Friday, January 25, 2008

Life is a dream already over

International, cleaners?

Me thinks not, Australia is more round, some would say a blob, Tazzie is gone for good, is this geographical change for the best?

Has global warming gone too far? Has someone informed our friends at Google maps?

Saw this fellow surveying the lie of the land after crossing the desert, looking like the king of the castle

After Whale watching, i went for a trip into the desert, to the edge where it met the sea to a deserted lighthouse and hung out and took some surreal photos. The looked better at the time, they always do, saw the eagle above on the way

The last place you´d expect to see Tigers, the MGM casino, Las Vegas, near all the slot machines

I was going to insert the broken headboard from a room i was in, but i can´t find the photo, so you´ll have to imagine it, you get the picture, hopefully

Found it!!
From tigers in the casino, to tigers in my room!!

I was reading Neil Cassedy´s autobiography, he described a feeling as a physical item and it being chipped/broken/worn/mended. Interesting

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