Friday, January 25, 2008

Whats going on in the world?

From foundmagazine

You can tell there´s not much going on in the world, when Robert Plant grabs the front page of the Sydney morning herald for asking a bar in London to stop playing Radio head, calling it ´Rhyming crap´, and didn´t have much to say about the Chili peppers, nothing good that is, and he should know good, Led Zepplin never did anything bad, him singing in the shower would go number 1.

Isn´t there a war going on.

Cetainly with all the RV´s i´ve seen in the last 2 weeks. These RV´s i´ve seen are obsene, they are big enough for 40 people, with a 4 wheele drive on the back. If you drove anything like that in Europe, you would be abused, and stuck in narrow streets most of the time.

The war for oil must go on because of these people, and they drive in convoys, and they don´t pick up hitch hikers, bastards! Just for mom and dad, no football team either, thank you.

They remind me of the pilgrims going out west with their wagons, except some of the RV´s have Security camers, TV´s, washer, dryier,, some are wide enough inside to wheel a golf cart.
South is the new West, reset your compases folks.

The only problem is would Santa clause and Pizza hut be able to find you, i hope so, i really hope so

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