Saturday, January 19, 2008

Essential knowledge you dont need to know

Singing for their money

Right, i´ve been praticing more and more of my Spanish, since there´s hardly any gringos (Americans) around, i have no choice, i watched 2 movies last night(badly dubbed) and i could follow %25, not bad.

I was looking through my ´Lets Go Mexico 2003´ and i was quite suprised to know that some essential vocab is
A - Prepare to die
B - You killed my father

I´m wondering what kind of traveller or what business you´d be about if you needed to know this.

Ensenada sunset

On the other side Kidnapping is big business here, the head of Sony was kidnapped for a week and they got 2 million for him.

The local police station was pumped full of holes because the police chief doesn´t like the outlaws, a bit rude i´m thinking?

Ensenada flag, second biggest in Mexico

Currently in Rosario´s ´Mamma Espinoza´s´ in Baha, best and smoothest Salsa i have ever had and it´s free with beer, oh yeah!

Emery, my couchsurfing buddy (or i´ll just sleep on the thick carpet, and it was good too) was telling me about a tatto he was going to get
It´s a quotatoin by Neil Armstrong, to paraphrase

If you have a near death experience, that´s a perfect chance to make every other day a perfect day

So go out there and have a near death experience

The end

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