Thursday, January 17, 2008

All the little moments add up to something great

Outside the Venetian Casino

Now pay attention while i tell you something, well that what it seemed like to me

Living each moment, walking the streets of Grenwich village, the F-16 fighters flying over Fenway park for the first game of the World series, seeing the Canadians play in Montreal, walking over the Golden Gate bridge, walking into Mexico.

Yes these are the things of life. No more, no less. Perhaps if you can come to realize this thing, these simple small moments and acts contain all of it, the sum total of all your life, you'd begin to feel the lushness and richness in what is called the incidental, the trivial....the moment.

Back to Vegas, you cannot escape

Elton John is coming to Vegas next month, he's the only act to sell out and i was thinking.
He probably wouldn't sell out if he wasn't gay. If he was straight people would be like 'He's so gay', because he's gay, people are like 'Lets go see Elton John' and they do = sell out

Unveiled at the Electronics conference, a leopard skin tazser with a built in mp3, handy eh?

Can i have one, can i have one? I've been very good most of the time, and now Mexico is upon me.

The house scene in the Movie Casino, is Elvis house

In San Francisco all the Tarot readers and palm readers were going to have a get together in the park, but it was rained out. Obviously none of them saw it coming. Couldn't they have looked at the weather forecast?

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