Thursday, January 31, 2008

Greeting from South California, do the Chilli Peppers know about this place ?

A goat out for a walk with his best friend, a horse

Heard a song on the radio yesterday, dont know what the song was all in Spanish, but at the end a voice says ´I love youuuu´, now, i know it was god. Can you believe it? I know this because the bible says that god is a man. Righ now i´d believe eanything

Hello Kitty

The holy family with the holy business cards (when i checked in) gave me another business card when i checked out. No virgin mary this time, although her name could be Mary. It was a bikini clad card when turned slightly, displayed another woman (maybe they are twins?) and they weren´t Mexicans to boot!!

The family showed their real colurs on the way out the door, and there i was trying to do as Jesus would do, hanging out with guys, not working, having a laugh.

There´s hope for me yet

Bigger than Texas, well, thats where it´s from

Passed a beach yesterday on the cruise, it´s called ´Lovers beach´ the one on the other side is called ´Divorce beach´

An American i was talking to told some woman the names a few years ago and the response was
´The whores have their own beach?´, i would have loved to have been there!!

A Chef from the Travel and Living channel said ´You have to go through something to understand it´, very true
Tough day at the office

Went out last night, wasn´t much happening, i remember seeing this American guy leave his little girl off at the hotel, for minding, while he played around the corner in what turned out was his bar.

His name is Brian Flynn, and hell could he play, Oh my god, it was amazing.

He was the guy that told me that if you wanted to conceal anything in Mexico, put it down your pants, it turns out, Mexican men will NOT put their hands near a mans balls.

You´d swear there was a venemous snake packed away there, not me, maybe that´s what makes me, well me, maybe not.
I was thinking since i have given up wearing under garments and if i needed to conceal anything, i would have to sellotape it or glue it, or tie it on, if the weather was cold i could conceal less, warm more.

Buddy from Couchsurfing.vom Christian

Or maybe, if i started wearing Y fronts (the kind your dad wears, you know who you are) i could walk around with a big potatoe shoved down there. It would be like taunting the cops. Touch my balls, Touch my balls, Touch my balls (only in english of course!) It sounds sooo gay, i should be ashamed, i´m not, not yet, maybe if i´m running for parlament or trying to be respectable some time, but i´d doubt it.

Went whale watching on a cataraman, one of the biggest in the world and saw whales, lots of, but being on the yaht was nearly better, but we did get close to the whales, it was sunset on the way back which was really cool.

There was a family on the boat celebrating the father´s 80th birthday, he looked 60, he might outlive me.

In Mexico if you have a traffic accident, they take you to jail until it´s all sorted, i met a Mexican that had been in America for 37 years, had 7 kida, American ones, and got deported (a few days ago) because he got a speeding ticket and needed to go to court and they found out, Oh?? Your not supposed to be here, and dropped him off in Cancoon for his troubles. Bye, bye.

I wonder if he´ll watch the super bowl?

Sunset on the Catamaran

He never married (played it too save, too long)

He was previously in Colerado, he´s very religious and thinks the big guy wanted him to be in Mexico, where he´s not freezing his ass off. Maybe there is a god after all?

Mexico is nice and warm, 28 degrees today

I suggested he sell Time share, he already is, he asked me how i knew, everybody is selling time share here in the Las Vegas of Mexico.
As i was writing this on the bus i saw an ad on TV on the bus for the local Harley Davidson shop, enough said there.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still too hot to go out, bare with me, it´s going somehere

Me in an old Danish village, Ahus i think

Still reading Neil Cassedys ´The first third´. He once was with all 7 Mexican waitresses of a particular restaurant, for a bet and i bet you were beginning to think he had so much love to give.

Fair fucks to him is all i can say.

Going to the beach, as soon as it cools down a bit, so many activities you can do here, but everything is quoted in $$$, Americano. He i thought this was Mexico, where did it go, need to leave here.

Brain says: Will tomorrow do?
Me: Yes, yes, take me away back to Mexico and people who cant speak english.

The restaurant at my hotel is the bomb, it´s exactly 10 feet from my door and they give you a massive plate of meat, rice, beans, tortias, Spanish, all the rest for 40 pesos (USD $4). Yummie.

The family are very religious, the business card has the vergin Mary on the back and if you turn it just a bit, it turns into another picture, it´s a miracle i tell you.

Water into wine is nothing compared to this.

