Saturday, January 19, 2008

Got a bracelet and i forgot to say this

The 2nd biggest flag in Mexico

The Mexican guy that made my bracelet was telling me he loved the stories of the small men from Ireland and they find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

(I´m thinking) Ahhh Lepruchans, except i didn´t know anyone else outside the US knew about these little men, because they are real !!!

Anyway his girlfriend from Boston was telling me how she was doing Aids prevention education in South Mexico, except sometimes they wouldn´t pay her, so that´s how she got into jewellery making.
Lesson is, don´t work in South America if you cant afford to get paid, it was the same in Ecuador, no local does volunteer work, only foreigners.

Cash is king

He had travelled to Europe and after hearng about the 25 Euro charge for staying in a hostel, ended up in a squat, much more economical for a Mexican

I don´t think i could manage staying in a squat.

Heading down South, to a new time zone, time for something differnt, no new, no, give me what i want

Right so

Thats better, ahhhhhh

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