Thursday, January 31, 2008

Greeting from South California, do the Chilli Peppers know about this place ?

A goat out for a walk with his best friend, a horse

Heard a song on the radio yesterday, dont know what the song was all in Spanish, but at the end a voice says ´I love youuuu´, now, i know it was god. Can you believe it? I know this because the bible says that god is a man. Righ now i´d believe eanything

Hello Kitty

The holy family with the holy business cards (when i checked in) gave me another business card when i checked out. No virgin mary this time, although her name could be Mary. It was a bikini clad card when turned slightly, displayed another woman (maybe they are twins?) and they weren´t Mexicans to boot!!

The family showed their real colurs on the way out the door, and there i was trying to do as Jesus would do, hanging out with guys, not working, having a laugh.

There´s hope for me yet

Bigger than Texas, well, thats where it´s from

Passed a beach yesterday on the cruise, it´s called ´Lovers beach´ the one on the other side is called ´Divorce beach´

An American i was talking to told some woman the names a few years ago and the response was
´The whores have their own beach?´, i would have loved to have been there!!

A Chef from the Travel and Living channel said ´You have to go through something to understand it´, very true

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