Monday, January 21, 2008

Whats the big deal about being Irish?

Leg of the Eifel tower Las Vegas, sexy eh?

I met a guy a few weeks ago, he told me about an Irish tattoo, fighting irish tattoo i think it was, he got it when he was 12.

So i´m thinking, ´Errr... what did your parents think of this tattoo´
His response was ´My dad signed the release.

Everybody in the US will tell you they are Irish, i thought they were American.

It´s got to the point now that i tell people i´m Jewish, to be differnt only, we all cant be from Ireland and i´m circumised, so i can prove it, somewhat, but they cant prove they are Irish without consulting dead grandma through some physic readers glass ball.
I digress

Went Whale watching (Ballenas), photos are on the way. Grey Whales at Gerrero Negro, did´nt get any flashback´s of Moby Dick or Moby.

Good day to be alive Sir, good day to be alive he said

Got some great shots of the whales, in the end i really needed a toilet, it brought out the race horse in me and i didn´t need to jump any fences either.

The area is known for Petrol stations (2 of), Salt, and 70 species of birds (30% are eagles), i shot one of them (with my camera), he was holding a fish on the edge of the desert like he owned the place.
It´s also known for sand and shaky writing (if your on a bus writing, which i was)

Writers to check out, the bookstore in Vermont recommended them, actually the guy in the bookstore recommended them, which is what you´d expect, normally (i wrote this on the bus originally and wrote ´Guy´ as ´Gay´. Universe what are you saying?
Road was so shaky (not the bus)

Writers to check out:
William Kotzwinkle
Jonathan Carroll
Richard Brautigan

I was informed that Ensenada is known as ´The town of the cold balls´ as there is nothing to do and everyone drives around all the time with a beer between their legs, it´s getting colder the more i think about it.

The Spaninsh is coming along leaps and bounds, i´ve been here only a week today, feels like much longer.

Southbound tomorrow

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