Sunday, September 30, 2007

Renowned aerial artist John Quigley, who has created similar aerial human images in the Artic and the Amazon, at the hill of Tara

Now for some interesting stuff about ireland.....oh yeah, that they want to destroy it, as we know it, or maybe as i know it and i'm not the only one, its what people do after all, i think it's called 'Human nature'

Well since i havent written much about the interesting stuff about Ireland and since i didnt know much about interesting stuff, i thought i'd be better informed before i woke up on Monday (Thats tomorrow) and i'm running out of time, so too is Tara, its literally the heart of Irealnd before St Patrick came on the scene causing trouble.

They want to build a road through it because to a guy in an office in Dublin looking at a map of Irealnd thinks it's just a load of fields belonged to some old farmers that would rather be drinking Guiness that putting on their welly boots and chasing after a load of heffers in a bog, No, no, no, no, no !!!!

This is the section i like to call 'Interesting things', which you'll find out is true, pay attention and sit up straight

In the 19th century, the Irish Member of Parliament Daniel O'Connell hosted a peaceful political demonstration on Hill of Tara in favour of repeal of the Act of Union which drew over 750,000 people, which indicates the enduring importance of the Hill of Tara.

During the turn of the 20th century the Hill of Tara was excavated by British Israelists who thought that the Irish were part of the Lost Tribes of Israel and that the hill contained the Ark of the Covenant

The most familiar role played by the Hill of Tara in Irish history is as the seat of the kings of Ireland until the 6th century

At one time, it was a capital offense to make a fire within sight of Tara.

Further reading can be found on the following:

Hill of Tara

High king of Ireland


Tara info site

Sign the petition: Online

More observations and maybe a little bit of truth

Well boys and guirls

I seen some things in my time but when i reached for my notebook to note 'Warm up the search engine' as a little bit of wit to remmember for a rainy day from Mr Tom Robbins i find the following, note the last line 'Life is unpredictable......dont fuck with it'

Yes boys and girl's i said that, me, Kieran James Patrick Christopher (I picked the Christopher name because of Dallas, but that's another story) O'Callaghan

I started the blogging because i thought if i ever was feeling depressed and i wanted a laugh, i could get one and read and watch all the kind of stuff i like and then things wouldn't be too bad, which they wouldn't be.

I will try and transcribe the note

HaHa, Do you know what i'm like, I'm like a fierce invalid home from a hot climate
Except i wasn't, not yet anyway

I woz..... where woz i
I woz in Denmark, I woz in Dublin, I woz in Wexford
I went home to only talk to rudest fuckin tattoo artist
(if you could call it that) in the world (yes...... i made it......
Anything in life is achievable )
'Life is unpredictable......dont fuck with it ?'

The end

Interesting use of the ? at the end, is there a hidden meaning ? Hmmmmmmm

Anyway to OSHO

OSHO - Strange Consequences - Tom Robbins is a big fan

Observations on life

A letter i wrote to Jill who converted me to Mr Tom Robbins, this says some of what i want to say, so why rewrite it all again (Hi Jill, you've read all this, just read the pictures this time., then go for a little 'Nanny nap' afterwards, after all it's a free country )

I've been updating my blog (Up until i got home to Cork) after a few beers, since my brother sleeps in the room with the computer, this has not been the case.

Glad your happy about me being converted to Mr Robbins, now reading about a white trash character lusting after his step sister (Naughty Naughty) i cant even tell anyone about it (Even thought i do anyway) without sounding like a pedophile (i sound like a pedophile while telling this story, but it's funny the way he tells it, i just sound like a... well you know)

So anyway... i decided to make some notes yesterday after i got home, they told me i had enough in the pub, if only Guinness didn't taste so good...... anyway i decided to make some notes, and i did, today i saw the first page and thought 'Fuckin' hell' and threw it in the bin, and went for a walk to get a Jumbo breakfast roll (Irish breakfast in a roll) but after all my walking i didn't feel hungry (I had a big feed last night). After much pondering and amusing myself on a beautiful Autumn morning, i decided to go home pull the crumpled up piece of paper from the bin and re file it in my brain as 'Class' and 'Brilliant'

If only i could write like that without beer, i'd kick Mr Robbins ass, or get committed to an Asylum, or both.

Without further adue

My notes to you are on the blog, it starts out 'Hey Jill' and i haven't a clue what the rest of the rant is about.

Just a while ago i found the second page, i just got invited by 'some guy' to a blogging conference, sounds exciting doesn't it ?

Peace out


I think my writing block has been cured..... i feel like the time i was in the middle of deep passion with my first girl F. and my favourite tape came to the end. I offered to change the tape over and all i could hear was 'Don't stop' and you'll be happy to hear i didnt, and i'm not going to hear either and you'll probably be happy about that too.

One of Tom R heroes is Osho, thats on the blog too, it's all on the blog

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Friday, September 21, 2007

Got arount too vriting and ut's not wery gut

Do yourself a favour and dont read any of this, if you have to, read the pictures, you might feel the better for it

Jesper for Kashmir

The other kind
Good guy Jesper

I know it's been nearly a month, but it's worth it, i hope

I know i am, i'm sure i am, i'm H-I-P-P-Y

I was going to update this blog, and going and never did, i did update the photos, more than half, very cool.

It all started with a tatoo, which i got extended today, bigger is better, for some
then I met a guy in the pub and he told me to go to Copenhagenm on the cheap, and i always thought i would have to go there on the not so so cheap (Which i didnt, in the end) and so i went. And do you know what, i like it, or it likes me, whatever, it was good, Oh so good.

Highlights would include:
Meeting Jasper from Kashmir (see photo's)
See Rocket brothers

Before that meeting another Jasper, that pointed the other Jasper out, started out having a chat and 12 hours later believe it or not we were still hanging out, or maybe not, but it's true
Going to Roskilder
Leaving Roskilder and going to Ahus
Taking photos of the festival party in Ahuas
Not Taking photos of the festival party in Ahuas
Cycling on the same free (City provided) bicycle in Ahus
Meeting good people
Good times and not remembering good times

Seeng the Viking ship in Collins barracks in Dublin
Going to Wexford
Going to Waterford and doing the tour and seeing the Viking history and not so Viking history

A picture will tell a lot of words, or even a 1000, i dont know, but i took over a 1000, so be your own judge, be my guest.