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In step the Native Americans to make a stand

These guys are here too

Everything was going well, well not really, it was 1969 in San Francisco until, the Rolling Stones were just month's away from plaing a concert on Dec. 6, 1969.

Four people died at a hastily arranged free concert headlined by the Rolling Stones at the Altamont Speedway, between Tracy and Livermore, Northern California.

It's Octoberfest in Germany

It's October in America
October 9, 1969 - American Indian Center in San Francisco burns down. It had been a meeting place that served 30,000 Indian people with social programs. The loss of the center focuses Indian attention on taking over Alcatraz for use as a new facility.

November 9, 1969 - Mohawk Indian Richard Oakes leads an attempt to occupy Alcatraz Island twice in one day. Fourteen Native Americans stay overnight and leave peacefully the following morning.

November 20, 1969 - The 19-month occupation of Alcatraz begins when approximately 80-90 American Indians - mostly college students - take over the island.

The security guard was heard saying 'Mayday, mayday, the indians are attacking', must have been a funny sight.

Since the island was unoccupied, the natives were going to use it, you can read their proclamation

When the lighthouse, burnt down, some say it was a rouse by the government to kick the natives off, all 15 reamining indians. The indians were kicked off, the ships needed the lighthouse.

What happened from the demonstration was some people found out for the first time watching tv that they were indian, Nixon stopped taking Natives from their reservation's, the government secretly wanted to take the reservation's back and get rid of any Native American identity.

By moving them about the country with the promise of Accomodation and good jobs, it's interesting that the English did the same in Ireland to break the freedom struggle and resistance fighting

This backfired when Native Ameicans went to colleges and mixed with other intellectuals

How they managed to keep any identity is a miracle, the same was done in Ireland

Further Ameican history reading

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