amsterdam, will get a bus to Paris, fly to Barcelona (for the second time), but this time i have a friend there.
Then England, then home to Cork, then US, then South America, then Feck, how would i know ?????

Went to Cork V Tipperary Under 21 quater final this evening, Cork went ahead at the 32nd minute and won it in the last minute (Won it by the grace of god) Great evening to watch hurling and have warm lemonade, warm chocolate and chew on 'milky moos' hard sweets that get softer the more you chew. It was like i was 12 all over again in one of the beast evenings Cork will see this summer. Lovely hurling

Peace out


Thursday, July 05, 2007

The times are a changing

One from

Well it was recommended to me that i don't drink blog anymore and to be quite honest (yes theres always a first time) and this isn't the first time. Not as dangerous as getting into a car after a few beers, but the pen is supposed to be mightier than the sword and i really didn't realize i was doing that, well not much anyway, times haver changed and i wonder if the keyboard is as mighty as the sword, any ideas ?

I know what your thinking
Maybe cos it is i is black, 'Racialisim' as Ali G might call it.. (queue awkward silence)

~Er....Glad thats over, now for some Ali G

Well i thought I'd, write a few lines, and since I'm never really short of words, I'd see what happens and maybe a picture or 2 as well (I cater for all groups, well except for all the bastards in the world, which I'm told theres quite a few, a few too many and sometimes I'm no better meself)

Recorded heaps of music for my new Creative 30Gig music player, excuse me ? Did you say 'New' and music player, well your paying attention, I'll say that much, I'll say that much and yes i did.
What does that mean, long walks in the country listening to music that i can walk to without getting tired, my mother thinks i'm the 8th wonder of the world since i don't ever get tired, i don't know, i just don't get tied, not me.

Currently listening to Guns N Roses (Axle is having a rant, as only as Axle could) and it's great. Pity that rock doesn't really do it for me anymore, pity, maybe not.

The brother's getting married in Kerry this weekend and it's going to be a lovely little weekend with the family lovely that is as long as Cork beat Offlay in the hurling. I'll be happy then, and that game is on Sunday and the wedding is on Saturday, do you think i might be able to find some kind of Clairvoyant match results 'We tell you tomorrows news today', that would be very good, then i could be happy on 2 days instead of 1, spreading my happiness over 2 days, 'Easy on the happiness, don't want to be overdoing it there Kieran'. That bit of happiness will have to do me until i get paid on Wednesday, oh don't you love those people.

I think I'll get a loan from the credit union, and pay it back £10 a week, the happiness that is. What you say ? Can i have happiness for £10 a week, yes you can

Then, check the fine pint 'Happiness not guaranteed' and 'Theres one born every minute' Which is quiet true really when you think about it, my suggestion is that you don't! Think that is, don't think, I'm not and i feel fine.

Oh no, Axle Rose is ranting again !!!!!!!

I'm going to be on my best behavior, no drink, can you see a bit of a trend developing, no drink blogging, no drink wedding, what will they think of next, lots of little plans are being hatched, not unfairly i might add, the pendulum is swinging in my direction, finally at last some people are saying (Kieran steps to the side and back again, have to remember to move out of the way again)

Bought heaps of stock for a HIV treatment pharmaceutical company (good thing), sold (Some of) the broadband internet company ( nasty business but good thing too), since we're in a new tax year, i'm not too worried, and oh 'Happy new year, er well new tax year anyway'.
2 good things in 1 tax year, i'm on a roll (And speaking of rolls, one of the best things about Ireland is you can buy 'Jumbo Breakfast rolls', Ireland i love you!!)
It's an Irish breakfast in a roll, pure genius!!!

Some thing's always better that nothing and at least I'm giving you something, and now you say 'Yeah what does that mean to me, feck all' and 'Thanks, i think I'll click on this link about Prostate cancer'. Err, sorry, didn't mean to hurt you feelings.

Don't click on that, click your mouse on this below

Bye bye

Hope the sober results are worth it, i spell checked it and everything :)

Oh i just found this too, it's good!!!