Thursday, January 17, 2008

In Mexico, but let me tell you about Vegas, Las Vegas

52 Stories over Vegas

I stayed at the USA hostel in Vegas,
One of the guys staying there was a Journalist, he stil is, he was there for the Electronic conference, he
would come back every day with a watch, tons of free porn, passes.

It occured to me that there was so many similarities between Gold mining towns in Australia and Vegas,
everything in Kalgoorlie is from gold, and Vegas gambling, but they like to call it gaming, life's a game too, to me

There's so much money in Vegas, they have the biggest Harley Davidson store in the world, they converted it from a supermarket, it where Jay Lenno hangs out when he's in town.

Out by Red Rock (Outside the city) they have the first billion doller casino, off the strip. I was wondering how people would get there, to lose enough money, to keep the bosses happy, to keep everything ticking. A lot is the answer.

There's lots of Broadway shows there too, Phantom of the Opera, i saw it on Broadway, excellent. There's 5 circus de Soe, 5 if you dont mind, i dont know where they get the energy.

Break time

I read this by a Beat writer about what to do if someone is lying to you

If you have sincerity and compassion and say
'I don't think you are telling me the truth, it isn't nessicary for you to lie to me'
The idea is if people think you are not going to beat them with the truth, they won't tell you the truth.

But if you like beating people with the truth, put on your beating costume and beat on through the lies

Makes sense.

A recreated Venetian Square, in Vegas

Went to Mc Donalds last week because the TV man said it would be good for me and i ate it all, yummie

This is all recreated in the Casino, the roof is painted, this is the desert

I went to a Dermatologist.

Why you might ask? Well, my skin wasn't feeling too good, and i didn't want to be this side of the border with 'Dinky' skin, so i went, i got lost of stuff to rub in and do you know what? After putting up with my skin for the last 2 and half month's it's problem solved, 'Mission accomplished' as my friend George would say (Que back slapping and crowd cheering, and it only took me 2 months to do it, i might be a bit quicker of the mark next time, next time.

Inside the Venteian

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