Saturday, June 16, 2007

It would be a lovley country, if it had a roof, with insulation !

Seagulls, yeah, I couldn't believe it either

Right, now it's down to business, with Mo Funk telling me things in my ear.

Made a few notes before writing, just so i wouldn't start writing utter rubbish, that maybe you like reading, or maybe not, maybe depending on your opinion, whatever that may be, and on with the show, and so we go on.

Was over in my neighbours house last night, and what now seems like i was robbing the place, then the son 'Dom' walks in, me I'm looking for a post it note, which i found. needed to write down, and here's what i wrote 'Get guide book for Sweden'. 'Why ?' your probably asking, you'll know next week if I'm in Sweden, Malmsteen, I'm coming to see you. If i don't make it to Sweden, I'm going to get the guide book to look a the pictures. Looking no touching....... yet.

This blog entry was supposed to follow a format, so far as yet, no it's not following it, but hopefully we can change this fact, as it is a fact, yet to be disproved.

Part 1, This part i call, Back to living like a baby, which is pretty true, life must have been good as a baby, because i'm really loving it now, did someone mention a wet nurse from China ? No, no one never does, sometimes i cry myself to sleep an night wishing there was,

Bogota demonstration, the students are still at it

Seen a bit of demonstrating last week, well it appears to me that the government of Columbia spends so much money on the army that they cant afford to pay for any education, oh dear! It appears that Pol Pot's dream could live on, only if people were stupid enough to believe in it that it, and they aren't and I'm not.......yet.

Part 2, The Vodafone demonstration, why you do you say ? I'm addicted to sending txt's, i'm not, you are!
What are you on about, well telcos (The ones offering wireless, and that's pretty much all of them are evil, with a 'v', careful use of Microsoft spell check made sure of this, and my brain made sure of that, and some higher creator being made sure of all of this, OK ?
Vodafone want to stick one of their mobile phone transmitters across the road in a church spire, for more reading go here to the story in Melbournes RMIT

Basically the only benefit to having them there is if you want to die young, you will, since i dont really live here it's not too much of a problem, except i
might have to come back more often that anticipated because of people ...errr.... dying.

Don't worry, a campaign is under way, everybody except the anarchists are getting stuck in

Part 3, Kieran rocks into Dom's house and has a rant, which it turns out is funny to me, only Turns out, i went over to the Cummins place to sleep, sleep is a good thing you say, what could go wrong you say, well i drank pretty much all their beer, excess of 5 big beers (Cos I'm a big guy, and big guys need a lot, and a lot of beer)

Now Domonic is 20 years old and among other things i:
a, informed him that i was his new daddy
b, Promoted Australia most vigorously promising it would improve his sex life and maybe his milky white completion
c, Compared his house to 'Upstairs downstairs', him being the servant, Masters lived upstairs
d, Saying his house was great because you didn't have to live with chickens and dogs, which is very true, very indeed
e, Said sleeping in his place wasn't like sleeping in a builders yard
And so on and so forth, you get the idea, i was raving

Now it's for my revenge, because in fairness, Dom said he couldn't take me any more ranting, he had enough. He thought his fancy cigarettes were the 'Bomb' and that's why i was laughing at him, not so in fact. Truth be told, if you tell a particularly long story and you repeat some of it up to 4 times, this is enough for any would be serious guy (I try ans assume him sometimes, only sometimes on serious occasions)

Have yet to go for any walks with the dogs, i suppose that's to do do with my new identity (Kieran Cummins) and staying up at night watching The Wonder years' and 'Gerry Gerry Gerry', then white trash bash each other and rightly so, not hard enough if you ask me, and no one is'

But where has the Spanish gone ? On no, after all my (At times hard work and more often than not, no work) hard learning, it's all going to be stored (Dumped with the other junk) at the back of my head. That wouldn't be such a problem, but i need it again. Hmmmm, might be a need to 'Learn by myself', hmmm big step there, might be 'Stage 2 of growing up'. Stage 1 of course being that 'Mammy doesn't pay for everything anymore'.

Going to some Australian Nirvana gig tonight, that's it, not as exciting as a night out in Oz, but it's an Australian band playing Nirvana.

Recording Dean Cherny's Superfreakin Mashup Mix, he is the bomb

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