Danish Grafitti

I can´t do anything there that Jesus wouldn´t do, i keep telling myself, or i´d be out on my ear, so far it´s all happy familys.

There´s a guy staying here from Texas with a truck with wheels as big as a door, and not any door you might find at a Willy wonka chocolate factory. It is insane, he´s American


Still too hot on the outside, i´m on the inside, this is Mexico

My buddy Kieran in North Carolina

Kieran was balls naked up on that horse one night, giddy up!! How cruel !!

Made it to Cabo San Lucas. The girl in San Francisco i met in the art gallery in Sausalito San Francisco would be so proud.
It was her idea for me to go here. I have no idea. Go with the flow, it´s flowing

Want a tour?

Andrea has an idea, go to the Roskilder festival. I know a French guy going. I´ll go if i go back, ´I will be back´ said Arnie. Me too.

Met up with Christian in Cabos San Lucas, from couchsurfing, he sells time share. It seems to be the go here.

They pay you and give you free tours if you go and listen to their great scams to relieve you of your cash. If your American or Canadian, you can be single.

If your not from North America, wifey must be on toe, much like the big 4 wheel drives on tow behind the RV´s i have seen on the way down here. Too much baggage for me.
Did you know Mexico is considered North America too? No? Well now you do.

The right to bare arms is very much alive in the US

The guy i met in La Paz, Chris, is off with his buddy of the same name. He likes to kill things + eat them. Small birds were mentioned. He want´s to kill a snake. He wants to kill a wild boar, all you have to do is jump on his back and twist his neck.

I´m thinking he want´s to kill himself, but he´s lived to about 26 so far, who knows he might out live me

More ranting, how much can you handle?

Gone fishin´

From dodgy Mexican cops, cock fighting to this, Sadistic Korean bastards

It appears that Korean´s ´believe´ that tortured dog meat tastes better. So they torture them before they kill them.

So what you say, ´I used to believe in Santa Clause and god and now i dont know what to believe in´

How do you say in Korean ´Would you like more chilli with you adrenaline charged dog burger´, presuming they do eat burgers.

You can do your own google searches on that one, i aready know more too much, life is much easier for the ignorant and you sleep easier too.

Andrea write´s all the things that happened the night before, a lot of things happened, it was new to me and i was there.

Speaking about sleeping easier, in Neil Cassedy´s book ´The first third´, he describes a scene where he saw a guys head crushed between a freight car and a train, he too would of had a similar fate, except his head was an inch smaller (size mattered here)

Anyway he was so disturbed by it, it took him a good 10 minutes to fall asleep.
I was thinking about that last night, as i was passing the 20 minute mark

Is it a Pelican Pied Piper?

Whats been going on and to all the sicko´s

Andrea, she´s made my top 20 favoirite girls in the world
(Andrea, if you want to kill Pamela Anderson, you could move up a spot!!)

Firstly to the sicko´s, recovering sickos, those in denial and those on their way.
Now that i think about it, that could be me too!

Well anyway here´s what i want to tell you

Your only as sick as your secrets
The door to hell is locked from the inside

Clever eh? None of it is mine, so i cant claim any of it, it was probably uttered by some guy in a white coat with enough letters after his name to fill the chinese alphabet.

Saw this baby on the beach, Hmmmmm, check out those curves!!

Back to Mexico.

I was sitting near a guy on the bus a few days ago and he was wearing a base ball hat with 2 cocks fighting (i wish i could think of some gay porn pun.......but i cant think of one, damm you brain!!)

Anyway the base ball cap some would consider offencive triggered a memory of another guy i saw watching a DVD on another bus about cock fighting (if i mention cock fighting enough times, the pun will come to me)

There was one scene where a guy comes to a house with his dead cock in his hand (something, something, nothing, moving on) he looked like he was going to cry and threw the dead cock (still nothing) on the ground in disgust, very emotional stuff, fight ensues, very dramatic, this is drama. The mind boggles!

I´m wondering does anyone not think cockfighting (it´s coming, it´s coming) is cruel, it seems to be pure entertainment.

I´m thinking this could be a little less cruel

Too hot to go out, i´ll be doing this for a bit. Hope it does it for you too

The crew from La Paz

Well where to start......................

I´ll start here, was hanging out with Christian (my new buddy, and as we where walking to a bar, cops are bad news in Mexico, all over the world, so they turn around and pull alongside, now there´s no chit chat, ´What are ye boyz up to´, just searching me. Hoping to find something, so they can go on holidays, it must be so stressful being a cop, so they find nothing.

