Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kieran feels like he's in the Truman Show in Stockholm

Well well, it's been a week and we all know what that means.

'You buy a ticket, you take the ride' thats what Hunter S. Thompson once said and since your here, your on the ride, no refunds, keep you hands by your sides at all times.

I went to Sweden and all i brought with me was no expectations, and a bag full of books that i didn't bother reading some of them had pictures so i suppose there was no excuse for me except i was having too much fun, every single night too, not a bad effort considering that most backpackers stay away away from the place like the plague, but that's also the story for the Galapagos and they stayed away from there too, not very smart....the backpackers that is.

Me too, not very smart that is, but no man can be smart 24 hours of the day, a smart man once said that, and by repeating it I'm hoping some of that smartness will rub off on me, I'd doubt it, but it's worth a try.

Basically all i knew about Sweden was Ynwie Malmsteen (See below)

And the Chef from the Muppet show (See below)

What did you do ? What did you do you say, well the first night i arrived, seemed a bit strange the fact i couldn't book any accommodation in Dublin for Stockholm for my first night, but then the words of Dean Morrarity from Jack Kourack's 'On the road' came to mind.

Basically he was saying people when wanting to travel from A to B worry too much about where they will eat, sleep, piss, whatever that they usually end up being deterred about going and don't. But you always eat somewhere, sleep somewhere so don't worry about it, just go, so i did, with his words in mind, and i didn't mind.

Arrived, and tried to find accommodation, i tried, then i said feck it and went for a beer, met some people, went to a club met some more people, ended up drinking beer on the street until 8am and then went to check into the hostel, i think.

The helpful and later on became a bit of an issue and I'll get to that too was looking at the sky and then looking at the clock set me into a bit of a confusing state, i call this confusion, if i was i was a physiologist I'd have a better word to describe it that i still wouldn't understand, but some guy sweeping the street in Sweden would, how can their English be that good ? The confusing thing was Do i sleep or wake up, eat, drink (Didn't need any reminding there) ?

The next part of the story is called 'The chicks run the game in Sweden' and this is true. Seemed a bit strange to me anyway that in Sweden, women walk home, cycle home, do everything by themselves.

As one girl said 'Boyfriends, what do we need them for' and the proof of this was the morning of 'Glad Midsummer' they were all walking to the train station, oh yeah, they all pretty much left town, bad weekend to leave town, well so i was told, me thinks not, and for the first time i thought, I've met women who are like me, well except they all look extremely hot, me? Not, well not yet anyway, but I'm trying anyway.

The point is, it's a very very safe city and men are more afraid of women that they are of them, basically it's the complete opposite of Cork which is more like a cross between Mel Gibsons Apocolipta and Brave heart, which had me wondering.
Why is Mel Gibson making movies set in Cork ?

Speaking of Cork, i came back one night and i had to watch this.

Best hurling goal ever

See what i mean, the place was driving me crazy, well my head anyway. It's too perfect and that would drive anyone crazy !
Compared to do whatever you like South America, and I'm going back. I need anarchy, i love it!!

Actually i created a Job profile on stating I'd be interested in a job in Sweden, but not too much.
I felt like i was on a Hollywood set half the time and half expecting I'd walk around a building and it would be all cardboard from behind a bit like that Jim Carey big brother movie The Truman Show, very annoying indeed. There all laughing now i bet, I'll bet.

Went out with a hot Lesbian to a club with a German guy, yeah even the lesbians a hot, what the hell.

Here it is, the Vikings came to Ireland, took all our gold, raped pillaged and stole all our beautiful women and now they're in Sweden, i did try asking for them back, it got a few laughs, good trade, beautiful women for a few laughs.
Maybe i should have asked for Magic Beans, that would be handy, i could climb it and get a golden goose.

On a happier note
Got an email from Kieran from Cork, don't get me confused with the other kind (Galapagos) and i could be going to the US well east coast, the west coast is locked in, well at least in my mind anyway.

Peace out for now.

Back to the peoples republic today, Cork are playing Kerry this weekend in Kerry, wouldn't mind going, but time will tell, and I'm not in Sweden so i can be guaranteed that if time says 11pm, it will be dark, oh what Joy. Joy to the world, which
reminds me, Handel's Messiah was first performed by Himself just around the corner (Christchurch Dublin)


Saturday, June 16, 2007

It would be a lovley country, if it had a roof, with insulation !

Seagulls, yeah, I couldn't believe it either

Right, now it's down to business, with Mo Funk telling me things in my ear.

Made a few notes before writing, just so i wouldn't start writing utter rubbish, that maybe you like reading, or maybe not, maybe depending on your opinion, whatever that may be, and on with the show, and so we go on.

