Sunday, January 27, 2008

Hanging out in La Paz

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I've been hanging out in La Paz, for the last few days, and it's funny how all the days creep up on you and it can all become a bit of a daze, well a bit.

If i was a rapper i would talk about how i ´Roll with my crew´, which in fact are a bunch of ´Gringos´ the English kind, from the hostel.
Did you ever watch ´The Famous 5´, just like that, except there´s 3 of us in total (not including the odd strange guy from Quebec) and we dont have a dog, but the hostel has a cat, beggers cant be chosers as they say.

Andrea from England, she speaks 'The Queens language'

She wouldn´t let me use the toilet in her room, she is either sexist and discriminatory against Irish people (Oh....the opression is still going on) or very fair in her judgements, my money is the latter

She was telling me about the other night, we ended up singing Karoake but we couldn´t read the words and i wasn´t singing much (stage fright must have gotten the better of me.
We were singing {Don´t go breaking my heart´ by some guy, fair enough?

She wrote in my book ´BTW can you acutually sing Karoake?´
To that i would say, i have never had a problem singing in the past in a hot shower´, but i guess it´s not the same when the spotlight is on.

People were saying ´It´s your language and you can´t even sing it´ while pointing at us
I kept repeating myself, i need some differnt repatour it would seem

There was 2 staircases down, one went to the toilets, one went outside, i went to the toilet, i ended up outside, so i took a leak in the sea.

Some people that were next to us pointed me out to Andera and said ´Your friend musn´t like toilets, he´s gone to the toilet in the sea´
She said ´You must be making a mistake´, her mistake, it was pretty funny, good job we were the only ones there too.

After all this, i wrote next day ´Andrea says we dont need a councellor yet, but it´s early in the day yet´ It was 2pm

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