Feeding time in La Paz

Within 5 miutes, another cop car pulls up, the driver is out again, searching me, the other cop is too fat to get out of the car, and there´s no Dunkin Donuts here either. Searching me again.
My friend offers to let them search him, no thanks, not interested, just the rich guy, me. It is like this all over Mexico, fuckin cop´s.

I´ll stop here (reader says ´Thank god, i´ve got enough problems of my own´)
I´m sure you do, i´m sure you do

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Made a salad early in the night (good), had a hotdog later (Bad)

I might write this one day for somebody and stick it on their car, only as a joke :)

Made one of my famous salads yesterday for dinner, English Andrea and Chris were invited. Pucca Tucker (as Jamie Oliver might comment)

We went out later, after poking my stomach and commenting on the beer belly i never payed much attention to (it´s always just been there)

Coming back we went into the hotel a few door´s down, Andrea needed to se the toilet, after opening many door´s, one of which was the DJ booth for the party next door, staff were getting a bit nervy, she heads off in the right direction.

Why am i telling you all this, well a security guard went patroling just after her, he goes down, she coes up the hall, he goes across the hall, he goes one way, she goes the other way, missing each other my second´s, one was drunk the other was sober, it was like a Charley Chaplin movie, great stuff!!

Could be Las Vegas, but no.
There's nothing quite like Brunei's Empire Hotel and Country Club.

Coming back Andrea wanted some food, so we went off for a hotdog. She wanted to make her own while talking to 2 Dutch guys.
She kept saying ´Possible.....´, trying to grab the thongs off the vendor, he wasn´t giving up the tools of his trade.

I didn´t want to eat.
He gave her a hotdog, with mayonase, she says ´I dont like mayonase´, so i got that hotdog, se got another, it had mayonase on it too, such as life.

The girl Karinia from Las Vegas left a positive message about me on the couchsurfing site. That´s a nice thing.

The end

Rented a car to go West and went South instead

Pictures are brought to you by Found magazine

I like this one

Rented a car, Andrea drove, she wanted to go to the Kite surfing championships west, so off we went, one careful lady drive at the steering wheel, with the lack of signposts, it was a wonder we managed to get out of the place, we didn´t take the wrong turn as much as we didn´t take the right turn.

We went South, the Campionships were West, i was there for the journey, all was good.

We got to a wind surfing beach and came back, we were told of a shortcut by some surfer dude with a golden retriver, maybe he was suffering from a lifetime of too much pot smoking, but to cut a long story short, we went the wrong way and kept going the wrong way.

We stopped to ask directions, a woman told me it was 30 minutes away, we kept going

Alarm bells of reason and sense started to kick in for more than one occupant in the car, the decision was made to turn back, we were getting low on fuel in some National Park, i could sense vulchers hovering, images of eyeballs being pecked out were starting to haunt me, back we went.

I suppose this is good example of ´Ask a stupid question´

We made it to a petrol station and saw the sign for the Championships back out on hte road, the total opposite way, we went that way. Got there in the end, it was dark, better lat than never.
Not too many signposts in Mexico. A cmpass would have been handy. An owners manual for the compass would have been handy too, with the intelegence to understand it (God you know what i mean) Blah, Blah, Blah, blah and so forth.

School system in the US is a bit worrying

This reminds me of the video ´Rocket Brothers´by the Danish band Kashmir

See Rocket Brothers for youself

Hanging out in La Paz

Pictures are brought to you by Found magazine

I've been hanging out in La Paz, for the last few days, and it's funny how all the days creep up on you and it can all become a bit of a daze, well a bit.

If i was a rapper i would talk about how i ´Roll with my crew´, which in fact are a bunch of ´Gringos´ the English kind, from the hostel.
Did you ever watch ´The Famous 5´, just like that, except there´s 3 of us in total (not including the odd strange guy from Quebec) and we dont have a dog, but the hostel has a cat, beggers cant be chosers as they say.

Andrea from England, she speaks 'The Queens language'

She wouldn´t let me use the toilet in her room, she is either sexist and discriminatory against Irish people (Oh....the opression is still going on) or very fair in her judgements, my money is the latter

She was telling me about the other night, we ended up singing Karoake but we couldn´t read the words and i wasn´t singing much (stage fright must have gotten the better of me.
We were singing {Don´t go breaking my heart´ by some guy, fair enough?