Was over in my neighbours house last night, and what now seems like i was robbing the place, then the son 'Dom' walks in, me I'm looking for a post it note, which i found. needed to write down, and here's what i wrote 'Get guide book for Sweden'. 'Why ?' your probably asking, you'll know next week if I'm in Sweden, Malmsteen, I'm coming to see you. If i don't make it to Sweden, I'm going to get the guide book to look a the pictures. Looking no touching....... yet.

This blog entry was supposed to follow a format, so far as yet, no it's not following it, but hopefully we can change this fact, as it is a fact, yet to be disproved.

Part 1, This part i call, Back to living like a baby, which is pretty true, life must have been good as a baby, because i'm really loving it now, did someone mention a wet nurse from China ? No, no one never does, sometimes i cry myself to sleep an night wishing there was,

Bogota demonstration, the students are still at it

Seen a bit of demonstrating last week, well it appears to me that the government of Columbia spends so much money on the army that they cant afford to pay for any education, oh dear! It appears that Pol Pot's dream could live on, only if people were stupid enough to believe in it that it, and they aren't and I'm not.......yet.

Part 2, The Vodafone demonstration, why you do you say ? I'm addicted to sending txt's, i'm not, you are!
What are you on about, well telcos (The ones offering wireless, and that's pretty much all of them are evil, with a 'v', careful use of Microsoft spell check made sure of this, and my brain made sure of that, and some higher creator being made sure of all of this, OK ?
Vodafone want to stick one of their mobile phone transmitters across the road in a church spire, for more reading go here to the story in Melbournes RMIT

Basically the only benefit to having them there is if you want to die young, you will, since i dont really live here it's not too much of a problem, except i
might have to come back more often that anticipated because of people ...errr.... dying.

Don't worry, a campaign is under way, everybody except the anarchists are getting stuck in

Part 3, Kieran rocks into Dom's house and has a rant, which it turns out is funny to me, only Turns out, i went over to the Cummins place to sleep, sleep is a good thing you say, what could go wrong you say, well i drank pretty much all their beer, excess of 5 big beers (Cos I'm a big guy, and big guys need a lot, and a lot of beer)

Now Domonic is 20 years old and among other things i:
a, informed him that i was his new daddy
b, Promoted Australia most vigorously promising it would improve his sex life and maybe his milky white completion
c, Compared his house to 'Upstairs downstairs', him being the servant, Masters lived upstairs
d, Saying his house was great because you didn't have to live with chickens and dogs, which is very true, very indeed
e, Said sleeping in his place wasn't like sleeping in a builders yard
And so on and so forth, you get the idea, i was raving

Now it's for my revenge, because in fairness, Dom said he couldn't take me any more ranting, he had enough. He thought his fancy cigarettes were the 'Bomb' and that's why i was laughing at him, not so in fact. Truth be told, if you tell a particularly long story and you repeat some of it up to 4 times, this is enough for any would be serious guy (I try ans assume him sometimes, only sometimes on serious occasions)

Have yet to go for any walks with the dogs, i suppose that's to do do with my new identity (Kieran Cummins) and staying up at night watching The Wonder years' and 'Gerry Gerry Gerry', then white trash bash each other and rightly so, not hard enough if you ask me, and no one is'

But where has the Spanish gone ? On no, after all my (At times hard work and more often than not, no work) hard learning, it's all going to be stored (Dumped with the other junk) at the back of my head. That wouldn't be such a problem, but i need it again. Hmmmm, might be a need to 'Learn by myself', hmmm big step there, might be 'Stage 2 of growing up'. Stage 1 of course being that 'Mammy doesn't pay for everything anymore'.

Going to some Australian Nirvana gig tonight, that's it, not as exciting as a night out in Oz, but it's an Australian band playing Nirvana.

Recording Dean Cherny's Superfreakin Mashup Mix, he is the bomb

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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

It's hard to admit it, but i'm white

Have you met come teachers in your time? I'll bet you have, here's my favorite one.

Teaches of Peaches

Made it back, all is going to plan. Plan? There's a plan ?

Leaving las vegas, very nice song carefully penned by Cheryl Crowe, does a similar one need to be written about Bogotá or Quito, there's probably a million of them.

Well what have i learnt, hmmm. Well it would be easier to tell you about what i've forgotten, and whats that, Spanish. Oh yeah, thats what i came here for in the first place. Stay away from Gringos and learn Spanish, well on the upside, i did have a good time and thats important, isn't it?

Start at the start, well i wont but I'll take you back in time to a place i call, last week where many brain cells were fried, and since they fry everyting in Columbia, i think it's a fitting time and location to start the story or what i can remember if it.

I came back from Villa de Ayera, met up with Alli from Queens (Hi Alli, i met another girl from Queens, i could be very well heading your way in a month and then on to San Frnacisco, thank you very much)

Well i can truly say I've been to Colombia, partied on a bit in Bogota, didn't see too much of the city during the day, didn't have to wander too far at night either thanks to the local 'We like electronic music and then house parties if we can find a light bulb' and those ones are the best ones i can tell you, especially if you have a local that doesn't speak any English reciting Spanish to you, don't knock it till you try it.

