Sunday, September 30, 2007

Observations on life

A letter i wrote to Jill who converted me to Mr Tom Robbins, this says some of what i want to say, so why rewrite it all again (Hi Jill, you've read all this, just read the pictures this time., then go for a little 'Nanny nap' afterwards, after all it's a free country )

I've been updating my blog (Up until i got home to Cork) after a few beers, since my brother sleeps in the room with the computer, this has not been the case.

Glad your happy about me being converted to Mr Robbins, now reading about a white trash character lusting after his step sister (Naughty Naughty) i cant even tell anyone about it (Even thought i do anyway) without sounding like a pedophile (i sound like a pedophile while telling this story, but it's funny the way he tells it, i just sound like a... well you know)

So anyway... i decided to make some notes yesterday after i got home, they told me i had enough in the pub, if only Guinness didn't taste so good...... anyway i decided to make some notes, and i did, today i saw the first page and thought 'Fuckin' hell' and threw it in the bin, and went for a walk to get a Jumbo breakfast roll (Irish breakfast in a roll) but after all my walking i didn't feel hungry (I had a big feed last night). After much pondering and amusing myself on a beautiful Autumn morning, i decided to go home pull the crumpled up piece of paper from the bin and re file it in my brain as 'Class' and 'Brilliant'

If only i could write like that without beer, i'd kick Mr Robbins ass, or get committed to an Asylum, or both.

Without further adue

My notes to you are on the blog, it starts out 'Hey Jill' and i haven't a clue what the rest of the rant is about.

Just a while ago i found the second page, i just got invited by 'some guy' to a blogging conference, sounds exciting doesn't it ?

Peace out


I think my writing block has been cured..... i feel like the time i was in the middle of deep passion with my first girl F. and my favourite tape came to the end. I offered to change the tape over and all i could hear was 'Don't stop' and you'll be happy to hear i didnt, and i'm not going to hear either and you'll probably be happy about that too.

One of Tom R heroes is Osho, thats on the blog too, it's all on the blog

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