Sunday, January 06, 2008

Got to Muir woods and Sausalito.

.............and now i'm going to tell you about it.

Not really much to tell, the bus picked me up, the big one, we went to the office, i paid, i got in a little bus, the 'Driver' drove the bus, it's all what you'd expect, the wheels went round and round, do you see where i'm going with this? No? Neither do i.

Anyway got there, oldest trees in the world, pissing rain, off i went walking, there's no signs saying 'This is the oldest tree in the world', because, and when i herd the answer, it really mad sense.
People would take their penknives out and write 'KEVIN WOZ ERE 2006' of 'KEVIN LVZ STEPHENY', our friend Kevin should learn to spell proper, don't you think?

Called into Sausalito on the way back, now before i dive in here, let me tell you.

Once you cross the bridge, your in Marin County, yipee

The average house in Marin county is 900k, and thats cheap.

The chic i was talking to in the art gallery i called into told me she pays $2500 per month for a 1 bedroom apartment and there's a 3 year waiting list, she when she goes traveling she has to keep paying rent or else she has to start all over again, with her dog, people love dogs here.

A guy i met in Toronto in a bar called 'The village idiot' told me about how he used to wake up on the weekends and have coffee on his balcony and isten to Van da man composing songs.

Santana, John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Grateful Dead were his neighbors too, he's now an assistant to high court judge's, cant tell them stories, no, no, no. Crazy parties, you could only imagine

Going to buy Neil Cassady's autobiography 'The first third' , well it's something !!
Got to know more about that crazy guy, and buying his book is a good way to do that, makes sense when you think about it, but don't think too much, you cold get a headache or something??

It's raining more than i would expect, and i'm writing more than i would expect, maybe there's a connection, Rainman

I should go to the Mission, but that might be 'Mission Impossible', it likes to rain here, i like to let it, Hell yeah, the wetter the better

Since it's raining so much all i've been doing is writing, maybe i should stop, and let new things happen, and then i'll write about them

Ok so

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