Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Whats been going on and to all the sicko´s

Andrea, she´s made my top 20 favoirite girls in the world
(Andrea, if you want to kill Pamela Anderson, you could move up a spot!!)

Firstly to the sicko´s, recovering sickos, those in denial and those on their way.
Now that i think about it, that could be me too!

Well anyway here´s what i want to tell you

Your only as sick as your secrets
The door to hell is locked from the inside

Clever eh? None of it is mine, so i cant claim any of it, it was probably uttered by some guy in a white coat with enough letters after his name to fill the chinese alphabet.

Saw this baby on the beach, Hmmmmm, check out those curves!!

Back to Mexico.

I was sitting near a guy on the bus a few days ago and he was wearing a base ball hat with 2 cocks fighting (i wish i could think of some gay porn pun.......but i cant think of one, damm you brain!!)

Anyway the base ball cap some would consider offencive triggered a memory of another guy i saw watching a DVD on another bus about cock fighting (if i mention cock fighting enough times, the pun will come to me)

There was one scene where a guy comes to a house with his dead cock in his hand (something, something, nothing, moving on) he looked like he was going to cry and threw the dead cock (still nothing) on the ground in disgust, very emotional stuff, fight ensues, very dramatic, this is drama. The mind boggles!

I´m wondering does anyone not think cockfighting (it´s coming, it´s coming) is cruel, it seems to be pure entertainment.

I´m thinking this could be a little less cruel

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