Saturday, January 19, 2008

This posting has a Team or Theme or whatever ?

Just another night down the pub

I was thinking last night as i was watching TV (every time the guy changed channel, my TV did the same), things picked up when he had enough of the South American female singer channel, i was ready to switch it off, Elvis style, kill it for good

Well anyway i was thinking about background people, thats the Theme today boys and girls

When i was in New York and attending so many Broadway shows, it seemed like a common story that most of the leading acors on Broadway were down to their last pennies when out of the blue, they get a call from Law and Order to be a background technician and presto, it´s payday, they get to pay the next months rent and they get their big break and they are off, this seems to be very common.

The one i can remember is the guy that played the Sailor from Sex and the city

Preth races, i´m sure, the toilet queue was very long, whats a guy to do?

It´s important to have background people, they are the ones that tie it all together, the sample ones here were sent to me by Fred from France (living in Ireland), he´s probably sitting in traffic, Hi Fred

Sand can get into some strange places, all by it´s self, be caeful!

2 Lovely couples, only one couple i can look at without colapsing

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