Tuesday, January 15, 2008

More Vegas

Franny with my big win $0.20

Karinia and friends

Went to Vegas and met some pretty cool people through Couchsurfing.com
Went out to a bar with a Karina, the bar actually had music that i really liked.

In the US it's all R N' B, they get that, i dont get it, get it?

I got invited to a couchsurfing event, but i didn't have the number, because i deleted it, but i went out with Karina, all was good.

One of her friends wanted to go into a Casino around 2am, i stayed, i got back to the hostel around 6am, well it is Vegas, it has to be done.

Went out for a walk, not knowing what to expect or see, one of the casinos i went into, i was 2 tigers in a glass enclosure, one of them was yawing, and i'm thinking 'Oh a mechanical tiger that yawn's, that's pretty cool' and then it started moving, and then i knew it wasn't mechanical when it jumped on a rock. 7 hours into the middle of nowhere, they have tigers.

Flowers from a vending machine at the Rio casino

I went to 'The Venetian' and they had Gondalas out the front, going into the Casino, they recreated a Venetian square, the domed roof was painted like a blue sky, is there anything they cant do, in the middle of nowhere.

There's replecias of the Twin Towers, The Eiffel tower, a big Pyramid, it's all a bit unreal

Amanda and meself

I met up with Amanda, she brought me to a place called Red Rock for the sunset, very cool
Some people in the US are very nice, too nice.
Amanda was telling me about one of her friends that was sooo pissed one time that
she thought about not saying 'Thank you', you know, it cost's nothing to be nice

Franny with Mr Right, from the Chipppendale's, you cant see the nerve's

Went and played the .25c slots (slowley) with Franny and ordered drinks (free if your playing and we were slowley!!), with a $1 tip for every drink, nothing is free you know!
Franny decided to sell up in Hungary and move into the middle of nowhere, Las Vegas, the climate suts her, 25c is a cold day, not for me

I got to go to a Wall Mart with some people from the hostel on the way back from the Hoover dam, but before Wall Mart we went to Costco's.

Costco's is like a big wharehouse, where you can buy for example a huge tray of Sushi for $13, i did, the guys spent ages looking at labels, comparing prices, took a while, then we were told, 'You have to be a member to buy and it cost's $70 to join' , it was going to make the cheapest sushi in the world all of a sudden, the most expencive, we left.

Club, Ruby Sky in San Francisco

To wall mart, more of the same from the boys, time was ticking on, we spent more time shopping than at the Hoover dam, Wall Mart is very cheap, they have good wine for $2 , but this is evil, you pay a high cost if your a local business

In Vegas, on the main strip, there's always loads of Mexicans handing out flyiers for hookers to be in your room in 20 minutes, hell they must be keen, they must be getting around by helecopter? Haven't they heard of traffic?

Sunset on the Golden Gate

In Vegas, i learnt what locals thinking of American Natives, it appears the way they were is very differnt to what they've become and it's a differnt one to the story told in DC, before the government was screwing them up, now they're doing it all by themselves.
A guy in Vegas covering the porn star awards was doing interviews on of the questions was 'What do you think of American girls?', 'What indeed?'

Left on the 10am bus to LA, getting to LA at 5.15 (Vegas is very far from anything) I would have gotten the 8am bus, but i found a bottle of wine that i bought at Wall Mart and decided to drink it with another guy playing pool at 2am (Wall Mart is evil, see?)

Only moving National Heritage in the US

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