Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Too hot to go out, i´ll be doing this for a bit. Hope it does it for you too

The crew from La Paz

Well where to start......................

I´ll start here, was hanging out with Christian (my new buddy, and as we where walking to a bar, cops are bad news in Mexico, all over the world, so they turn around and pull alongside, now there´s no chit chat, ´What are ye boyz up to´, just searching me. Hoping to find something, so they can go on holidays, it must be so stressful being a cop, so they find nothing.

Feeding time in La Paz

Within 5 miutes, another cop car pulls up, the driver is out again, searching me, the other cop is too fat to get out of the car, and there´s no Dunkin Donuts here either. Searching me again.
My friend offers to let them search him, no thanks, not interested, just the rich guy, me. It is like this all over Mexico, fuckin cop´s.

I´ll stop here (reader says ´Thank god, i´ve got enough problems of my own´)
I´m sure you do, i´m sure you do

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