Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More tales from San Francisco

Heads up

Met Lots of interesting people hangng out at the Green Tortoise in North Beach, all because of the rain.
It's not all that near the beach, but it is a cool area.

It does have the 'City Lights Book Store', this was the first book store to sell the Beat generation writers and have anything to do with Alan Ginsberg's 'Howl', very conserative people in the US

Went over to Castro, a big gay area, so pretty. Heard a guy about 50 years old on the phone
Him: I like Stephen more, you know, he's a healthy guy, with a healthy sex drive

That's Castro

Went to a shop selling old posters one was 'Valencia tramp' by 'Amelia L'Amore'
'Men were her willing slaves, but for love - she turned to women'

There was a cartoonist in the hostel that drew some crazy stuff, he was telling me about his coked up model girlfriend.

This is how they met, or should i say, the first time they met.

She squrts a full glass of liquid when she comes and i'll get to the US Marine story after that.

She is sitting on his knee, her friend was masturbating her. He needed to go and sleep in his own bed, while he was walking home, his shoe was making a funny noise and he was thinking how the hell his shoe got wet.

To the Marine, he told me he was with this girl and
Her: I'm coming,
He's thinking: 'Oh yeah, that's cool'
Her; No, i'm coming

Liquid everywhere, the place is drenched

Walked through Cstro in the day time, i was told i am a good looking man, thing's were looking up

Alan Ginsberg's organ, it was one of his least favourite organs to show people

Nice play of words 'He got the messages long before he could understand the words'

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