Friday, January 25, 2008

Went to Laureta, left feeling like the baby Jesus

San Ignacio is an Oasis in the desert

Went to Laureta, it was founded by Franciscans and is between the mountains and sea. It was abandoned for 100 years due to Hurricans and earthquakes, they must have had global warming to those days too.

Anyway turns out there was an international conference on Turtles. The baby Jesus got a manger, i got a bus ticket to La Paz, it wasn´t the outcome i expected, but such is life. Dam you turtles!!!

Now there´s only 2 degrees of separation between me an Turtles. All of a sudden i feel claustrophobic. It´s wintertime anyway, i wasn´t missing much.

Desert fun

It´s winter time, too cold for the locals, about 25 odd degrees. Summertime is 40 degrees, too hot, i´d feel like an egg, sunny side up, no thank you lady.

San Ignacio

Saw a 12 year old kid driving a car in San Ignacio, he was peering over the driving wheel.

I wonder if i could see a dog driving a bus? This would be the place if it was to happen.

My new facebook buddy Andrea, has informed me in Guatamala, they have 12 year olds with machine guns protecting tourists against banditos on a volcano treck.

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