Thursday, June 28, 2007

Kieran feels like he's in the Truman Show in Stockholm

Well well, it's been a week and we all know what that means.

'You buy a ticket, you take the ride' thats what Hunter S. Thompson once said and since your here, your on the ride, no refunds, keep you hands by your sides at all times.

I went to Sweden and all i brought with me was no expectations, and a bag full of books that i didn't bother reading some of them had pictures so i suppose there was no excuse for me except i was having too much fun, every single night too, not a bad effort considering that most backpackers stay away away from the place like the plague, but that's also the story for the Galapagos and they stayed away from there too, not very smart....the backpackers that is.

Me too, not very smart that is, but no man can be smart 24 hours of the day, a smart man once said that, and by repeating it I'm hoping some of that smartness will rub off on me, I'd doubt it, but it's worth a try.

Basically all i knew about Sweden was Ynwie Malmsteen (See below)

And the Chef from the Muppet show (See below)

What did you do ? What did you do you say, well the first night i arrived, seemed a bit strange the fact i couldn't book any accommodation in Dublin for Stockholm for my first night, but then the words of Dean Morrarity from Jack Kourack's 'On the road' came to mind.

Basically he was saying people when wanting to travel from A to B worry too much about where they will eat, sleep, piss, whatever that they usually end up being deterred about going and don't. But you always eat somewhere, sleep somewhere so don't worry about it, just go, so i did, with his words in mind, and i didn't mind.

Arrived, and tried to find accommodation, i tried, then i said feck it and went for a beer, met some people, went to a club met some more people, ended up drinking beer on the street until 8am and then went to check into the hostel, i think.

The helpful and later on became a bit of an issue and I'll get to that too was looking at the sky and then looking at the clock set me into a bit of a confusing state, i call this confusion, if i was i was a physiologist I'd have a better word to describe it that i still wouldn't understand, but some guy sweeping the street in Sweden would, how can their English be that good ? The confusing thing was Do i sleep or wake up, eat, drink (Didn't need any reminding there) ?

The next part of the story is called 'The chicks run the game in Sweden' and this is true. Seemed a bit strange to me anyway that in Sweden, women walk home, cycle home, do everything by themselves.

As one girl said 'Boyfriends, what do we need them for' and the proof of this was the morning of 'Glad Midsummer' they were all walking to the train station, oh yeah, they all pretty much left town, bad weekend to leave town, well so i was told, me thinks not, and for the first time i thought, I've met women who are like me, well except they all look extremely hot, me? Not, well not yet anyway, but I'm trying anyway.

The point is, it's a very very safe city and men are more afraid of women that they are of them, basically it's the complete opposite of Cork which is more like a cross between Mel Gibsons Apocolipta and Brave heart, which had me wondering.
Why is Mel Gibson making movies set in Cork ?

Speaking of Cork, i came back one night and i had to watch this.

Best hurling goal ever

See what i mean, the place was driving me crazy, well my head anyway. It's too perfect and that would drive anyone crazy !
Compared to do whatever you like South America, and I'm going back. I need anarchy, i love it!!

Actually i created a Job profile on stating I'd be interested in a job in Sweden, but not too much.
I felt like i was on a Hollywood set half the time and half expecting I'd walk around a building and it would be all cardboard from behind a bit like that Jim Carey big brother movie The Truman Show, very annoying indeed. There all laughing now i bet, I'll bet.

Went out with a hot Lesbian to a club with a German guy, yeah even the lesbians a hot, what the hell.

Here it is, the Vikings came to Ireland, took all our gold, raped pillaged and stole all our beautiful women and now they're in Sweden, i did try asking for them back, it got a few laughs, good trade, beautiful women for a few laughs.
Maybe i should have asked for Magic Beans, that would be handy, i could climb it and get a golden goose.

On a happier note
Got an email from Kieran from Cork, don't get me confused with the other kind (Galapagos) and i could be going to the US well east coast, the west coast is locked in, well at least in my mind anyway.

Peace out for now.

Back to the peoples republic today, Cork are playing Kerry this weekend in Kerry, wouldn't mind going, but time will tell, and I'm not in Sweden so i can be guaranteed that if time says 11pm, it will be dark, oh what Joy. Joy to the world, which
reminds me, Handel's Messiah was first performed by Himself just around the corner (Christchurch Dublin)


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