Thursday, January 17, 2008

Got to San Diego, the journey continues.........

Podge and Rodge, a scare at bedtime

Sent out a message to the couch surfers in San Diego, Emery Dawson replied, all was good. Emery drove me all over the place and then we went to meed up with his buddies and watch football, the American kind, i had the Buffalow wings and Pipeline beer, oh what joy.

Later we went to a club called Blow, which was quite funny because I was in the same club the night before and i heard a guy doing blow in the toilets (flushing the toilet 4 times in 10 seconds is a bit of a giveaway, and not many toilets will flush like that either)

Hoover Dam, part of

Met some of his friends, some of them were in Iraq and are going back, after the club blow, some of them were of to TJ (Tijuana) to get blow jobs, at 2am, 40 minute drive to the border, they must have been keen.

I thought i didn't get any sleep that night, but when i woke up, 2 more of his friends were asleep in the same room, and they wouldn't have been very quiet, i must have slept like a log for that bit.

My Boa Constrictor bracelet

Emery dropped me off for the train to the border, i walked across, i was having a read of the guide book for Mexico eating a taco and a guy came up to me and told me that 'The bible is better', i wasn't going to disagree with him

Hoover Dam, honest, dangerous work

Even the Mexicans were complaining about the heat, this is not Ireland.

Every second bar in San Diego is an Irish bar and i was thinking yesterday, Mexico no Irish bars, it turns out theres one around the corner here in Ensenada.

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