Saturday, January 19, 2008

Circus came to town, then left, it was so sad

Sign say´s it all

Wednesday morning i arose in Ensenada, and things seemed differn´t which they were, people setting up shop, taxis were everywhere, internet cafe chock a block with Americano´s swaking on their laptops with Skype and video phones installed, it could only mean one thing.

Circus had come to town, or to the layman ´Cruise ship´s were in´, 2 of them in fact

Circus left town at 4.30, i was watching the Captian ´Back her out´, not everyone could back out something 400 meters long, good job, as far as i´m concerned he passed the autition, but then again if he got it wrong it would have been international news and a few million deducted n damages off of his pay check this month. How much do they get paid?

They say you haven´t been to Ensenada, if you havent been here

Well i made for the internet and the pictures and words went flying up to the great internet in the sky or ground, or just hit the any key or however it works these days.

My Horiscope in the ´Baha Gringo´ this week says ´This is your time to law low, Don´t make any new decisions for the next 30 days´, the more i think about it

I did cross from the US into Mexico, it doesn´t get more laying low than that, just like one of the old cowboy movies, Yeee Haw.

Met Eder in Enselada, he´s a driver for a businessman, this business man has been attacked twice in the last 2 years, the last time there was 70 bullet holde in the SUV he was driving, even a bullet hole in the steering wheel, he´s not allowed to

A - Wear seatbelts
B - Stop for anything
C - Wear a bullet proof vest

and all for $110 a week, when he was attacked, he was driving, shooting and calling for backup

He´s been shot at more times than 50 Cent

He drives to Tuanaja (TJ they call it in the US) in 45 min, it should take 1.5 hours, he drives fast

The rich people live up on the hill, the poor people live down the hill, not next to the rich people, same story everywhere

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