Wednesday, January 30, 2008

More ranting, how much can you handle?

Gone fishin´

From dodgy Mexican cops, cock fighting to this, Sadistic Korean bastards

It appears that Korean´s ´believe´ that tortured dog meat tastes better. So they torture them before they kill them.

So what you say, ´I used to believe in Santa Clause and god and now i dont know what to believe in´

How do you say in Korean ´Would you like more chilli with you adrenaline charged dog burger´, presuming they do eat burgers.

You can do your own google searches on that one, i aready know more too much, life is much easier for the ignorant and you sleep easier too.

Andrea write´s all the things that happened the night before, a lot of things happened, it was new to me and i was there.

Speaking about sleeping easier, in Neil Cassedy´s book ´The first third´, he describes a scene where he saw a guys head crushed between a freight car and a train, he too would of had a similar fate, except his head was an inch smaller (size mattered here)

Anyway he was so disturbed by it, it took him a good 10 minutes to fall asleep.
I was thinking about that last night, as i was passing the 20 minute mark

Is it a Pelican Pied Piper?

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