A repeat effort was attempted, Alli bought a kids Spanish book and she was going to recite it to everyone around 2am, sadly she forgot it and i have nothing more to report on that particular experience, time to dry your eyes and move on.

Hung out with a local Columbian in Bogota Eder (Hi Eder, your government should make you an ambassador for Columbia, Cheers)
Managed to bring nearly everything from the 2 Sue hostels to one of the local House music parties in the bar run by the French girl. Good one, or as Borat would say 'Great success'

Went out with Jenny and Eder and crew later, good night, some club up 5 flights with a perfume shop at the bottom, you need a guide to find these places and i had the best.

Back in Quito now, where are the Cafe Tintos, experssos to you non Spanish speakers. One of the best experiences about Columbia is sitting around and drinking Tintos.
I only started drinking Tintos in Columbia, and now i miss it, a lot.
Did some shopping too, bought heaps of movies, tried to get rid of some books, ended up with more books that i really want and cant say no, 'No, i cant say no, there coming with me, and thats that'

The girls around the corner had a party on Saturday night, i was off to Blues for some Electronic music, the kind you don't really get in Cork, what a blast !!
Got up yesterday afternoon and there was some good electronic musing playing with the sun shining, so i didn't move all day, what bliss.
Funny thing is, if i did it, they would have been running out like their hair was on Fire, '.....a rose by other name' comes to mind, and i don't, not now anyway

Now here we go kids, one thing I've said I'd do for a long time and now we are here
I've been telling people about this movie clip for months, possibly years, possibly light years.

It's Dark side of the moon over Wizard of Oz, seeing is believing, take a break from the world and watch it

I'm off for 'Hornado', roast pork and potato cakes for a $1.50, it's nice, i like, and it's not Sunday either, you can have it any day you like, what a country.


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Back in Bogota

Hello underachievers, professionals, housewives, skilled workers and un-skilled workers whoever you may be, Apes ?

It´s that time again to drop you a line and let you know how i´m getting on.

I´m fine, and you ? Good i hope ?

Educational movie:

Arrived back in Bogota from Villa de Ayera on a journey that took 5 and a half hours.
Maybe there´s someting wrong with me, and i´m not ruling that out, but everyone tells me that the journey is 3 hours, but it took 5 and a half on a direct bus, maybe i lost 2 and a half hours on the bus somewhere along the road there was a big flashing light and i was abducted.

By Alien´s i hear you mutter ? I hope so, well at least that would explain something, i could claim to be well travelled at least, it´s not everybody they select you know !

Arrived back in Bogotoa, awaiting Alison from New York´s arrival on Monday afternoon.

I was going to go by bus down to Quito and check out the Church in the south, but i just might fly it and feck the church off, i´ve seen plenty. But this church has a good story, and here´s what i know of it.

Story starts:
One fine day, a guy, yes a guy, was out walking, while taking some drugs that altered his precepeption of the world.
When all of a sudden he fell down a cliff, when he stopped falling, which was a good 70 meters he looked up then he had a vision of the Virgin Mary, so what did they do ?
Well they built a Cathedral on the cliff, literally and the altar is where he had the apperation, and that´s why i want to to see the church.
Story ends:

But on the other hand, i´m here to hang out and have fun, so, i´m managing that quiet well, so i think i´ll just continue.

Went out to Cha Cha´s with a crew from Sue last night, but since the girl with directions had the wrong directions
(Authors note: When going somewhere anywhere in fact, it helps having the right directions)

Well it didnt matter anyway, we ended up going to the hard house party around the corner from the hostel and a trip around the city in a taxi, pretty cool huh? Depends how you look at it really, if your a taxi driver, yes. If your paying 8,000 pesos to go to where your already standing, probably not i´m thinking

Afterwards meself and the Aussie Jenny went with the bunch of usual suspects from the hard house club to a nightclub about 5 blocks where they played what i think was techno (Much too fast music with the same fast beat, me dont know)

Today, need to check out a flight to Quito and food, food is good, maybe a salad

I´ve become a bit of a slalad junky, and thats a good thing, now all i need is to get some more good habbits.

Why you might ask am i writing all this stuff, and the answer is simple, i´m listening to ´inthemix Digitalism: Remixes - ITM Exclusive!´ and i need to do someting, so this is it.
I could be doing worse things, it´s just that i cant think of them right now, check my horiscope, in fact i will too.

Here it is:
In general this can be a rather productive day especially if you attend to practical and constructive things.
You should also fit in time for some pleasure, whether that's for you personally, the family or with the kids;
some special time will be perfect. Early morning friction should be ignored so that the day can be a happy one

Peace out, i´m off for a happy day, and if i cant do that, i´ll settle for a happy meal