She wrote in my book ´BTW can you acutually sing Karoake?´
To that i would say, i have never had a problem singing in the past in a hot shower´, but i guess it´s not the same when the spotlight is on.

People were saying ´It´s your language and you can´t even sing it´ while pointing at us
I kept repeating myself, i need some differnt repatour it would seem

There was 2 staircases down, one went to the toilets, one went outside, i went to the toilet, i ended up outside, so i took a leak in the sea.

Some people that were next to us pointed me out to Andera and said ´Your friend musn´t like toilets, he´s gone to the toilet in the sea´
She said ´You must be making a mistake´, her mistake, it was pretty funny, good job we were the only ones there too.

After all this, i wrote next day ´Andrea says we dont need a councellor yet, but it´s early in the day yet´ It was 2pm

Friday, January 25, 2008

Talkng in TXT is not for me

Gerrero Negro

I was just thinking about a chick i met in San Francisco, she was from Belfast going to college in Connecticut.

It appears that colleg girls there talk in TXT. ´BRB´ is ´I will be right back´

She told me college is a joke, it´s all multiple choice, they should call it ´Roulette College´,

Moving on, In Neil Cassedys book, ´The first third´, he was bullied by some delinquents while his dad was in the drunk tank, for being err... drunk when he shouldn´t have been.

Anyway, it didn´t bother him too much because he couldn´t relate to any of them, he knew this when he was 6, pretty impressive stuff.
Make sense to me, no point being upset with people you can´t relate to. Especially your relations. Whoever they might be.

Trip to the desert

Now hold tight while i take you to Columbia, Out one night with a crazy Americano in a bar, there´s crazy lap dancing going on all over the place. The bar took his money and need his translation services, it happened like this.

They took his $20 note and wanted him to tell him what the counterfit machine said. It said ´COUNTERFIT´
He said Ít´s says good´

He didn´t hang around too long

Whats going on in the world?

From foundmagazine

You can tell there´s not much going on in the world, when Robert Plant grabs the front page of the Sydney morning herald for asking a bar in London to stop playing Radio head, calling it ´Rhyming crap´, and didn´t have much to say about the Chili peppers, nothing good that is, and he should know good, Led Zepplin never did anything bad, him singing in the shower would go number 1.

Isn´t there a war going on.

Cetainly with all the RV´s i´ve seen in the last 2 weeks. These RV´s i´ve seen are obsene, they are big enough for 40 people, with a 4 wheele drive on the back. If you drove anything like that in Europe, you would be abused, and stuck in narrow streets most of the time.

The war for oil must go on because of these people, and they drive in convoys, and they don´t pick up hitch hikers, bastards! Just for mom and dad, no football team either, thank you.

They remind me of the pilgrims going out west with their wagons, except some of the RV´s have Security camers, TV´s, washer, dryier,, some are wide enough inside to wheel a golf cart.
South is the new West, reset your compases folks.

The only problem is would Santa clause and Pizza hut be able to find you, i hope so, i really hope so

Went to Laureta, left feeling like the baby Jesus

San Ignacio is an Oasis in the desert

Went to Laureta, it was founded by Franciscans and is between the mountains and sea. It was abandoned for 100 years due to Hurricans and earthquakes, they must have had global warming to those days too.

Anyway turns out there was an international conference on Turtles. The baby Jesus got a manger, i got a bus ticket to La Paz, it wasn´t the outcome i expected, but such is life. Dam you turtles!!!

Now there´s only 2 degrees of separation between me an Turtles. All of a sudden i feel claustrophobic. It´s wintertime anyway, i wasn´t missing much.

Desert fun

It´s winter time, too cold for the locals, about 25 odd degrees. Summertime is 40 degrees, too hot, i´d feel like an egg, sunny side up, no thank you lady.

San Ignacio

Saw a 12 year old kid driving a car in San Ignacio, he was peering over the driving wheel.

I wonder if i could see a dog driving a bus? This would be the place if it was to happen.

My new facebook buddy Andrea, has informed me in Guatamala, they have 12 year olds with machine guns protecting tourists against banditos on a volcano treck.

Mulege came and went, i went south, it stayed where it was, it´s still there

Mulege is a one horse town, giddy up.

