Sunday, September 30, 2007

More observations and maybe a little bit of truth

Well boys and guirls

I seen some things in my time but when i reached for my notebook to note 'Warm up the search engine' as a little bit of wit to remmember for a rainy day from Mr Tom Robbins i find the following, note the last line 'Life is unpredictable......dont fuck with it'

Yes boys and girl's i said that, me, Kieran James Patrick Christopher (I picked the Christopher name because of Dallas, but that's another story) O'Callaghan

I started the blogging because i thought if i ever was feeling depressed and i wanted a laugh, i could get one and read and watch all the kind of stuff i like and then things wouldn't be too bad, which they wouldn't be.

I will try and transcribe the note

HaHa, Do you know what i'm like, I'm like a fierce invalid home from a hot climate
Except i wasn't, not yet anyway

I woz..... where woz i
I woz in Denmark, I woz in Dublin, I woz in Wexford
I went home to only talk to rudest fuckin tattoo artist
(if you could call it that) in the world (yes...... i made it......
Anything in life is achievable )
'Life is unpredictable......dont fuck with it ?'

The end

Interesting use of the ? at the end, is there a hidden meaning ? Hmmmmmmm

Anyway to OSHO

OSHO - Strange Consequences - Tom Robbins is a big fan

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