Friday, January 25, 2008

Talkng in TXT is not for me

Gerrero Negro

I was just thinking about a chick i met in San Francisco, she was from Belfast going to college in Connecticut.

It appears that colleg girls there talk in TXT. ´BRB´ is ´I will be right back´

She told me college is a joke, it´s all multiple choice, they should call it ´Roulette College´,

Moving on, In Neil Cassedys book, ´The first third´, he was bullied by some delinquents while his dad was in the drunk tank, for being err... drunk when he shouldn´t have been.

Anyway, it didn´t bother him too much because he couldn´t relate to any of them, he knew this when he was 6, pretty impressive stuff.
Make sense to me, no point being upset with people you can´t relate to. Especially your relations. Whoever they might be.

Trip to the desert

Now hold tight while i take you to Columbia, Out one night with a crazy Americano in a bar, there´s crazy lap dancing going on all over the place. The bar took his money and need his translation services, it happened like this.

They took his $20 note and wanted him to tell him what the counterfit machine said. It said ´COUNTERFIT´
He said Ít´s says good´

He didn´t hang around too long

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