Walked to the beach, very much like the beaches in Ireland, with sunshine. Later i saw 2 French chick´s hitchhiking, they had balls (not physically, at least i hope not, at least that´s what i thought at the time)
It´s got more Taco stands than you can shake a stick at

Next day, i realised they were walking to the bus station trying their luck. I did the same, no luck. If only i was Irish (scratches his head).....I am. But so is everybody else. Well if you cant beat them, join them. I´m not Jewish anymore, Ireland take me back, i´ll be good. Somewhat

Fun times in the Desert

Left Mulege, vent for the 11am bus and something probably never seen happened.
THE BUS LEFT HALF AN HOUR EARLY !!!! I´m still stunned.

I was waiting for a bus until 3.30 pm last week, when it was supposed to leave at 2pm, i was there at 1.30pm, this is South America, early? Never !!!

Edge of the Desert

I was reading about Raul Salinas, a politician from Mexico, he´s hiding out in Ireland. Mexico´s answer to JR Ewing, except he got caught in corruption and getting his brother in law killed, nice fellow.
You can notice him as he is bald and very corrupt, he sould go into politics in Irealnd, that might have been half the attraction. :)

Life is a dream already over

International, cleaners?

Me thinks not, Australia is more round, some would say a blob, Tazzie is gone for good, is this geographical change for the best?

Has global warming gone too far? Has someone informed our friends at Google maps?

Saw this fellow surveying the lie of the land after crossing the desert, looking like the king of the castle

After Whale watching, i went for a trip into the desert, to the edge where it met the sea to a deserted lighthouse and hung out and took some surreal photos. The looked better at the time, they always do, saw the eagle above on the way

The last place you´d expect to see Tigers, the MGM casino, Las Vegas, near all the slot machines

I was going to insert the broken headboard from a room i was in, but i can´t find the photo, so you´ll have to imagine it, you get the picture, hopefully

Found it!!
From tigers in the casino, to tigers in my room!!

I was reading Neil Cassedy´s autobiography, he described a feeling as a physical item and it being chipped/broken/worn/mended. Interesting

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Grey Whales were swimming in Guerrero Negro Baja Mexico

Words cant describe, so i wont bother
ok so, i will, i felt like i was one of the paparazzi, but i wasn't following these animals into any tunnels.

Still haven't got the words

and finally

Monday, January 21, 2008

Whats the big deal about being Irish?

Leg of the Eifel tower Las Vegas, sexy eh?

I met a guy a few weeks ago, he told me about an Irish tattoo, fighting irish tattoo i think it was, he got it when he was 12.

So i´m thinking, ´Errr... what did your parents think of this tattoo´
His response was ´My dad signed the release.

Everybody in the US will tell you they are Irish, i thought they were American.

It´s got to the point now that i tell people i´m Jewish, to be differnt only, we all cant be from Ireland and i´m circumised, so i can prove it, somewhat, but they cant prove they are Irish without consulting dead grandma through some physic readers glass ball.
I digress

Went Whale watching (Ballenas), photos are on the way. Grey Whales at Gerrero Negro, did´nt get any flashback´s of Moby Dick or Moby.

Good day to be alive Sir, good day to be alive he said

Got some great shots of the whales, in the end i really needed a toilet, it brought out the race horse in me and i didn´t need to jump any fences either.

The area is known for Petrol stations (2 of), Salt, and 70 species of birds (30% are eagles), i shot one of them (with my camera), he was holding a fish on the edge of the desert like he owned the place.
It´s also known for sand and shaky writing (if your on a bus writing, which i was)

Writers to check out, the bookstore in Vermont recommended them, actually the guy in the bookstore recommended them, which is what you´d expect, normally (i wrote this on the bus originally and wrote ´Guy´ as ´Gay´. Universe what are you saying?
Road was so shaky (not the bus)

Writers to check out:
William Kotzwinkle
Jonathan Carroll
Richard Brautigan

I was informed that Ensenada is known as ´The town of the cold balls´ as there is nothing to do and everyone drives around all the time with a beer between their legs, it´s getting colder the more i think about it.

The Spaninsh is coming along leaps and bounds, i´ve been here only a week today, feels like much longer.

Southbound tomorrow

Jumping beans and useless information, unless it´s any use to you

Outside the Venetian Casino Las Vegas

I was walking past a shop in Ensenada and i notices some beans, these ones wouldn´t be too good for you heart, you see they were jumping, that is all by themselves, so it is true, it´s not a myth, and for more reading point you mouse at THIS, lovely.

