Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Still too hot to go out, bare with me, it´s going somehere

Me in an old Danish village, Ahus i think

Still reading Neil Cassedys ´The first third´. He once was with all 7 Mexican waitresses of a particular restaurant, for a bet and i bet you were beginning to think he had so much love to give.

Fair fucks to him is all i can say.

Going to the beach, as soon as it cools down a bit, so many activities you can do here, but everything is quoted in $$$, Americano. He i thought this was Mexico, where did it go, need to leave here.

Brain says: Will tomorrow do?
Me: Yes, yes, take me away back to Mexico and people who cant speak english.

The restaurant at my hotel is the bomb, it´s exactly 10 feet from my door and they give you a massive plate of meat, rice, beans, tortias, Spanish, all the rest for 40 pesos (USD $4). Yummie.

The family are very religious, the business card has the vergin Mary on the back and if you turn it just a bit, it turns into another picture, it´s a miracle i tell you.

Water into wine is nothing compared to this.

Danish Grafitti

I can´t do anything there that Jesus wouldn´t do, i keep telling myself, or i´d be out on my ear, so far it´s all happy familys.

There´s a guy staying here from Texas with a truck with wheels as big as a door, and not any door you might find at a Willy wonka chocolate factory. It is insane, he´s American


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