Friday, January 25, 2008

Mulege came and went, i went south, it stayed where it was, it´s still there

Mulege is a one horse town, giddy up.

Walked to the beach, very much like the beaches in Ireland, with sunshine. Later i saw 2 French chick´s hitchhiking, they had balls (not physically, at least i hope not, at least that´s what i thought at the time)
It´s got more Taco stands than you can shake a stick at

Next day, i realised they were walking to the bus station trying their luck. I did the same, no luck. If only i was Irish (scratches his head).....I am. But so is everybody else. Well if you cant beat them, join them. I´m not Jewish anymore, Ireland take me back, i´ll be good. Somewhat

Fun times in the Desert

Left Mulege, vent for the 11am bus and something probably never seen happened.
THE BUS LEFT HALF AN HOUR EARLY !!!! I´m still stunned.

I was waiting for a bus until 3.30 pm last week, when it was supposed to leave at 2pm, i was there at 1.30pm, this is South America, early? Never !!!

Edge of the Desert

I was reading about Raul Salinas, a politician from Mexico, he´s hiding out in Ireland. Mexico´s answer to JR Ewing, except he got caught in corruption and getting his brother in law killed, nice fellow.
You can notice him as he is bald and very corrupt, he sould go into politics in Irealnd, that might have been half the attraction. :)

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