Now that you´ve got through all of that.

In the Green Tortoise, a street performer i met was telling me about a guy called
Milton Erickson and his hypnosis technique, hypnosis by telling people stories, i tell stories, sometimes, not very good ones, sometimes and sometimes i do ok, but sometimes.

Then he told me about Ross Jefferies, techniques on Nuro linguistic programming, sounds interesting

That is all for now

p.s. Mr Steve from San Diego zoo said that Gazelles are the hardest animals to transport, because they die all the time, not very hard if you ask me

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got a bracelet and i forgot to say this

The 2nd biggest flag in Mexico

The Mexican guy that made my bracelet was telling me he loved the stories of the small men from Ireland and they find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

(I´m thinking) Ahhh Lepruchans, except i didn´t know anyone else outside the US knew about these little men, because they are real !!!

Anyway his girlfriend from Boston was telling me how she was doing Aids prevention education in South Mexico, except sometimes they wouldn´t pay her, so that´s how she got into jewellery making.
Lesson is, don´t work in South America if you cant afford to get paid, it was the same in Ecuador, no local does volunteer work, only foreigners.

Cash is king

He had travelled to Europe and after hearng about the 25 Euro charge for staying in a hostel, ended up in a squat, much more economical for a Mexican

I don´t think i could manage staying in a squat.

Heading down South, to a new time zone, time for something differnt, no new, no, give me what i want

Right so

Thats better, ahhhhhh

Essential knowledge you dont need to know

Singing for their money

Right, i´ve been praticing more and more of my Spanish, since there´s hardly any gringos (Americans) around, i have no choice, i watched 2 movies last night(badly dubbed) and i could follow %25, not bad.

I was looking through my ´Lets Go Mexico 2003´ and i was quite suprised to know that some essential vocab is
A - Prepare to die
B - You killed my father

I´m wondering what kind of traveller or what business you´d be about if you needed to know this.

Ensenada sunset

On the other side Kidnapping is big business here, the head of Sony was kidnapped for a week and they got 2 million for him.

The local police station was pumped full of holes because the police chief doesn´t like the outlaws, a bit rude i´m thinking?

Ensenada flag, second biggest in Mexico

Currently in Rosario´s ´Mamma Espinoza´s´ in Baha, best and smoothest Salsa i have ever had and it´s free with beer, oh yeah!

Emery, my couchsurfing buddy (or i´ll just sleep on the thick carpet, and it was good too) was telling me about a tatto he was going to get
It´s a quotatoin by Neil Armstrong, to paraphrase

If you have a near death experience, that´s a perfect chance to make every other day a perfect day

So go out there and have a near death experience

The end

Circus came to town, then left, it was so sad

Sign say´s it all

Wednesday morning i arose in Ensenada, and things seemed differn´t which they were, people setting up shop, taxis were everywhere, internet cafe chock a block with Americano´s swaking on their laptops with Skype and video phones installed, it could only mean one thing.

Circus had come to town, or to the layman ´Cruise ship´s were in´, 2 of them in fact

Circus left town at 4.30, i was watching the Captian ´Back her out´, not everyone could back out something 400 meters long, good job, as far as i´m concerned he passed the autition, but then again if he got it wrong it would have been international news and a few million deducted n damages off of his pay check this month. How much do they get paid?

They say you haven´t been to Ensenada, if you havent been here

Well i made for the internet and the pictures and words went flying up to the great internet in the sky or ground, or just hit the any key or however it works these days.

My Horiscope in the ´Baha Gringo´ this week says ´This is your time to law low, Don´t make any new decisions for the next 30 days´, the more i think about it

I did cross from the US into Mexico, it doesn´t get more laying low than that, just like one of the old cowboy movies, Yeee Haw.

Met Eder in Enselada, he´s a driver for a businessman, this business man has been attacked twice in the last 2 years, the last time there was 70 bullet holde in the SUV he was driving, even a bullet hole in the steering wheel, he´s not allowed to

A - Wear seatbelts
B - Stop for anything
C - Wear a bullet proof vest

and all for $110 a week, when he was attacked, he was driving, shooting and calling for backup

He´s been shot at more times than 50 Cent

He drives to Tuanaja (TJ they call it in the US) in 45 min, it should take 1.5 hours, he drives fast

The rich people live up on the hill, the poor people live down the hill, not next to the rich people, same story everywhere