Monday, January 21, 2008

Jumping beans and useless information, unless it´s any use to you

Outside the Venetian Casino Las Vegas

I was walking past a shop in Ensenada and i notices some beans, these ones wouldn´t be too good for you heart, you see they were jumping, that is all by themselves, so it is true, it´s not a myth, and for more reading point you mouse at THIS, lovely.

Now that you´ve got through all of that.

In the Green Tortoise, a street performer i met was telling me about a guy called
Milton Erickson and his hypnosis technique, hypnosis by telling people stories, i tell stories, sometimes, not very good ones, sometimes and sometimes i do ok, but sometimes.

Then he told me about Ross Jefferies, techniques on Nuro linguistic programming, sounds interesting

That is all for now

p.s. Mr Steve from San Diego zoo said that Gazelles are the hardest animals to transport, because they die all the time, not very hard if you ask me

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